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Consolidated, Managed and Outsourced Services (COSMOS)

European Commission, Directorate-General for Informatics (DIGIT), Brussels

Framework contract with a single contractor for 96 months

Short description: Provision of managed services in relation to the hosting of information systems and for the execution of day-to-day EC data centre operations in Luxembourg and Brussels.

Provision of managed services in relation to the hosting of information systems and platforms in a hybrid cloud setup, based on delivery through the Commission’s corporate data centres as well as through services built and sourced from cloud providers.

The main portfolio of services (basic services) covers a large spectrum of services in domains such as cloud computing, DevSecOps, container platforms, data and analytics, middleware, data and systems interoperability, virtualization, operating systems, data storage and backup. These services allow customers to perform standard operations and day-to-day IT activities. In addition, the contractor has to ensure supporting service to cover cross-cutting supporting functions, roles, and capabilities that underpin the main (basic) services. Supporting services include architecture office, solution design, development and management of internal tools, project management services, security services. Complementary services within the initial scope of the service specifications can be added in course of the contract.

The COSMOS contractor will have to play a critical and proactive role in the digital transformation process, by providing expertise and support in decision making, service orientation, transformation management and operational capability. The contractor will be involved in the transition of the existing service delivery chain toolset towards a cloud-based consolidated solution while ensuring business continuity for the existing tooling landscape.

Place of performance: The main places of delivery will be the premises of DG Informatics in Luxembourg. Limited amount of services will be delivered in Brussels. Services will be executed on-site, in proximity and far-site.

Deadline 20/2

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