Eurocontrol: AI support for network state monitoring needed

Call: AI support for network state monitoring

Contracting authority: Eurocontrol, Brusel

Deadline: 22/6

The Contractor Personnel shall demonstrate :

– An in-depth expertise relevant to this contract, by evidences of participation to similar projects, mastering AI techniques (i.e. Machine Learning), in the last 3 years

– Knowledge of ATM, in particular network operations linked to ATFCM (DCB – flow management), and Airspace management

– Clear understanding of the expected work to be performed with respect to firm and optional Work packages (WP0 to WP6)

– Sound AI proposed methodology relevant to the network state detection and monitoring problem to be addressed with clear added value

– Relevant knowledge related to EUROCONTROL ATM/ATFCM data structure . (e.g. DDR2, ALL-FT, EFD, ATFCM Regulation data etc…)

– A good level of English, especially ability to write professional documentation.

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