Consultancy for Frontex: design, audio-video, ICT infrastructure

Tendr: Provision of a consultancy services (design, audio-video, ICT infrastructure) for establishing a centralised infrastructure for Frontex Operations Rooms

Contracting Authority: Frontex – EU Border and Coast Guard Agency, Warsaw PL

Short-term contract / Budget: up to €139.000

EOI deadline: March 17

To answer to Frontex’s requires to establish the Centralized Infrastructure to meet current operational needs. The Centralized Infrastructure a should comprise:

 Operational Room;

 Crisis Room;

 European Monitoring Room (hosting MAS activities);

 Joint Action Day Coordination Centre and an International Coordination Centre.

These spaces, will necessarily need to be equip with newer technology equipment, able to provide answers to the current operational needs and demands.

The scope of this contract is to hire specific consultancy that would support Frontex in drafting the technical and design related needs in order to establish a centralized infrastructure, as described above.

The consultancy service will cover:

• Providing specific consultation on the ICT and audio-video design, respecting Frontex ICT baseline, including minimum technical specifications and key performance indicators for the future equipment to be purchased for Frontex centralized infrastructure as explained above;

• Drafting documents containing technical specifications and an estimated value for the above mentioned equipment.

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