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Brand strategy for new UN Global Data Access Initiative

Call for: Develop a brand strategy, name, and visual identity for a global data access initiative, prior to its official public launch in mid-2022

Contracting Authority: UN Global Pulse (UNGP) is seeking a branding firm to support a branding exercise for a new initiative on AI for social good.

Deadline: 26/4

Background: UNGP is leading an initiative – currently called the Global Data Access Initiative (GDAI) – in collaboration with multiple stakeholders. The initiative will develop digital public goods to accelerate the use of data and AI solutions to support sustainable development and scale impact sustainably across organizations and geographies.

Context: There is proven potential for data and AI solutions to support the well-being of people and the planet. However, moving beyond single-project execution and towards scale and broad impact, while minimizing risks and potential harms remains challenging. The initiative therefore aims to develop products to achieve a tangible impact, while proving the feasibility of scaling products across countries and organizations.

In particular, the initiative will initially focus on the use of data and AI in supporting humanitarian organizations responding to natural disasters, such as floods. The long-term focus should be on the SDGs more broadly, and the initiative’s branding should reflect a broader goal on social impact. It will start with two initial products: (i) using data to identify vulnerable populations to better target aid; (ii) using data to assess building damages following a disaster to prioritize disaster recovery. The initiative is yet to be publicly launched, with plans for public communications launch in mid-2022.

Partners: The initiative is led by UNGP, but involves the collaboration of multiple partners and funders, from within and outside the United Nations. There are seven partners in total, who will be consulted throughout the branding exercise.

Timeline: The assignment is expected to start 20 April 2022 and be completed by 30 June 2022 date.

Scope of services: The assignment will consist of the following tasks and activities:

● Task 1. Develop a brand identity and strategy: Task 1 is to translate the strategic purpose of GDAI into a narrative and brand positioning to all the multiple stakeholders. This includes working with GDAI partners to align on the language of describing GDAI. Expected activities include:

o Preparing, facilitating and documenting multiple workshops with the operational team across all the partner organizations (review committee). The branding vendor is expected to develop prompts for and draft a brand narrative based on an initial workshop with stakeholders and continue to iterate the narrative through feedback from further workshops.

o Conduct additional contextual research on how similar initiatives have described their brand narrative

o Conduct additional research with different audiences

● Task 2. Develop a new name for the initiative: Task 2 is to identify a new name for the initiative, that captures the essential purpose of GDAI on utilizing AI and data for social good and resonates across all stakeholders and global audiences. Task 2 also includes developing a tagline.

Expected activities include:

o Multiple naming workshops with review committee

o Initial due diligence of shortlisted names to ensure that names have not been trademarked or are already in use

o Detailed due diligence of chosen name to ensure that name has not been trademarked or is not already in use

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