Brand monitoring services for potential fraudulent activity against UNDP

Call for „Provision of UNDP Brand Monitoring Services

Contracting Authority: United Nations Development Programme

Contract duration: 3 (or more) years

Deadline: 4 May

Description: The office of information Management and Technology Bureau for Management Services is seeking for a service provider who could monitor the Internet for registration of fraudulent domain names, web sites and social media accounts pretending to be operated by UNDP, report of such abuses and (if authorized by UNDP) the firm will work with hosting providers involved to take down illegal content on behalf of UNDP. Since UNDP seeks a full-fledged on-going monitoring and response service, no equipment or premises will be provided by the UNDP to conduct the service. All activity must happen on service provider equipment and premises. UNDP will provide a list of known legitimate domains and related assets (e.g. social media accounts, logo, etc.) as well as a point of contact to report and confirm unauthorized activity. Service provider will be rendering the service under the supervision of UNDP CISO.

Scope of Work: The initial contract with the service provider will be for three years, with a possibility of annual extensions, upon successful annual performance and approval by UNDP. The service provider will be expected to perform the following duties:

 Provide UNDP brand monitoring services for potential fraudulent activity/infringement on its domain names (i.e. UNDP and United Nations Development Programme).

 Perform a one-time domain name audit on all existing registrations using UNDP’s name.

 Provide mobile app monitoring on any mobile apps that use UNDP’s name.

 Provide social media monitoring to identify and track name/logo infringement.

 Recommend and/or provide additional enforcement services on any infringements identified in the above-mentioned monitoring services.

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