Rada Evropy potřebuje integrovat svůj systém „events managementu“

Zakázka: Integrated Events Management

Zadavatel: The Secretary General of the Council of Europe

Kontrakt na 5 let s rozpočtem €500.000. Většina služeb bude poskytována v Palais de l’Europe ve Štrasburku.

Popis: The Secretary General of the Council of Europe has decided to launch a call for tenders for the provision of a system enabling the integration and optimisation of the Council of Europe’s events management.

OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT: The project is intended to:  integrate events  management, developing a transversal  view of events  management and putting an end to compartmentalised operations;  deliver and implement a solution, proposing a unifiedinterface providing, on the one hand, all customers, partners and suppliers, as stakeholders in the organisation of events, with centralised views, processing  and monitoring  of all  requests  for services and, on the  other  hand, all beneficiaries, interpreters and casual entertainment industry workers, as participants, with access   to all   the administrative  information required to ensure that they a represent  at  the  events where  they  are supposed to be;  establish  a  scalable  technical  platform  allowing  the  subsequent  gradual  integration  of  other  technical spheres (adaptation to web and/or mobile solutions, for example smartphone-and  tablet-based) or functional spheres (for example, integration with tools used by the ITEM Department’s partners).

OBJECTIVES OF THE SOLUTION: In order to attain  the  objective of  integrated  events management, the solution to  be delivered  and implemented shall specifically aim to:  improve  users’  day-to-day  operational  experience, particularly  through  the  integration  of  procedures, systems and tools specific to the fourentities merged in the new ITEM Department (interpretation, travel, events and multimedia) and those of their partners;  federate  all  the  players  involved  in  organising  events organisation (customers,  ITEM,  partners and suppliers) in  an  interactive  process, repositioning  the  user  at  the centre of processes, and foster coordination of and cooperation between all those players;  encourage  planning, by  all customers, ITEM, its  partners  and their  suppliers, of  the services required  for the organisation of events within their remit;  provide a means of monitoring costs related to events and generate reports in that connection;  rendervisible all   the Organisation’s events and make the relevant information widely available, particularly for the participants in these events.

Deadline pro odeslání nabídek: 9/6

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