Produkce/výroba „European Patent Bulletin“ pro European Patent Office. Každou středu, v PDF

Zakázka: Produkce/výroba „European Patent Bulletin“ pro European Patent Office

Kontrakt na 3 roky, s možností prodloužení na 5 let

Popis: The European Patent Bulletin is published weekly on Wednesday, irrespective of whether this day is a public holiday or not. The European Patent Bulletin is published online on the EPO homepage and can be downloaded for free ( A weekly edition comprises on average 1 900 PDF pages; considerable fluctuations must be taken into account (in 2016, lowest volume: 746 pages, highest volume: 5 384 pages). The contractor will be in charge of downloading and processing the publication data delivered by the EPO in XML format (WIPO standard ST 36) and to deliver a ready to publish PDF/A file according to the EPO specifications. The European Patent Bulletin contains exclusively textual information (no image or picture information) in German, English and French. The content of the European Patent Bulletin is divided up in sections. Each page is divided up in three columns

Místo: The contract is to be performed at the Contractor’s premises, the deliverables shall be dispatched to the EPO in Vienna, normally electronically, as stipulated in the Procurement Documents.

Deadline 10/1/2017

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