Database and visualization applications for On-site inspections

Tender: Development of a database and visualization applications for OSI equipment storage, maintenance and deployment purposes

Contracting Authority: CTBTO (The Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban-Treaty Organization), Vienna

Deadline 22/11

To manage OSI (On-site inspection) equipment configurations and status, the Commission is seeking a Contractor to:  design and subsequently develop an optimal data structure model for equipment classed as either inspection or support equipment;  design and subsequently develop interfaces for inputting and visualising equipment related information and reports.

General principles: Applications shall be role based, allowing each user to interact with specified parts of applications depending on their access level and role. The user interface shall be fundamentally the same for all roles, but not all of the roles will have access to all functionalities. The system should be designed to support instantaneous use by multiple users without encountering read/write conflicts.

The Contractor shall ensure that the applications will:  Be robust, intuitive and user friendly;  Guide the user through workflows;  Where possible, call directly to libraries and functionalities available in Commission owned software or to Open Source libraries;  Track and log user interaction and system changes, processing history with version control enabled;  Adopt the same style as existing Commission browser-based applications.

Applications shall be accessible by using any standard browser, including the following:  Internet Explorer (version 11+)  Mozilla Firefox (current versions)  Google Chrome (current version)

 When developing the Contractor shall ensure:  Close cooperation between the Commission and the Contractor is established;  Allow for changing requirements at all stages of development;   A communication channel is guaranteed;    Agile software development framework is employed;  The Commission JIRA system is used to manage backlog items and sprints;  Applications are expandable, to enable further tools to be added at a later date as necessary;  In-person support is provided during installation and during testing.

 The Contractor shall demonstrate a proven track record in the:  Management of software development projects of a similar scope and complexity for large international organizations;  Management of software development projects using Scrum methodology;  Development of asset and configuration management systems, including those for complex scientific and technical equipment;  Use of the English language, both written and oral, to communicate with international clients. The Contractor shall identify key staff, including programmers, which will be assigned to the project.

Programming staff  – The programming ‘team’ shall not exceed four in number and collectively shall satisfy the following requirements:  Proven experience* of web technologies, including HTML, CSS templating technologies such as Bootstrap;  Proven experience* of web scripting languages and related libraries including: JavaScript, Typescript, Leaflet, Angular;  Proven experience* of server/backend technologies including Java, JHipster, RESTful APIs;  Proven experience* integrating Alfresco document management system;  Proven experience* of the Android framework;  Proven experience* of experience working with PostgreSQL databases including the PostGIS extension;  Proven experience* working with mobile printers and their operation from Android devices;  Proven experience* of experience working with Docker.

Video, Presentation and Audio System for recording and web streaming for Vienna-based UN agency

Tender: Supply and Installation of Video, Presentation and Audio System for recording and web streaming of training activities at new Equipment, Storage and Maintenance Facility

Contracting Authority: CTBTO (The Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban-Treaty Organization), Vienna

Deadline 15/11

The CTBTO is building a dedicated and protected Equipment, Storage and Maintenance Facility (ESMF) is Siebersdorf, Austria. To purpose of this project is to equip the training rooms of the new ESMF facility with:

1) an integrated video camera system to record and stream lectures and presentation,

2) an integrated sound system capable of playing audio from multimedia sources, and wired and wireless microphones,

3) projection capabilities and

4) a multimedia switching system

Social Media Support & Web Content Management pro Evropský patentový úřad do Vídně. Ideální pro slovenskou agenturu

Tendr: Podpora sociálních médií a úpravy obsahu

Zadavatel: Evropská patentová organizace (EPO), Mnichov nebo Vídeň

Deadline pro podání nabídek 22/11

Vybraní kandidáti budou pozváni na ústní prezentaci do Mnichova, proběhne pravděpodobně 4/12.

Vítěz získá kontrakt na 60 měsíců

Tendr je rozdělen na dvě samostatné/na sobě nezávislé části:

Lot 1: Social Media Support

Profile of the Supplier – either of the following:

* Social media agency

* Web agency with in-depth social media competence and dedicated specialist staff

* Communication agency with in-depth social media competence and dedicated specialist staff

Deliverables corporate channels – Support to the social media manager upon request with:  Content creation, content editing, content revision (blog and other channels)  Day-to-day social media promotion (e.g. proposing, seeking approval of, posting  messages in EPO social media channels)  Proposing, planning, creating content for, running, monitoring, reporting on campaigns  Creating dedicated videos (from scratch, i.e. including filming, e.g. interviews at events) and video cuts (based on existing raw material or longer video versions) in line with EPO brand guidelines  Creating dedicated visuals, including interactive visuals in line with EPO brand guidelines  Seeding  Setting up interactive competitions / apps / etc.  Setting up polls  Setting up live-streaming of events  Setting up “Tweetwalls” at EPO events  Live-tweeting from EPO events  Setting up live Q&A sessions

Deliverables Monitoring and Reporting:  Monitoring performance of EPO communications in social media  Monitoring defined topics and keywords related to the EPO and Intellectual Property in general in social media  Reporting from the monitoring  (ad hoc, monthly, annual, per campaign), in particular monthly reporting for the recruitment channels

Deliverables Advertising:  Proposing, seeking approval of, creating, posting, paying for and analysing effectiveness of ads on social media

Deliverables Consulting:  Providing recommendations for strategic orientation of EPO social media  Providing feedback on / challenging proposals on strategic orientation and daily business in EPO’s social media  Consultancy for assessment of past campaigns and identifying improvement potential  Consultancy for blog (  Consultancy for drafting / updating social media guidelines for EPO employees  Consultancy for employee engagement   Training for EPO staff   Consultancy for visual creation (e.g. creating EPO’s visual style for social media) including infographics  Consultancy for video creation (e.g. providing inputs for or feedback on videos created by internal departments or other contractors)  Consultancy for community management (e.g. how to handle fake accounts)  Consultancy on monitoring and reporting  Review of channel branding (how well the EPO brand is reflected in its social media channels)  Consultancy to achieve more interaction and engagement in recruitment channels

Lot 2: Web Content Management / Editing

Profile of the Supplier:  Web agency with in-depth content management competence and dedicated specialist staff  Communication agency with in-depth content management competence and dedicated specialist staff

Deliverables:  Content editing in the content management system Apache Lenya   Content editing in Lotus Notes as a document management system  Content editing in HTML   Layout of pages   Implementing house style guide rules: web layout, language consistency.  Managing content contributions by  o Providing constructive feedback,  o Reviewing others’ work,  o Advising on content quality and layout issues,  o Prioritising workload according to the business priorities of the EPO: taking shifts in processing requests coming to the online team’s email inbox according to defined rules. o Applying rules specified by the EPO (documentation to be provided) in the context of intellectual property topics.

Service Conditions: EPO requires the agency to provide the services of the web content manager at one of EPO’s offices in Vienna or Munich on site. This position should be based in one of the named EPO locations. EPO working hours are 07:00 to 19:00. The supplier has to ensure 8 working hours availability and service delivery within this period, ideally aligned with the working hours of the respective business unit (08:00 to 17:00). Therefore the supplier has to appoint dedicated personnel for EPO service delivery and implement a replacement solution for planned and unplanned absences. Flexibility to occasionally deliver the services in the evenings and on public holidays/weekends is required. Some travel will also be needed to attend key events or team meetings. Travel and accommodation expenses will be reimbursed in line with the contract. Laptop, VPN token and a mobile phone enabling remote access to EPO systems would be provided by the EPO.  On-boarding and training would take place at the Munich or Vienna offices of the EPO. Physical presence may be required for delivering the contracted service at meetings, workshops, conferences, events etc. at the EPO branch in Munich, Germany or EPO branch in Vienna, Austria as well as other locations (up to 4 times a year for 1-2 working days).

Deadline tendru na vnitřní orientační systém pro Evropský parlament za €1.600.000 posunut o tři týdny

Tak v tendru na vnitřní orientační systém (dodání a instalace značení a panelů) pro budovy Evropského parlamentu za €1.600.000 došlo k příjemným změnám: i díky naši žádosti o překlad francouzského zadání do angličtiny se termín povinné prohlídky přesouvá z 24/10 na 15/11 a deadline pro odevzdání nabídek z 27/11 na 12/12. Takže je stále čas. Detaily zde./

Máte zájem o byznys s EU? Pojďme se sejít, příští týden budu v Praze

Příští týden budu chvíli v Praze. Pokud máte zájem o schůzku pište na nebo volejte +32-473-116804 (nebo český +420-603-432275)

Podpora v oblasti ICT pro evropský Single Resolution Board (Brusel)

Tendr: Rozvoj, poradenství a podpora v oblasti informačních systémů – Externí poskytování služeb v režimu “čas a prostředky”

Jednotný výbor pro řešení krizí (Single Resolution Board – SRB), Brussels

Rámcový kontrakt na 4 roky

Stručný popis: Účelem nabídkového řízení je uzavření nových rámcových smluv na poskytnutí rozvojových, poradenských služeb a služeb podpory v oblasti informačních systémů v režimu čas a prostředky (a registrovaný čas a prostředky). Nabídkové řízení je rozděleno do dvou na sobě nezávislých položek.

LOT1: Poradenské služby týkající se návrhu, vývoje a implementace informačních systémů (IS) v prostorách SRB

LOT2: Správa a podpora informačních systémů a konfigurací v oblasti IKT pro prostory SRB

Deadline pro podání nabídek: 22/11

Rozvoj, údržba, hostování a podpora webových stránek EU agentury ESM z Lucemburska

Tendr: Poskytování služeb týkajících se webových stránek, údržby a podpory

Zadavatel: Evropský stabilizační mechanismus („ESM“), Luxembourg

Rámcová smlouva na 4 roky

Deadline pro projevení zájmu: 5/11

Předpokládané zahájení tendru (rozeslání ZD vybraným uchazečům): 23/11

Popis zakázky: ESM hodlá uzavřít rámcovou dohodu (na dobu 4 let) s jediným poskytovatelem služeb, který bude poskytovat komplexní škálu webových služeb za účelem posílení, rozvoje, údržby, hostování a podpory webových stránek EMS.

Služby zahrnují:


– převedení webových služeb od stávajícího poskytovatele (v případě potřeby),

– přesun na používání řešení Drupal-centric cloud,

– kontrola kódu a aktualizace.

Probíhající služby:

– údržba a podpora (včetně nástroje pro správu ticketů a incidentů a automatizovaného monitorovacího nástroje),

– vývoj,

– obecné požadavky.

LAST CALL pro zájemce o dodávku orientačního systému do budov Evropského parlamentu v Bruselu

Deadline pro odevzdání nabídek do tendru na dodání a instalaci značení a panelů v budovách Evropského parlamentu v Bruselu je sice až na konci listopadu, nicméně zadavatel plánuje na příští středu (24/10) tzv. povinnou prohlídku. Firmy, které se jí neúčastní, mají smůlu, nabídku už nebudou moci podat. Takže pokud by někdo chtěl, abych na prohlídku vyrazil jako jeho zástupce, dejte mi co nejrychleji vědět, je třeba se registrovat nejpozději v pondělí. Co třeba Megaflex, Gramon, Prost nebo OK Design?

Tady pár detailů k tendru: jde vnitřní orientační systém v budovách EP v Bruselu. EP bude nakupovat veškeré vybavení a bude požadovat i montáž. Seznam značení a materiálů – viz tabulka pro cenovou nabídku FR-BDP).

Vítěz získá čtyřletou rámcovou smlouvu. EP na tuto zakázku počítá s rozpočtem ve výši €1.600.000. Deadline pro odeslání nabídky: 27/11

EU agentura z Tallinu hledá dodavatele vestavěných regálů

Pokud by někdo měl zájem o zakázku na dodávku a instalaci vestavěných polic/regálů za zhruba 1.5 milionu korun v estonském Tallinu tak se rychle ozvěte ( nebo +32-473-116804), na projevení zájmu zbývají 4 dny. Jde o zakázku pro agenturu eu-LISA (neboli European Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems).