Media monitoring pro NATO: výzva pro Newton? Nebo SocialBakers?

NATO před chvilkou vyhlásilo tendr na “monitoring médií a analytické služby”. Deadline je 13. října.

Tady jsou základní informace – Key deliverables, separated into lots:

Lot 1

a) Multi-market theme and key word monitoring of print, wires and online media with provision also for TV broadcast media monitoring, delivered via a hosted platform.

b) Delivery of a morning email newsletter (currently delivered as the Morning Press Review).

c) Publication of articles and selections/digests through an online portal.

Lot 2 – Specialist news digest (currently delivered as the Morning Media Brief) – a concise written daily media briefing, comprised of analysis and digest, tracking key events, trends and stories that have unfolded during the previous 24 hours according to a range of dynamic topics of interest to NATO. The product will constitute the basis on which the Spokesperson is briefing NATO Secretary General and NATO management each morning.

Lot 3 – Media analysis through in-depth reading of content and coding based on a set of predetermined metrics, delivered through interactive data and charts for multiple users, via an online dashboard.

Lot 4 – Social media monitoring and analysis, delivered through an online dashboard.

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