Kdo by chtěl EU pronajmout několik desítek terénních aut? Za €2 miliony na 4 roky

Tendr: Rámcová smlouva o pronájmu terénních vozidel pro operační činnosti

Zadavatel: Evropská agentura pro pohraniční a pobřežní stráž (Frontex), Warsaw, Polsko

Kontrakt na 4 roky/ budget €2.000.000

Využití zejména v Bulharsku a Řecku

Rok 1 až 3: 5-15 vozidel

Rok 2 až 4: 10-25 vozidel

Smlouvy se mohou překrývat, tj. ve třetím roce může jít až o 40 vozidel.

Technický popis  – The vehicle/s shall be:  Off-road vehicle/s (category M1, symbol G);  Left hand drive model;  4+1 doors;  Year of manufacture – maximum 12 months from the moment of ordering’; and shall have a seating capacity of 5 people.

Colour of the vehicle/s will be defined by Frontex and communicated to the Contractor when signing a specific contract and shall not influence the cost.

Size or dimensions:  External width (excluding side mirrors) min 1850 mm;  External length min 4750 mm;  External height min 1700 mm;  Luggage space volume (seatbacks raised): min 450 litres.

Engine and transmission:  Diesel motor vehicle;  Category of emissions of exhaust – min. Euro 52;  Engine: o Displacement (cc): min 2000 – max 3000; o Power(HP): min. 150  Manual or automatic gearbox (min. 5 gear + reverse).

Wheels and tires:  Dimensions – min. R16;  Profile of tires – min. all-terrain (AT) tires;  Wheels rims material – min. alloy for summer tires;  Spare wheel with full size tyre identical to other wheel;  Number of tires: 4 summer tyres + 4 winter tyres + 1 spare tyre (all with rims included).

Off-road performance – The proposed vehicles shall have:  at least one front axle and at least one rear axle designed to be driven simultaneously (including vehicles where the drive to one axle can be disengaged),  at least one differential locking mechanism or at least one mechanism having a similar effect. In addition, they must satisfy at least five of the following six requirements:  the approach angle must be at least 25 degrees,  the departure angle must be at least 20 degrees,  the ramp angle must be at least 20 degrees,  the ground clearance under the front axle must be at least 180 mm,  the ground clearance under the rear axle must be at least 180 mm,  the ground clearance between the axles must be at least 200 mm.

Safety and security:  ABS, ESC and TCS or equivalent;  front and rear disc brakes;  min. airbag system for driver and front passenger;  all seats must be fitted with 3 point adjustable safety seatbelts and height adjustable headrests;  seat-belt reminders (SBS) or similar;  exterior mirrors (side mirrors): power adjustable and heated;  fog lamps – min. rear;  anti-theft system (alarm system and/or key immobilizer);

Deadline pro odeslání nabídek: 14/11

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