Internetové vývojové služby pro COST Association z Bruselu

Zakázka: Internetové vývojové služby

Zadavatel: COST Association, Brusel (COST is the longest-running European framework supporting trans-national cooperation among researchers, engineers and scholars across Europe)

Celkový budget €540.000/48 měsíců

Jazyk: angličtina

Zakázka bude rozdělena na 5 samostatných částí (lotů)

Short description of the contract: As part of its efforts to increase the visibility of the COST programme and to establish a more strategic approach to communications, the COST Association is in need of a new website and related services that would meet the current standards in digital communications. Due to the need to develop, host and maintain the website over a long period of time, a pluriannual contract (4 years) is needed. The services to be performed will cover the following:

LOT 1: Web design and web development: Website design and CMS development with extended features like public databases, forums, collaboration, social media automation, search engine optimisation, registration systems and data visualisation. Budget €160.000

LOT 2: Website-related marketing services: editorial services such as copywriting, web content proofreading; search engine optimised content; This lot is a lot on purchase order. Budget €50.000.

LOT 3: Web hosting and web maintenance as from launching of the website: Website hosting and maintenance of the main COST website. €50.000.

LOT 4: Additional web development and web-marketing services as from launching of the website. €170.000.

LOT 5: Web hosting and web maintenance for a multi-tenant CMS system: In addition to the main website COST considers to host the websites of its 300+ COST Actions on a multi-tenant CMS system. The hosting environment for this would need to be provided and maintained. €100.000.

Deadline 11/7

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