ICT hardware pro agenturu Frontex z Polska, za €2m

Tendr: Dodávky vybavení IKT, náhradních dílů a příslušenství
Zadavatel: Evropská agentura pro pohraniční a pobřežní stráž (Frontex), Warsaw
Rámcová smlouva na 4 roky/ budget €2.000.000

Deadline 8/8

Seznam vybavení, které může být v průběhu rámcové smlouvy objednáváno:

I Laptops
II Laptop accessories (Batteries, Power supply adapters, Power supply units, Docking stations and port replicators, Protection, Cooling stands, Memory modules, Spare parts and options, External discs and casings, PCMCIA cards and ExpressCards, Cleaning materials, USB accessories, External optical drives, Hard drive adapters, Hard drives, Keyboards, Fans, Optical drives)
III Tablets
IV Tablet accessories
V Laptop and tablet bags/backpacks (Bags, Cases, Bagpacks, Suitaces)
VI Computers (Standalone computers, All-in-one computers, Mini PC computers, PC on stick)
VII Workstations
VIII Servers
IX Servers’ components
X PC parts (Cooling, Memory cards, Memory card readers, Hard drives, Sound cards, Graphic cards, Controllers, Optical drives, Computer casings, RAM modules, Motherboards, Processors, PC power supply units)
XI Tools and tool sets (Tools for IT equipment repairs)
XII Phones (Phones and smartphones, GSM accessories, Phones and VoIP components, Analogue telephony, Navigation software)
XIII Networks and communication (Antennas, Sensors, Plugs, Network interface cards, IP surveillance components, GSM modems, NAS file servers, Access points, KVM switches, Video recorders, Racks and racks’ components, Powerline transmitters , Range extenders)
XIV Other computing equipment for office use (Barcode readers, Label printers, Projectors, Handles for computing equipment, Projector accessories, Interactive boards)
XV PC peripherals (External memory card readers, Printers, Multifuncional devices, Plotters, Scanners, External disks and casings, Hard drive cases, External drives, Speakers, Internet cameras, Sound cards, Video cards, Keyboards, Microphones, Pointing devices, Monitors, Mice, Touchpads, USB flash memory drives, Presenters and indicating instruments, Headsets, Cases, bags, backpacks, TV tunners, UPS and power strips)
XVI Accessories and exploitation (GSM accessories, USB accessories, Printing materials, Cables and adapters, Desktop cleaning products, Data storage devices, Power supplies)
XVII Electronics (TVs, Tunners, decoders, antennas, Players and recorders , Audio equipment, Digital voice recorders)

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