Evropská patentová organizace hledá poradce pro řízení IT

Zakázka: Poskytnutí služeb poradenství a řízení v oblasti IT (rámcové smlouvy)

Zadavatel: The European Patent Organisation (EPO), Munich

Doba trvání kontraktu: zhruba 60 měsíců/ budget nespecifikován

Místa realizace: the Contractor’s site and the EPO’s sites in Rijswijk (NL), Munich (DE), Berlin (DE) and Vienna (AT)

Division into lots*

Lot 1: Strategic and General Consultancy.

Lot 2: Technical Consultancy.

Lot 3: Enterprise Architecture.

Lot 4: Solution Architecture.

Lot 5: Operational Services.

Lot 6: IT Service Management.

* Bidders may submit offers for 1 or any number of Lots

The EPO intends to conclude framework agreements with 9 contractors for Lot 1, with 6 contractors for Lot 2, with 3 contractors for Lot 3, with 6 contractors for Lot 4 and with 5 contractors for Lot 5 and with 5 contractors for Lot 6, provided that sufficient bidders are eligible for the award of a framework agreement.

Contract award is expected to take place in the 3rd quarter 2017.

Deadline 22/8

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