European SatCen needs DevOps server infrastructure developer

Acquisition of technical assistance and consulting services for developing a DevOps server infrastructure and a workflow supporting continuous integration of new applications

Description of the contract: The European Union Satellite Centre (“SatCen”) seeks to acquire technical assistance and IT consulting services. To this end, the SatCen plans to award in November 2017 a service contract divided into the following two Lots:

Lot 1: Design of a “DevOps” server infrastructure supporting a docker based cluster that should allow:

  1. Linux and Windows containers to be managed from an unique monitoring and management platform,
  2. Sandboxing of applications before deployment in production,
  3. Automated and semi-automated deployment in production of applications
  4. Easy horizontal scaling of the infrastructure in the future

Lot 2: Design of an internal workflow supporting:

  1. Continuous integration for new applications.
  2. Publication of legacy applications to the new infrastructure

The expected maximum duration of the services is 1 month (Lot 1) and 2 months (Lot 2). The maximum estimated value of Lot1 is €10,000 without VAT,  €15,000.00 without VAT in case of Lot2.

Deadline for declarations of interest: 08/11/2017

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