České firmy na evropské peníze na podporu mHealth nedosáhly

Mezi finalisty projektu EU InnoLabs v oblasti mHealth se nedostaly žádné české firmy. Přihlásilo se 117 zámeců z 24 zemí.

Projekt EU INNOLABS rozdělí padesáti malým evropským firmám z oblasti mHealth €1.5 milionu. Prvních 25 projektů dostane odměnu €30.000 (k volnému použití) + dalších €25.000 na další vývoj „inovativních služeb“. Dalších 25 vybraných získá €10.000.

Mezi finalisty ale nebudou žádné české firmy:

Cloud-based CRM for the UN agency from Copenhagen

Call for: Cloud-based Software for CRM including Cloud Marketing and Social Media Integration for the HeForShe initiative

Contracting Authority: United Nations Office for Project Services, HQ – Kodaň, Dánsko

Language: English

Tasks: • Procure cloud-based Software for Customer Relationship Management including Cloud Marketing and Social Media Integration for the HeForShe initiative • Includes Installation and Special Materials • Provide training materials on use of software /system at a minimum but ideally provide in-person training to HeForShe team • Technical Assistance for entire period of agreement •   Provide focal point for HeForShe account • Provision of technical assistance with response time of 24 hours of call/ message sent by users • All database stored in cloud is property to UNOPS/HeForShe

Background: HeForShe is a global advocacy platform with a bold vision to engage 2 million men in playing a more active role in bringing about a more gender equal world. HeForShe currently has 1.5 million active followers and would like to grow this through the provision of more relevant communication based on individual followers’ core interests. HeForShe would like to put a CRM in place to act as a supporter engagement hub. The idea is to increase awareness moving people from supporters to advocates through defined ladders of engagement. The CRM would allow HeForShe to recognize the work of supporters across the globe who conduct gender awareness activities or fundraising on behalf of the movement. It would also have functionality that would allow HeForShe to communicate with all or a subset (easily filtered by data points such as age, gender, country, engagement level etc.) with relevant communications both through direct marketing and indirectly via our social media channels.

RFP deadline: March 14 – 4pm

The UN Postal Agency needs new online Sale System accessible via Web

Call: Integrated Sale System Accessible via Web for Customers and Users

Contracting Authority: The United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA), New York

Deadline: 26/2

Description: UNPA is the postal agency of the United Nations. It is the only organization in the world, which is neither a country not a territory that is permitted to issue postage stamps. UNPA has 3 main offices in New York, Geneva and Vienna, and a liaison office in Beijing. It is the only postal authority that issues stamps in three different currencies, namely, United States dollars, Swiss franc and Euro. Its mandates are to disseminate information on the activities and achievements of the United Nations and its specialized agencies through the medium of postage stamps, as well as to generate revenue for the Organization. UNPA processes around 37,000 orders per year, which translate to a total sale figure of approximately US$ 4.5 million annually. There are roughly 40,000 active customers and 30,000 SKUs. Currently UNPA has a customized system called Mega-Stamp, which was developed as a specialized sale, inventory management and financial system for UNPA. UNPA also maintains a stand-alone website (unstamps.org) with online store for customers to browse, order and pay for UN stamps and related products. For counter sales system, UNPA uses a third-party software called ERPLY. As of November 2015, UNPA started to use SAP system for all purchases, inventory management, production and capturing of all human resources and other operational expenses. It also uses SAP to consolidate sales from various legacy systems mentioned above and use it for financial monitoring and reporting purposes. It is UNPA’s objectives to replace the older Mega-Stamp, website and ERPLY systems with an integrated system accessible via web (i.e. web based system) that can be made to integrate with the SAP system.

Populační fond OSN hledá vývojáře pro svůj web

Tendr: Web development services

Zadavatel: United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), HQ: New York, US

Deadline 26/2

Zakázka je rozdělena na dva samostnatné loty, tj. je možné se hlásit jen do jednoho z nich. Anebo do obou.

Lze pracovat na dálku, je ale třeba zaručit komunikaci v newyorském čase minimálně po dvě hodiny denně (staff working on UNFPA projects can be available for real-time communication for a minimum of two hours in the period between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm New York Time GMT -5).

LOT 1: Development and maintenance of websites for UNFPA global, regional and country offices and thematic programmes, as well as for programmes where UNFPA is an administrative agent.

LOT 2: Quality assurance of websites for UNFPA global, regional and country offices and thematic programmes, as well as for programmes where UNFPA is an administrative agent.

OSN hledá “ochránce” pro své webové aplikace

Tender: Web Application Vulnerability Scanning

Contracting Authority: United Nations Secretariat, New York

Description: The United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund is seeking expressions of interest from providers of web application vulnerability scanning tools to identify potential security vulnerabilities and architectural weaknesses in web applications. The ideal tool will communicate with a web application through the web front-end and automatically crawl the web application and test it for common security problems such as Cross-Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Directory Traversal, insecure configurations, and remote command execution vulnerabilities. Essential features: – Availability of on premise deployment option – Unlimited number of scan targets (IP addresses or URLs) – Ability to connect through an API – Availability of compliance reporting and dashboard features – Wide coverage of various types of vulnerabilities including OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities (e.g. SQLi, XSS, XXE, CSRF, SSRF, etc.) – Ability to detect vulnerabilities in popular CMS such as WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal – Support of various input Vectors (GET/POST/XML/JSON) – Support for overcoming modern scan barriers, including support for: o Recording login sequences o Detect logout (In-Session) o Custom Authentication Header o Support Multiple Domains (SPA) o Detect/Configure AntiCSRF Params and Headers o Depp crawling including HTML5 and AngularJS o Support of different authentication methods ( Http/Cookie and NTLM v1/v2) – Providing remediation advice – High accuracy and low percentage of false positives – Availability of support, maintenance and updates – Ease of use Responses to this EOI are invited by the deadline noted above for the purposes of market research and the formation of a sourcing list for possible solicitations on subject-matter requirements.

More details

Deadline for the EOI: Feb. 1

Údržba a rozvoj aplikací a webů v Drupalu pro WTO

Tender: Laravel & Drupal Support of existing websites/applications

Contracting Authority: World Trade Organization, Geneva

Details: The WTO is currently undertaking a project for the provision of Laravel and Drupal maintenance and small scale development for a number of existing websites / applications. The purpose of this Request for Proposal is to solicit well-established firms interested in providing such services.

Deadline for proposals: Feb. 15

Evropská agentura FRA z Vídně potřebuje pomoc s externí komunikací

Zakázka: PR a externí komunikace související s Fundamental Rights Forum 2018

Zadavatel: The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), Vídeň

Details: FRA is looking to conclude a contract for the provision of services related to the development and implementation of public relations and external communication activities for the Fundamental Rights Forum (FRF) 2018 to ensure that it can deliver a high impact. The main activities/tasks to be carried out by the candidate are:

* Support of the Agency in developing a communication and promotion concept for FRF 2018

* Developing of a general brochure type of publication on FRF

* Developing a multi-channel promo-video clip

* Developing of a web content plan to use FRF event app and website for community building (how to best use the features and website; no technical development for the FRF website)

* Developing of a social media plan, implementing and monitoring social media activities

Požadavky na složení týmu:

* Project manager: University degree or secondary education followed by three (3) years of proven professional experience. At least one (1) year of proven professional experience of project management in external relations. Excellent knowledge of English (level C1 based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF)).

* Public relations/ communication consultant: University degree or secondary education followed by three (3) years of professional experience. Minimum of three (3) years of proven professional experience in external communications out of which at least one (1) year of public relations consultancy. Excellent knowledge of English (level C1 based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF)).

* English editor: University degree or secondary education followed by three (3) years proven experience as English language editor. Proficiency in English (level C1 based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF)).

* Web content manager: University degree or secondary education followed by three (3) years of professional experience. Minimum of one (1) year of professional experience in IT. Minimum of one (1) year of professional experience in web content management. Proficiency in English (level C1 based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF)).

Jazyk nabídky: angličtina

Deadline pro projevení zájmu (NE k odevzdání nabídky!!!): 31/1 – 17:00

EEA ruší papírové výroční zprávy, příště už jen digitální. Hledá agenturu, která ji s nimi pomůže

Zakázka: Výroční zpráva – plně digitální verze

Zadavatel: The Financial Mechanism Office (FMO neboli bruselský sekretariát The European Economic Area a Norway Grants Fund), Brusel

Details: In order to increase the reach of the EEA and Norway Grants’ annual report, and become more environmentally friendly, the FMO has decided to produce a fully digital annual report in 2018. The annual report is to take the form of a mini-site which is to be embedded into the EEA and Norway Grants website. The FMO is therefore seeking a contractor to take on the development of the annual report.

Deadline pro zaslání nabídek: 31/1 – 17:00

Brusel chce vylepšit svou digitální knihovnu Europeana, má na to 28 milionů euro

Zakázka: Podpora zavedení infrastruktury digitálních služeb (DSI) pro evropskou digitální knihovnu “Europeana

Zadavatel: Evropská komise, Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, Brussels

Doba trvání 28 měsíců + možnost prodloužení o dalších 24

Orientační rozpočet €28.000.000

The strategic objectives of the tender are indicated below: * offer a viable variety of options for end users to discover, use and engage with content they like; refine the value propositions of the platform for all target user groups; ensure that the platform functionality and other services meet those purposes; * maintain and further develop a fully operational data and aggregation infrastructure; the infrastructure should be optimised in order to facilitate content provision from content holders; improve data and metadata quality; create, implement and continuously improve efficient ingestion procedures for providers and aggregators; * enable incorporation of new content, seeking to broaden the overview of Europe’s cultural heritage; encourage new content holders to join Europeana and foster their active involvement; * Improve content distribution mechanisms to accelerate discovery and maximise visibility, as well as take-up of the platform by fostering creative re-use in third-party products and services; * improve/widen visibility and content discovery through strong relationships and joint ventures with a broad range of stakeholders (e.g. apps developers) and cultural and creative industries (CCIs) to engage new audiences; * coordinate, sustain and grow the Europeana Network Association with the aim of increasing the number of content providers and organisations reusing the content available through Europeana; * maintain an international, interoperable licensing framework catering to the needs of data partners, users and creative re-use; * implement existing, and – where appropriate – develop new strategies, services and business models to help move towards financial sustainability; * take all necessary measures to host and integrate the results of projects funded under CEF calls for proposals for generic services; * identify methods and key performance indicators to measure and benchmark progress towards the objectives mentioned above and in particular the use of the platform, access to content, improvement of the quality of metadata and content as well as the reuse of the cultural heritage content accessible through Europeana. A cost benefit analysis should also be provided in order to better define future strategies.

Services to be purchased: The Europeana DSI serves mainly five user groups: 1) cultural heritage institutions that provide cultural metadata and content; 2) European citizens who want to explore and enjoy cultural heritage objects out of personal interest; 3) professionals conducting research who use cultural heritage objects in their research; 4) Educational institutions and professionals, who use cultural heritage objects to create educational materials and conduct educational activities; 5) Companies and professionals in the creative industries who use cultural heritage objects or metadata in their own commercialisation, services, tools, and apps.

The main elements of the DSI are: * A metadata repository. * The main portal, Europeana.eu. The web-based user interface offers the general public and professionals a single access point for finding, querying, visualising, and, when rights permit, downloading and reusing high quality European cultural heritage material. * The portal for professionals, pro.europeana.eu. The portal offers support to cultural heritage professionals for making cultural metadata and content accessible on the web through Europeana, as well as services for re-users who use or would like to use cultural heritage in their own services, tools, research and apps.

Background: Europeana (europeana.eu) was launched in 2008 as “The European Digital Library”, aiming to make Europe’s cultural heritage accessible to all through a single access point. Its creation was initiated by a letter from six Heads of State and Government in 2005 to the Commission. Today, Europeana is Europe’s digital platform for cultural heritage. It currently provides access to over 53 million items, (including image, text, sound, video and 3D material) from the collections of over 3,700 libraries, archives, museums, galleries and audio-visual collections across Europe. It links to digital objects held by the contributing cultural institutions, hosting only metadata (e.g. title of the work of art, creator, location).

Deadline pro podání nabídek: 26/3

Archivace webových stránek pro agenturu EU z Lucemburku

Zakázka: Služby archivace webových stránek

Zadavatel: Úřad pro publikace Evropské unie, Luxembourg

Kontrakt na 4 roky / budget €400.000

The scope of this call for tenders is the provision of Web preservation services. In general, the provision of services requested under this FWC will concern the archiving of websites related to the European Union. The scope could be broadened to archiving of other digital publications, such as e-publications or social media.

In close collaboration with the Historical Archives of the EU, the Publications Office has during the last 3 years provided a web preservation service to the EU institutions, agencies and bodies. In the context of this project, around 80 websites  of the Institutions are archived quarterly by an external contractor. On top of these 80 websites, additional sites are archived upon request. This typically happens when (part of) a site will be taken offline or will change considerably.

Currently, the archiving process goes through the following steps: •   Remote harvesting of the websites, in WARC format, via a web crawler • Quality control • If needed, quality improvement (patching) • Publication in an online accessible archive, hosted today on http://collections.internetmemory.org/haeu.

In parallel, the Publications Office aims to ingest the WARC files into its trusted digital repository.  This repository is highly secured and will allow for long term preservation of the authentic files.

The services to be provided are: Web preservation services, Takeover, Handover, Additional services

Deadline 28/2