Výstavní stánky pro konferenci IAEA do Vídně

Tendr: Dodávka sedmi výstavních stánků

Zadavatel: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vídeň

IAEA potřebuje pro svoji 62. Všeobecnou konferenci (Vídeň, 17. až 21. září 2018) sedm výstavních stánků plus nějaký ten nábytek. Vybavení zůstane agentuře, budou ho dále používat. Dodávka do Vídně by měla proběhnout 7/9 v 10.00.

Technical Requirement – The Contractor shall provide maximum of seven (7) exhibition booths with the following characteristics:

2.2.1. Open or corner booth size 3 meters x 2 meters x 2,5 meters;

2.2.2. 6 x 2 meters blue carpet;

2.2.3. Minimum 2 spot lights;

2.2.4. Integrated TV monitor with a minimum of 39” (99cm); and

2.2.5. Digital print on front side (3 meters x 2.5 meters) and (2 meters x 2,5 meters) and part of visible back side (2 meters x 2,5 meters).

A navíc (Optional Requirement) – The Contractor shall provide the following flexible furniture for each booth:

2.3.1. One standing table

2.3.2. Two brochure stands

2.3.3. Two high chairs

Deadline pro doručení nabídky: 30/5 – 17:00

Jak zajistit bezpečnost dat v cloudu: poradenství pro agenturu EDA

Menší tendr pro Evropskou obrannou agenturu (Brusel): zajištění bezpečnosti cloudových dat.

Stručný popis: Cílem tendru je zajistit poradenské služby v oblasti ochrany počítačových dat ukládaných a zpracovávaných komerčními poskytovateli cloudových služeb a poskytovateli řešení PaaS a SaaS (platforma a software jako služba) s cílem zajistit pro EDA dodržování platných zákonů a norem kontroly orgánů EU.

Rámcová smlouva na 48 měsíců / budget €150.000

Deadline pro odeslání nabídek: 12/6

Social Media Campaign on UN´s Child Rights Convention

Call for “Services to Develop a Content Series or Social Media Campaign on the United Nations’ Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC) Articles at its 30th Anniversary

UNICEF – United Nations Children’s Fund

Deadline: 14-May-2018 23:59

Description: UNICEF is seeking to hire an agency to develop and produce a content series or social media campaign which highlights the CRC articles through a modern lens of digital and social media, highlighting the fact that CRC articles are now entering their 30th anniversary while also articulating what each means from the eyes of a child.

The agency is expected to propose creative ideas as to how these articles could and should drive further traffic to the UNICEF website long term, in a similar way to the data showing that over 40,000 PDFs were downloaded in 2017 of the CRC articles. However, the creative can be broader than simply driving traffic to the website and can also contain ideas related to taking a social media action or driving the advocacy agenda online. Therefore, the agency can also present ideas and solutions for content approaches that could live on various UNICEF social media channels such as: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram. Note UNICEF runs the global social media channels and not UNICEF USA or UNICEF Ghana, for instance. https://www.facebook.com/unicef is the link to our Facebook Page. Interactive experience ideas can also be presented, which encourage two-way conversation taking place online.

The content ideas should resonate with the user regardless of language. The content ideas should also provide value to the individual coming to the UNICEF website organically in terms of explaining exactly what each article means, particularly in the context of the social and digital media age but also as to how each article might have changed in meaning since the articles were first ratified by governments worldwide in the late 1980s.

The content package or creative idea(s) would be launched during the 30th anniversary commemoration by UNICEF in approximately Quarter one of 2019, along with live events and activities taking place across the world. Yet it’s imperative that the content lives on after the launch moments and become evergreen.

Finally, the social media marketing techniques and strategies should be considered when devising ideas for highlighting these articles.  The target audience to engage with these content products is not just researchers, academics, and government policy officials; but also: youth (students), millennials, parents, and general social media users from ages 18 to 34 looking to become empowered with knowledge of children’s rights and how they should be protected.  Our audience is global and the ideas put forth should reflect that.  Ideally, through the website, an action should be proposed for the user to take to ensure a future visit to the site (email sign up action, for instance). A different action could also be considered for social channels- depending on the creative.

Recently, content marketing approaches for UNICEF’s social and digital channels have emphasized: influencers, user generated content, video storytelling, social media filters, stunts, social challenges, graphic design, and more. This is merely for inspiration purposes.

Qualifications and Specialized Knowledge/experience required:

  • Experience implementing creative digital or social media campaigns for global brands.
  • Experience harnessing digital production purposes for content creation purposes.
  • Experience, especially humanitarian, with international organizations, NGOs or non-profits.
  • Experience placing branded content onto millennial driven websites or social channels.
  • Experience utilizing PR across global markets, not just including the US or Europe.
  • Experience with utilizing the latest marketing approaches for PR and influencer engagement with a social and digital media emphasis.

Centralisation on track: EU communication giants gain more power

Last “Brussels data” shows the share of “usual contractors” – such as Mostra, Media Consulta or ESN – on the EU Frameworks Communication Contracts is steadilly growing. “Major contractors” on the overall number of framework contracts has reached 78%. And number of contracts managed by COMM Directorate instead of individual DGs “progressing” too.




Agentura Frontex z Varšavy hledá firmu na pomoc s website hostingem

Agentura EU pro ochranu vnějších hranic (Varšava) hledá firmu na website hosting a maintenance management svých oficiálních webových stránek. Smlouva bude na 2 roky (hosting, maintenance, additional programming and graphic design work). Kdo by chtěl projevit zájem pište: horejsi.tomas@gmail.com.

Eurocrats to buy new Conference Centre in Brussels for €155 millions

The European Commission is planning to buy a new conference centre (including the adjoining land or part of it) located in the Brussels-Capital Region, within the perimeter of the European Quarter master plan. Estimated planned budget of the 60-moths long project is €155.000.000.

The conference centre must include 29 meeting and conference rooms, an office area, parking, cafeteria, daycare and “banquet/buffet” room. It must accommodate between 2 320 and 2 480 speakers.

The successful tenderer will be responsible for the design, acquisition of permits, pre-funding and construction of the building, which will have high quality and energy performance. The agreement with the successful tenderer will be signed no later than 7.8.2019

Veřejné osvětlení na solární “pohon” do Taškentu. Zájemci o kontrakt?

OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Uzbekistan run a call for tenders for the Supply and Installation of street lighting system powered by solar energy. Deadline 14/11.

Deset Octavií do Kosova. Kdo je schopen dát nejnižší cenu?

Mise OSCE (Organizace pro bezpečnost a spolupráci v Evropě) v Kosovu vyhlašuje tendr na 10 Octavií a jednoho Kodiaqa. Deadline 27/11.

OSCE potřebuje vylepšit web www.zlostorstvaodomraza.mk. Kdo to dokáže?

Mise OSCE (Organizace pro bezpečnost a spolupráci v Evropě) v Makedonském Skopje vyhlašuje tendr na “předělávku/vylepšení” webu www.zlostorstvaodomraza.mk. Deadline 13/11.