Organizace Smlouvy pro zákaz jaderných zkoušek z Vídně potřebuje novou vizuální identitu

Zakázka: Update of CTBTO corporate Identity and style manual

Zadavatel: Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO), Vienna

Popis práce:

1) Vývoj nového Corporate Identity Style Manual k využití pro interní i externí komunikační produkty

2) Analýza dosavadního využití loga v rámci agentury

3) Využití a zapracování dosavadních připomínek v rámci agentury

4) Aktualizace vizuální identity, loga, barev, fontů etc

5) Návrhy využí nové identity na agenturních materiálech (vizitky, letáky, website…)

6) Rebranding s využitím všech šesti pracovních jazyků CTBTO

7) Vypracování a zaslání kopií návrhů v elektronické i „papírové“ formě

Deadline pro odeslání nabídek 30/11 17:00

Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse Strategy Services for UNICEF

Request for proposal for UNICEF Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Warehouse (DW) strategy Services

Background: The SAP based ERP application was first launched in 1999 for UNICEF Head Quarter(HQ) locations. It was subsequently re-engineered, expanded and then launched worldwide branded as VISION in January 2012.  VISION, an IPSAS compliant ERP system is based on SAP R/3 ECC 6.0 ERP system on HP UNIX Operating System with Oracle as underlying database.  It includes core business areas with related business processes namely planning, budgeting, grants management, finance, human resources and supply (procurement & logistics). VISION is complemented by inSight, a UNICEF corporate Business Intelligence(BI) and Performance Management System.  inSight is based on an enterprise data warehouse system henceforth called UNICEF Data Warehouse (UDW), Microsoft BI tools and SharePoint.  UDW is an in-house custom data warehouse solution on HP UNIX Operating System with Oracle as underlying database.  VISION is a critical source of information for UDW.  Data in UDW is populated via SAP Business Warehouse(BW) extracts housed in Oracle database and directly from VISION via flat files. UDW also houses non-SAP data from other applications. The inSight platform serves as a single portal for all UNICEF BI reporting, dashboards and Key Performance Indicators(KPIs). The inSight platform is a data source for enterprise web services and hosts custom bespoke applications to serve UNICEF Country Offices.  Further, the inSight platform is a critical data source for UNICEF Transparency portal which has a high visibility across the organization and to external audiences.UNICEF ERP and performance management ecosystem is managed by UNICEF and hosted in two locations. The live production systems are hosted in a commercial data center and the development & test systems in UNICEF data center.   In the event of service interruptions in the commercial data center, UNICEF data center assumes primary role to support business continuity.

Problem Statement: UNICEF has recorded a steady 40% data growth annually and an increasing demand for innovative strategic solutions since the global roll out of VISION and insight in 2012.  Despite continuous efforts to optimize extracts, data loads and queries, there is steady increase in load times, decrease in overall performance & user experience and challenges in data timeliness. The performance management reports and dashboard content served for analysis are at least a day old. This is exacerbated by aged infrastructure that was initially provisioned in 2011 which now has reached its maximum potential.  Any attempt to expand further will be expensive and unsustainable as the infrastructure and its maintenance life cycle will reach end of life 2017-2018 timeframe. There is a critical need to re-think UNICEF BI-DW strategy and to build a long term sustainable platform that can enable self-service portals, improve performance, mitigate issues of data timeliness, improve user experience and enhance the organisations ability to effectively use data to support make decisions.

Scope: Provision of a study to determine the next generation BI-DW platform (inSight-UDW) for UNICEF. The scope of the engagement includes: (i) understand and review current BI-UDW in UNICEF. (ii) gather information from stakeholders on their current and future data, reporting needs. (iii) identify options per industry best practices for a long term strategic platform that can meet stakeholder needs within various UNICEF and partner operating contexts. Among the options, the study should take into consideration current system & data architecture, UNICEF VISION platform modernization to SAP HANA, potential to use SAP HANA based data warehouse and the targeted future for UNICEF Data Centres. In addition, it is suggested that SAP future evolution, their roadmap and impact to UNICEF are also considered. (iv)         comparisons for each option along with pros and cons from various dimensions. The analysis should consider, hardware, software solution(s), data architectures & models, user experience, mobility and interfaces to internal/external data systems. (v) Feasibility and cost-benefit analysis for migrating UNICEF inSight-UDW hosted on Microsoft-Oracle to a new generation BI-DW Platform.  Note that UNICEF in short term will be moving from Oracle/HP Unix platform to Oracle/SUSE Linux platform. (vi) strategy for future BI-DW in UNICEF for an enterprise reporting and performance scorecard systems.  This should consider hardware, software solution(s), data architecture, system integration aspects and tools to enhance user experience and facilitate self-service as needed. (vii) implementation path to migrate current to the recommended future BI-DW. This should include impact analysis and how the existing extracts, reports, dashboards and queries should be adjusted/modified to be compatible with the recommended future BI-DW.

Deliverables – A comprehensive document that must detail; (i) vendor’s understanding of current BI-UDW in UNICEF (ii) information gathered directly from stakeholders on their current and future data, reporting needs (iii) platform options that were considered per industry best practices that can meet stakeholder needs within various UNICEF and partner operating contexts. (iv) comparisons of the platforms considered along with pros and cons from various dimensions. (v) Recommended platform strategy and roadmap for future BI-DW in UNICEF for an enterprise reporting and performance scorecard systems.  (vi) Approach, cost-benefit and impact analysis for migrating UNICEF inSight-UDW hosted on Microsoft-Oracle to a new generation BI-DW Platform. A business case with high-level costed plan covering results, resources & risks and dependencies for implementation of the recommended strategy & roadmap.

Proposed vendor’s team qualifications – Knowledge & Experience:

  1. Extensive knowledge and experience in Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (BI) subject areas, products & tools is mandatory.
  2. Knowledge of use cases of various DW-BI solutions in various IT verticals and industry best practices is mandatory.
  3. Knowledge and experience with big data is desirable.
  4. Experience in developing product & solution strategy, roadmaps and professional business cases.
  5. Communication skills with ability to interact and speak with business stakeholders.
  6. Certified in project management.

Deadline 27/11

UN Office for Project Services seeks Financial Management Software provider

Call for the Provision of Financial Management Software

Contracting Authority: United Nations Office for Project Services, HQ Copenhagen
Description: FMS mainly for the Sustainable Energy for All initiative (as a global partnership platform that was to promote and support new collaborative approaches for governments, business and civil society to work together in making sustainable energy for all a reality by 2030)

Technical Specification – Financial Management Software:  Ability to open and close accounting periods and manage chart of accounts.  Must be integrated with the Austrian VAT regulatory requirements.  Ability for the chart of accounts or other functionality, to capture and report on aspects of expenses: programme, activity, intervention type, project, funding source, and ability to amend master data of these aspects.  Ability to load budget versions and report on them against expenditure.  Must be able to apply budgetary control to stop over expenditure on defined account code string.  Integration with accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP), including supplier and donor (for AR) details management.  Automation of reconciliation – for example for AR and AP and for bank accounts.  Ability to integrate with banking software. Compatibility with the Bank of Austria an advantage  Integration with a procurement module (Purchase request (PR) to payment) to include reservation of budget (funds) by purchase order or purchase request  Familiarity to Austrian auditors requirement.  Must be able to export data and integrate with other services, in particular with MS Excel and Word, across devices.  Ability to manage user access and create user groups.  Flexible reporting to allow customization of reports. Reporting to allow use of hierarchies, for the aspects of expenses listed above.  Asset management and depreciation calculation and posting automation is an advantage.  Availability to manage time based on specific projects an advantage.  Grant management module an advantage  Position management an advantage  Mobile functionality for remote use an advantage  Must reply to any requests and solicitations within 48 hours maximum.  Continued Technical Support through life product license.  Must be able to automatically upload data entries to cloud when on line.  Must provide the following modules: (Foreign Exchange Currency, Account Management, Payments Supplier, Cost Accounting, Cost Centre, Budgeting, Business Analysis, Balance Sheet, FIAC and Reporting module).

Deadline for request for quotation: 16/11

Archiving Management Solution for UNICEF

Call for: Archiving Management Solution

Contracting Authority: UNICEF

Description: UNICEF is seeking to procure an ISAD (G) complaint Archives Management Systems (the “AMS Solution”) deployed in an ISO 27001 certified managed cloud solution that is regularly audited delivering a compliant and cost effective storage. We wish to procure the implementation, post implementation maintenance and support services for this system. UNICEF requires, as a turn-key solution a single, integrated and secure off-the shelf AMS solution to be delivered, fully designed, configured/customized (where necessary), installed and tested and fulfilling all the requirements defined in this document. Thus, the proposed AMS solution shall in one contract include the software tool/solution [(either following a traditional software on premise approach or in its Software as a service (saas version)] and the implementation services, including post implementation support and maintenance for the envisioned duration of the resulting contract/agreement.

Deadline for expression of interests: 23/11

OSN hledá dodavatele vstupních ID karet

OSN brzy vypíše tendr na výběr dodavatele vstupních ID karet pro svou centrálu a “pobočky” po celém světě. Má jít o dlouhodobý kontrakt na 3+2 roky.  Co přesně bude OSN nakupovat:

1. UN ID Cards including:
– Card
– Memory
– Programming
– UN Key & Format
– Front & Back Packaging
– Mag Stripe
– Embeded Mifare IC
– Slot Punch
– Shrink Wrapped
2. Accessories:
– Lanyards
– Woven Neck Lanyards
– Clear Vinyl Holder
– Badge Card, Integrated

– Clips
– Special Events Tags (SET)
– Metal Neck Chains
– Badge Holder
– Badge Reel

Zájemci musí nejprve oficiálně projevit zájem, deadline je 4/12. POZOR: OSN požaduje veškerou administrativu v angličtině, s úředně ověřeným překladem!

Last minute: Provision of video and photo essays for UN (High Commissioner for Human Rights)

Provision of video and photo essays for UN (High Commissioner for Human Rights)

The United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) seeks Expressions of Interest (EOI) from qualified suppliers for the provision of 25 video/photo essays in total for the five (5) regions (Africa, the Americas, Europe and Central Asia, Asia Pacific, and Middle East and North Africa) for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

The Vendor will be tasked with the following:

  1. In consultation with OHCHR offices in the field, the Field Operations and Technical Cooperation Division and the Communications Section to identify relevant projects per region.
  2. Research, present and produce their overall concept (based on Terms of Reference that will be provided in the subsequent tender) on how to illustrate these stories.
  3. Produce twenty-five (25) video and photography projects. Projects are divided into five (5) communication products, that is three (3) videos and two (2) photo essays, per region.
  4. Provide one rough cut in the case of film, mock-up in case of photo essays and synopsis per project for revision and discussion by OHCHR staff before final edition.
  5. Provide all b-roll in the case of video and outtakes in the case of photos on a separate hard drive.
  6. Provide captioning completed products into the language of the interview, as well as in English.

Closing Date for Receipt of EOI: 29 September 2017

Last minute: Provision of online advertising management services for UN (Geneva)

Provision of online advertising management services for OHCHR

The United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) seeks Expressions of Interest (EOI) from qualified communication agencies to manage online advertising through the following digital channels: Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Linkedin and any other channels as needed for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). It is required that the project manager should have over 7 years of digital communication experience – including online advertising – and should be fluent in English.

Closing Date for Receipt of EOI: 29 September 2017