Grafický design pro zemědělský fond OSN se sídlem v Římě

Mezinárodní fond pro zemědělský rozvoj se sídlem v Římě hledá grafickou agenturu pro dlouhodobou (4-5 let) spolupráci. Práci je možné vykonávat na dálku. Vyžaduje minimálně osmiletou praxi a minimálně 5 podobných klientů v uplynulých pěti letech. Zájemci o zadávací dokumentaci, pomoc s registrací a s přípravou nabídky, hlašte se u mně: nebo +32-473-116804.

Zakázka: Služby grafického designu

Zadavatel: Mezinárodní fond pro zemědělský rozvoj (IFAD – The International Fund for Agricultural Development, Řím – Itálie), specializovaná agentura OSN

Jazyk tendru: angličtina

IFAD produkuje materiály ve 4 oficiálních jazycích OSN (English,French, Spanish and Arabic).

Hodnocení: kvalita 70%, cena 30%

Deadline pro odevzdání nabídky: 20/4

Service requirements: IFAD is looking for qualified service providers for provision of design development, layout, formatting and artwork finalization for print and digital materials and communications materials.

Required services include and not limited: – Creative design concepts: this requires design development, providing creative ideas and advice on how the design concept best served the content and type of materials to be produced; – Production process: the service provider will be expected to provide a realistic production timeline that will then be followed from concept to finalization; – Design and layout: it is required that the design is in line with IFAD standards and branding and visual identity guidelines; – Delivery of materials: this requires that the final product is packaged according to the different distribution or production needs. This includes preparing the high resolution print pdf files for offset printing, digital printing or low resolution pdf files for web posting. All final artwork files must be delivered to IFAD after completion of work, including original files (Indesign, Illustrator, etc.).

Potential products include: – Reports; – Brochures; – Leaflets; – Manuals; – Workshop materials.

Minimum requirement to vendors:

– At least 8 years of experience in graphic design and visual communications, more is an advantage;

– Electronic portfolio with samples of previous works, as requested below;

– Minimum 5 clients in the past 5 years for provision of similar services.

Website development for the International Bureau of Education of UNESCO

Call: Provision of Website Development

Contracting Authority: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – International Bureau of Education (UNESCO – IBE, Geneva)

Deadline 10/4
Description: This RFP seeks to hire a contractor who can:
* Establish a visual identity for the IBE brand that can be used on the website initially and across all aspects of the IBE-UNESCO ultimately.
* Advise the IBE-UNESCO on website design and architecture to meet the above needs
* Design an elegant, efficient, user-friendly, dynamic and interactive website based on a WordPress CMS or a better CMS that meets the above-specified requirements.
* Host all IBE-UNESCO flagship programs and anticipate future ones.
* Provide training and post go-live support during the first half-year of the use of the website.
* Develop design templates that form the foundation of a dynamic website capable of improvement and constant self-renewal without requiring a complete redesign.

The IBE-UNESCO requires that the development is delivered: 1) Speedily, within 3 months of IBE-UNESCO appointing a web developer and agreeing a specification. The IBE-UNESCO would like the development process to culminate in a phased July 2018 launch. It is therefore expected that the contractor will begin work immediately after signing of the contract. 2) At a value-for-money cost.

All other details can be found here.

Investigation Management SW + migrace dat pro Mezinárodní trestní soud v Haagu

Zakázka: Investigation Management Software

Zadavatel: Mezinárodní trestní soud (ICC – International Criminal Court), The Hague, Nizozemsko

RFI deadline 31/5

ICC chce nahradit svůj stávající Investigation Management software zcela novým včetně migrace všech dat.

Solution high level requirements – functional: * The system must be able to securely store information related to Investigations. * The system shall have default entities (i.e. actor, activity, location, etc) and allow creation of custom defined entities. * The system shall have customizable metadata model, allowing administrators to add extra metadata fields to different entities. * The solution shall allow creation of customized forms for user input. * The system shall have workflow engine allowing creation of new and customization of existing workflows. * The solution should be capable of storing and viewing major document formats: PDF, Images and MS Office. * The system shall provide reporting capabilities and customization of reports. * The system must have data import/export capabilities.

Solution high level requirements – non Functional: * The system shall be web-based. * The system shall have granular role-based security over entities, documents and metadata. * The system must expose its functionality through API. * The system shall use a relational database  backend, preferably MS SQL.

Service Requirement: The Court is interested in receipt of service to migrate data and workflows from existing software to the new product. The Software Application and related implementations services have to be provided by established and financially-sound companies whose principal activity is the provision of Investigation Management Software to other entities. Such companies will be asked, in case they would meet a minimum level of technical requirements, to participate in a tender process for the award of a contract for the provision of the Investigation Management Software which will have a fixed duration and a renewal option.

Podoba RFI: * A brief profile of the company including size, location, areas of expertise, years in business, product range proving the capacity to supply and deliver the above Investigation Management software; * Details of the services you can offer and product brochures (including technical information); * Summary of the approach your company would take in completing this project; * Complete contact details of the persons to whom any further correspondence must be sent, including name, position, email address and phone number.

Mezinárodní agentura pro atomovou energii (Vídeň) hledá dodavatele systému pro rozesílání varování přes sociální sítě

Zakázka: Social Media Simulator for Emergency Preparedness and Response Exercises

Zadavatel: International Atomic Energy Agency, Vídeň

Jazyk: angličtina

Deadline: 27/3

Background: The IAEA Incident and Emergency Centre (IEC) prepares and conducts exercises to strengthen the Agency’s response arrangements and capabilities, as well as those of Member States, with regard to nuclear and radiological emergencies. One of the IAEA’s five emergency response roles is to provide accurate and timely public information. Procedures and tools are in place to develop and publish public statements during an emergency. This process is tested during the exercises. In 2016, the decision was taken to expand the number of exercises to also include specific exercises for public communication.

Social media is prevalent and is a major part of any public information. The IEC seeks to have a system which provides simulated social media platforms in order to test social media preparedness and response.

In the past, the IEC has mocked up social media injects on a shared blog site but this has been time consuming and does not allow for the proper level of real-time, reactive postings. The IAEA’s Office of Public Information and Communication (OPIC) takes part in exercises to test its readiness and response for communicating during emergencies. The social media simulator will provide OPIC with a secure platform to simulate the use of social media in an emergency, including how they post information, links to official public statements and how they respond to the public.

Scope: This Statement of Work describes the IAEA’s requirements for the provision of software and services to establish a social media simulator (MIMIC) for emergency response exercises. MIMIC will cover Facebook and Twitter-like channels, as well as a simulation of the IAEA website and will allow for graphics to be used to simulate mock news articles. The IAEA would like to engage a software provider that would ideally deliver an out-of-the-box product or online service to suit these requirements. The solution should be open to internal IAEA players and selected counterparts from Member States, when requested, for their use during exercises.

The contractor should have in its service offering the ability for training, ongoing support and maintenance of the product, including updates.

Visual identity and communications materials for WHO Fleet Services activities

Call for tenders: Visual identity and communications materials

Contracting Authority: The World Health Organization, Geneva

Description: Develop a WFS visual identity, including a style guide and design communication materials such as banners, brochure, including infographics/icons for web, social media and mobile app. Additionally, four short videos are required.

The service should cover particulary “WHO Fleet Services“ (WFS) activities. WFS aims to provide WHO offices with appropriate, cleaner, cost-effective and safer vehicles to support optimum programme delivery. Under WFS, a centrally managed unit will be responsible for vehicles. Country offices will no longer own, but lease vehicles. Vehicles older than five years or those that have exceeded 150 000 km will be resold and replaced with new vehicles in a planned and coordinated manner over the next four years (2018-2022).

Deadline 28/3

Deliverables: The successful contractor will create graphic and digital materials (web, social, multimedia, audio-visual content as follows:

  1. A) WFS visual identity and style guide
  2. B) WFS communication materials
  3. C) Audio-visual items

A) WFS visual identity and style guide: The WFS visual identity will need to complement the WHO logo. (WHO brand guidelines will be provided to the successful company) The visual identity must convey a dynamic energy and commitment to deliver health services to all people, no matter when or where they are. It is important to note that the project will be implemented globally. The visual identity must complement content developed in the six official languages of the UN: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. Thus, the visual identity layout and messaging must work in the different languages. During this phase of the project, materials will be developed in English and French. (The company is not required to undertake any translation).

Messaging: WHO Fleet Services is more than vehicles, it is about serving people. WHO’s mission is to build a better, healthier future for people all over the world. It does this by “promoting health, keeping the world safe and serving the vulnerable.” The vehicles represent WHO’s capacity to deliver on its mandate. WHO’s fleet is the ‘blood supply’ for delivering health programmes.WHO’s vehicles enable staff to support health ministries to immunize children against diseases such as polio, measles, yellow fever and other vaccine preventable diseases. During a disease outbreak, our disease detectives, called epidemiologists help to find the cause, contain its spread and treat the sick. These interventions are all made possible through WHO’s fleet. Our vehicles not only transport staff but also essential medical supplies to health facilities in sprawling urban centres to remote and hard-to-reach areas, including conflict affected areas.

Qualities to be conveyed through the visual identity:

Keywords: Professional, customer service orientated, dynamic, innovative, dependable, safe, environmental friendly, cost effective, strong operational capacity (i.e. ability to quickly scale-up our operations during an emergency and ramp down when a situation stabilizes). Our fleet will be fit-for-purpose, right-sized (i.e.having the right type and number of vehicles for each office) and available where needed, and on-time. WFS is not just technical and operational, it is about delivering health for all people. WFS slogan: “Moving forward for a safer and healthier future.”

Target audiences:

  1. WHO executive management at country, regional and headquarter levels.
  2. WHO staff: drivers, programme staff, administration officers, human resources, etc.
  3. External stakeholders: UN agencies, vehicle suppliers, etc
  4. Donors: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, etc.

Style guide:  A style guide or in-depth rules about the logo usage, style and layout, including templates will need to be provided to WHO. These templates will include: Powerpoint template, email header, email signature, website header, Facebook cover photo, social media, etc.

B): WFS communication materials (design only required)

 PowerPoint slide-deck: Application of a WFS new visual identity to PowerPoint slide deck with improved layout and infographics to reduce text. (Draft PowerPoint is available for development of the concept. (The presentation will be provided to the successful company once identified). The powerpoint presentation file size must be below 6MB to allow for sharing the presentation easily via email.)

 WFS training certificate template: Certificate to staff after completing the WFS fleet training programme.

 Infographics: Four infographics will need to be provided. This will be used for presentations, newsletters, website, etc.

1: Why WFS?

2: What is WFS? A 360 degree solution: aimed at describing what will change, etc.

3: WFS Benefits: Four benefits include: operational capacity, cost effectiveness, road safety, reduced environmental impact

  1. How to get to involved. E.g. wear a seat belt, take the WFS training, etc.

 Icons: Several icons will need to be developed. These icons are described below as follows: * Icon Description * Ageing/old fleet * Cars older than 5 years or those that have reached 150,000 km * High operational costs * Very costly to maintain WHO’s fleet, especially those cars older than 5 years * Risk Includes operational, financial and reputational risk * 360° fleet management solutions

Encompasses all services offered under WFS. This includes:

 Trained and dedicated Fleet Managers,

 Vehicle tracking solutions,

 Comprehensive insurance coverage,

 Pre-approved maintenance arrangements

 Improved software for fleet tracking and data analysis

Vehicle tracking system The device fits into the vehicle and captures the GPS location information, including fuel consumption, speeding, harsh braking, etc.

Insurance: Comprehensive, collision, including third party insurance coverage. WFS will provide holistic insurance offer greater peace of mind.

Preventive maintenance: Pre-determined schedule for checking the working condition of a vehicle. Usually, the oil, filter, spark plugs are checked and replaced after reaching a certain mileage.

Fleet assessment: Includes an online survey and site inspection. The fleet assessment is conducted by the Fleet Manager or Head Driver.

Fleet training: WFS training will include: E-learning modules, in-country or regional workshops, on-the-job coaching. The training will need to be completed by drivers and support staff involved in the fleet. For e.g. administration offices, HR, etc.

Customer service: Implies dependable and safe transport delivered with efficiency and a friendly attitude.

WFS revolving fund: A fund will be established which will be constantly replenished to buy and maintain WHO’s fleet, including provide training to fleet staff.

WFS leasing fee: Countries will no longer own but lease vehicles. The leasing fee will be paid on a monthly or annual basis to operate WHO’s vehicles

Fleet management dashboard: Fleet data pictorially illustrated to improve data analysis and help with decision-making.

Fuel efficiency: Less fuel used per kilometre.

Green Fleet: Fuel efficient, lighter vehicles or those using alternative energy such as, electric cars, or moving from diesel to petrol vehicles.

Environmentally friendly: Focused on reducing environmental impact related to air pollution through newer vehicles, better maintained vehicles, car-sharing and car-pooling with other UN organizations.

Road safety: WFS will contribute to road safety through improved driver training, well-maintained vehicles, improved route planning, (e.g. avoiding driving during night time and/or poor weather conditions) etc.

 Roll-up Banner. Description: The roll-up banner will convey what is WFS in a clean, striking and modern design. The banner will be used to indicate WFS presence at various events such as exhibitions, training and high-level meetings.

 Wall Banner. Description: The wall banner stand needs to be modern, (preference for a curved, modular shape). The banner must depict the dynamism of WFS and its slogan, “Moving forward for a healthier and safer world.”

C). WFS audio-visual items

 Audio-visual products. Duration: 30-45 second videos. Number: 4 x short videos. Videos will be used for training, meetings, website, exhibitions, etc. It should be developed as a series or different episodes which can be played as one continuous video or in parts for specific audiences. The videos will focus on: Why WFS?, What is WFS?, WFS Four Benefits and How to get involved.

Management Platform for the UN Secretariat. Service Level

Call for: Service Level Management Platform including license, maintenance and support

Contracting Authority: United Nations Secretariat

Deadline for the EOI: 26/3


The UNFCCC secretariat is seeking a qualified vendor to provide the following: 1. Administration and management of a service management platform; 2. Solutions and options for hosting of service management platform as a Software as a service (SAAS), including standard hosting services; 3. User support during business hours; 4. Migration of data (BMC Footprints); 5. Training to users.

To be eligible to participate in the solicitation process, please declare that: Your company has a written corporate environmental policy, consistent with ISO 14001 (International Organisation for Standardisation), or equivalent. YES

Google Cloud Platform Products and Related Services for FAO (Rome)

Call: Google Cloud Platform Products and Related Services
Contracting Authority: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, Italy
The Bidder shall provide access to all Google Cloud Platform products listed in the  official Google pricelist. Of particular interest to FAO, but not limited to, are the products listed below:
Data Transfer
Cloud Storage o Cloud Big Table Cloud Big Data
Cloud Functions
Cloud Al (ML, Jobs API, Natural Language, Translate, Speed API)
Management Tools (Endpoint, Console, APIs)
Firebase (Flame)
Cloud support packages
The Bidder shall be able to provide training and support services for all Google Cloud Platform products offered. The framing and support services shall be provided in English both remotely, as well as at FAO Headquarters in Rome when required.
The bidder shall be able to provide traning on all Google Cloud Platform products. Of particular interest to FAO, but not limited to, are the areas listed below:
o Google Cloud platforms fundamentals
o Google Cloud platform architecture
o Firebase fundamentals
o Development with Google Maps
The bidder shall enable FAO to purchase the following support services:
o Google Premium Support Services: the bidder shall be able to sell all Google Cloud suppolt packages (e.g. Silver or Gold Suppolt Packages) in order for FAO to have direct access to Google suppott when needed.
o Direct Support services, provided by Google resellers: the bidder shall be able to provide, upon request, ad-hoc assistance for the use, customization and/or installation of Google products, through their Google Cloud Certified Professionals.
Deadline 27/3

Mobilní aplikace pro Světovou zdravotnickou organizaci

Mobile Event Application Services

World Health Organization, Geneva

Deadline for EOI: 19/3

Description: The World Health Organization (WHO) invites vendors to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for for the provision of Mobile Event Application, which address the following objectives:

* The selected bidder shall provide an application that can be installed on standard smartphone platforms including Apple and Android phones.

* The application should allow user engagement through information sharing among organizers and users with extended collaboration and social engagement features.

* The selected bidder shall provide for support during meetings including training, event planning, and helpdesk.

WHO´s web needs consolidation and integration

WHO PQT Website Consolidation and Integration

World Health Organization, Geneva

Deadline 23/3

Description: The purpose of this Request for Proposals RFP is to enter into a contractual agreement with a successful bidder and select a suitable contractor to carry out the following work: extend application of the communications concept and approach used to develop the medicines prequalification website to create a single WHO prequalification website covering not only medicines but also in vitro diagnostics, vaccines, immunization devices and vector control products. The medicines prequalification website ( is based on highly automated and Drupal-based content management, information tagging and classification for Solr-based search, and dynamic data-driven queries that for which scheduled XML data imports are supplied by a related business process automation solution.

Details: here and here

Digitální komunikace a web development pro ženevský sekretariát OSN

Call: Provision of digital communication services & web development

Contracting Authority: UN Secretariat, Geneve

Deadline for EOI: 15/3

Contract for a period of 3 years

Requirements: The UN System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB) Secretariat flagship website ( serves the needs of a wide audience, including the general public, journalists, academia, researchers, Member States and UN system colleagues. Public content includes reports, background material, statistics and publications. Some content remains hidden behind a password as it serves internal coordination and collaboration among UN system organizations in management and programme areas.

CEB Secretariat seeks support in the design, development and maintenance of their flagship website. An all-round solution is sought, whereby a digital communication agency will assume certain tasks associated with the following website lifecycle processes:

  • Graphical design, usability & responsiveness
  • Development & testing
  • Information security (hardening & monitoring)

In response to evolving functional requirements and incoming change requests, CEB Secretariat may request interventions that require expertise in website usability, design and development.

Specific requirements: Current website is built on the Drupal platform. Drupal is open source software maintained and developer by a large community of active users and developers. It’s distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (or “GPL”), which means it is free to download and share. This open development model means that people are constantly working to make sure Drupal is a well-supported platform incorporating the latest technologies that the web has to offer. The Drupal project’s principles reflect CEB Secretariat needs for functional modularity, application of universal standards, collaboration features and usability. This project supports CEB Secretariat in the design and development of a revised website and thereafter by assuming a more operational role that addresses standards compliance and security.