Online Data Store pro agenturu OSN z Vídně. Tendr začal

Tendr na “Data Store”

Zadavatel: The International Aid Transparency Initiative (organizace pod OSN, sídlí ve Vídni)

Details: This is an open tender for the building of the IATI DataStore – a robust online data service providing timely, standardised access to all data published using the IATI standard. The tender includes the development of the product as well as its hosting for at least the first year of operation.


The DS should be delivered in three phases that run back-to-back.

 Phase One will allow developers to access their selected activities in XML and JSON format via API.

 Phase Two will provide analyst and publisher access to a range of serialisations and reports.

System Requirements

 Coding Standards

o To be built using python 3, using lxml for XML processing.

o Code must be written to a style guide (for example adherence to PEP8/docstring conventions, with linters added to continuous integration checks)

o Any third-party packages that are used should be well documented and well supported

o To be built under TDD principles:

 Robust repeatable feature testing

 Custom functionality must be unit tested (including examples of where there are edge cases in data, including mocking of HTTP requests)

o Must be easy to debug

o A number of functions and processes used by the DS are applicable to other IATI tools. The DS should where possible, reuse existing IATI components.

o The code of the DS will be published on Github with an GNU 3.0 open source licence.

 Agile Management

o The proposal should adopt an agile approach to development which allows for reasonable modifications to the original specification based on feedback from the IATI secretariat and user testing

 Documentation

o Developer Manual

o Analyst User Manual

o Data Dictionary

Chcete se OSN postarat o “Smart Industry Platform” v Drupalu?

Tendr: Provision of IT services related to the implementation of a Smart Industry Platform

Zadavatel: UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), Vídeň

Features and functionality overview:

  • Search AP Implementation with database search; separate instances for the indicators and the knowledge resources; Facets and facets ranges
  • Newsletter subscriptions management with on-site sent-out options: Simplenews & swiftmailer implementation, dedicated knowledge resources newsletter type. Disabled for subscription and in feature freeze as requested by client. See .
  • Social sharing(for knowledge resources): FB share, Twitter, Email. Special paragraphs types for newsletter lists
  • Charting functionality. Three different charting types implementations, using highcharts library. All views are linked from the startpage. Refer to the charts module documentation and the views settings for details.
  • Countries overview list (linked in main menu) linking to dedicated country profile overview lists which can be extended as needed.
  • Media management: ◦ Embedded videos ◦ Images uploads ◦ Documents management

Pozn: Website based on Drupal 8.x updated to the latest stable v.8.5.3

Deadline 20/7

Dva tendry na AV hardware (monitory, obří displeje) pro Vídeň. Nabídněte

Dva tendry pro UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Vídeň):

1) Delivery and installation of a Professional Signage Monitor at the entrance of Building C of the Vienna International Centre

Deadline for quotation 25/7

Popis: Professional Signage Monitor LCD/LED: 84 inch, black or dark grey thin frame, 16:9, native resolution UHD 3840×2160 pixels, designed for min. 16 hours/5 days a week use, Display Port Input, HDMI Input, programmable operating hours (time/days), automatic signal recognition in combination with automatic ON/OFF, VESA standard mountable, IR remote control, size approx. 195cm x 114cm (see Annex01); non-reflective robust surface for integration into glas wall; anti-burn-in mechanism;

Brightness: 700 nits. Lifetime/Lifecycle: 10 years at a duty cycle of 16h/5 days a week. Viewing angle: ≥50% of on-axis within 160 degree of horizontal viewing angle; ≥50% of on-axis within 120 degree of vertical viewing angle. Operating temperature: 0 – 40°C. Colour temperature: min. 3,500 – 9.000 K, adjustable. Contrast ratio, static: ≥ 2,500:1

2) Implementation of Large Format Displays (LFDs) at the Rotunda in the Vienna International Centre

General Outline:  In view of the above interested companies are requested to provide a fix and firm offer for a relevant solution, i.e. 3 pieces of Large Format Displays (LFDs) including the therefore needed implementation, maintenance and on-call repair services consisting of, but not limited to:  LFD Element implementation  Displays/Panels (flat on curved surface)  Video processing hard and software  Mounting Hardware for flat display elements or modules on curved surface/wall  Planning Construction and Installation engineering (planning documents) including but not limited to documents and drawings of:  Mounting positions  Mounting constructions  All mounting information needed for structural engineer  Documentation for all installed units, control units etc.  Wiring diagrams and wiring runs  Required electrical power including Voltage, Current, Power calculations (peak and average program/content) as well as interface description (type of power outlets, location etc.); electrical power and related installations will be provided by BMS  Network and other infrastructure requirements (outlets, location etc.); network and related installations will be provided by BMS  Service laptop with all administration and configuration software, test pattern software needed for onsite testing etc.  Documentation  Technical documentation (mechanical, electrical, electronic and optical parts, data- and other interfaces)  Maintenance instructions/documentation  Technician training (system design, configuration, troubleshooting etc.)  Spare parts  Suggested onsite spare modules/units/parts for fast replacement of defective items  Maintenance and on call support (service level agreement)  Inspection/Performance check Update and Calibration  Cleaning  Updates of hardware, firmware and software  Maintenance protocol

Detailed LFD Specifications: The LFDs are intended for reproducing banners and other video content delivered as video information of the connected sources (i. e. Player PC of Digital Signage System). The LFD shall be using SMD-LED-technology build out of smaller modules (tiles) with no gaps or visible bezels between the modules. The modules of the LFDs shall be mounted on the Rotunda’s surface (curved mounting) with a radius of approximately 16 meters. Each of the 3 LFDs shall have the following properties:

The size of the active display area shall be:  vertical: 1.50m – 1.70m  horizontal: 8.00m – 9.50m

The maximum size of the display including necessary mounting hardware like frames etc: shall be:  height (vertical): 1.90m  length (horizontal): 9.70m  depth : 0.30 m

Refer to attached sketch (TOR Annex 1 sketch) as example for information only; final dimensions to be planned by the contractor within the above specifications. The aspect ratio of one entire active display shall be 48:9 (3 x 16:9 side by side) with the following physical resolutions:  vertical: 720 pixel (minimum, real pixels)  horizontal: 3 x 1,280 (minimum, real pixels) = 3,840 pixel (minimum)

The brightness of the LFD shall be:  calibrated for initial approval: ≥ 1.000 nits  operating brightness planned(*1): ≥ 700 nits (automatically calibrated and regulated, including logging of brightness or LFD drive level is mandatory) over a life-cycle of 10 years at a duty cycle of 16h/5 days a week  brightness uniformity(*1): min 90% for 10 years of service at a duty cycle of 16h/5 days a week at planned operating brightness of 700 nits  colour uniformity (grayscale)(*1): min 80% for 10 years of service, at a duty cycle of 16h/5 days a week, at planned operating brightness of 700 nits  ≥50% of on-axis within 160 degree of horizontal viewing angle  ≥50% of on-axis within 120 degree of vertical viewing angle

The colour properties of the LFD shall be:  colour temperature: 3,500 – 9,000 K, adjustable  colour and brightness calibration: automatically  colour depth: min 8 bit per colour (RGB)  colour gamut: ≥90% sRGB

Additional properties of the LFD shall be:  automatic ON/OFF dependent on signal precence on input  remote ON/OFF via control software/hardware interface  programmable ON/OFF with schedule (incl. definition of special holidays) etc. also in definable combination with the above  maximum pixel failure(*1): ≤ 4 per screen  minimum initial contrast ratio, static ≥ 2,500:1  frame rate ≥ 60 fps (whole screen)  refresh rate ≥ 1,000 Hz  glare & haze ≤ 2%  anti-burn-in mechanism  maximum electrical power consumption ≤ 1kW per m² at full brightness  maximum weight ≤ 180 kg/ per m length including complete substructure for mounting  fanless design or noise ≤ 46 dB(A) SPL (measured directly underneath LFD at 1.5m above floor level of Rotunda)  operating temperature range: 0 – 40 degree Celsius  IP Rating: ≥ IP20

Agentura OSN potřebujete pro svůj webový portál vizualizaci a infografiku

Tendr: Interactive data design: Visualizations, infographics, and diagrams for Web Portal

Zadavatel: OSN (United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women)

Agentura “UN Women” hledá dodavatele služeb “Interactive data design: Visualizations, infographics, and diagrams”. Zájemci hlaste se, ať můžu požádat o zadávací dokumentaci: nebo +32-473-116804

Deadline: 9/7

DMS pro projekty OSN v Makedonii. Lokální partner nutný

Zakázka: Design and development of the Information and Document Management System (EoI)

Zadavatel: United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), for Rep. of Macedonia

Objective of this project is building an Information and Document Management System. The resulting system will provide for high level of automation regarding secure processing, storage and dissemination, task assignment and workflow management of information. It will also provide for dynamic creation of process workflows, together with pertinent archiving functionalities, and internal messaging. When implemented, approximately 500 users will use the system.

EOI musí obsahovat: brief presentation of the company including number of staff, turnover, years in business;

Základní podmínky:

* The leading supplier, supplier’s representative, member of the Joint venture/Consortium must have a local presence for development/implementation/support. The local leading supplier, supplier’s representative, member of the Joint venture/consortium must be present in the Macedonia for at least last 3 consecutive years and still active. This is proved by the copies of the company’s registration documents for each joint venture/consortium members.

* Reference for two successfully completed DMS projects with information dissemination (proposed solution with over 50 users) with budget over 50.000 EUR. Reference list with client name, responsible person and contact information;

* Reference of support/maintenance for the same;

* The company’s yearly turnover over last 3 years should be over 300.000 EUR yearly

* Copies of the valid ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates

* The bidder must have at least 5 Macedonia based employees of which: o At least two local developers with experience of customization, development and implementation of the proposed solution with a minimum of 3 years’ experience, certified by the vendor and technology proposed.

* The bidder must also have a project manager and a business analyst coming from Macedonia or any of the eligible countries: o A Project Manager nominated by the bidder must have at least five (5) years relevant industry experience, at least the last three (3) of which must have included project management responsibility for staff over extended periods which involved supply, configuration, integration, implementation, operation and support of a DMS project (with over 50 users). The Project Manager must be fluent in English and Macedonian, both spoken and written. o At least one Business Analyst, expert in the field, with experience of implementation of a similar solution at a public institution. Must have at least three (3) years relevant experience in implementing DMS or similar system. Proof of local and eligible countries-based team shall include the CVs of the relevant experts with clearly shown the relevant experience.

Deadline pro EOI: 7/6 10:00

Výstavní stánky pro konferenci IAEA do Vídně

Tendr: Dodávka sedmi výstavních stánků

Zadavatel: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vídeň

IAEA potřebuje pro svoji 62. Všeobecnou konferenci (Vídeň, 17. až 21. září 2018) sedm výstavních stánků plus nějaký ten nábytek. Vybavení zůstane agentuře, budou ho dále používat. Dodávka do Vídně by měla proběhnout 7/9 v 10.00.

Technical Requirement – The Contractor shall provide maximum of seven (7) exhibition booths with the following characteristics:

2.2.1. Open or corner booth size 3 meters x 2 meters x 2,5 meters;

2.2.2. 6 x 2 meters blue carpet;

2.2.3. Minimum 2 spot lights;

2.2.4. Integrated TV monitor with a minimum of 39” (99cm); and

2.2.5. Digital print on front side (3 meters x 2.5 meters) and (2 meters x 2,5 meters) and part of visible back side (2 meters x 2,5 meters).

A navíc (Optional Requirement) – The Contractor shall provide the following flexible furniture for each booth:

2.3.1. One standing table

2.3.2. Two brochure stands

2.3.3. Two high chairs

Deadline pro doručení nabídky: 30/5 – 17:00

Hromadí se nám tady zajímavé IT zakázky. SW, HW, služby, weby…

Tendr: Poskytování služeb bezpečnosti IT a systémového hodnocení kvality

Zadavatel: Evropský patentový úřad (Mnichov, Rijswijk)

Rozpočet: 10 milionů euro už dorazilo

Tendr má 3 na sobě nezávislé loty/části (1) Security Analysis and Audit, 2) Software Security, Privacy and System quality a 3) Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment). Smlouvy budou pětileté.

Deadline pro doručení nabídek 3/7

Tendr: Migrace webu z Typo3 do Drupalu8

Zadavatel: United Nations Secretariat – UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

Rozpočet nespecifikován

Dodavatel má nabídnout technické řešení pro převod hlavní stránky UNECE ( ze stávajícího Typo3 na standardní CMS OSN, tedy Drupal 8. As a high level technical requirement, the target website should be designed with the highest standards in terms of security, stability and maintainability.

Deadline pro projevení zájmu: 6/6

Tendr: Dodávka IT vybavení a příslušenství

Zadavatel: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Půjde o dodávky IT vybavení, počítačového příslušenství a souvisejících služeb pod rámcovým kontraktem na čtyři roky.

Deadline pro nabídku 8/6

Zakázka: Řešení infrastruktury datového střediska (DIS)

Zadavatel: Evropská komise, Directorate-Directorate General for Informatics

Bude uzavřena čtyřletá rámcová smlouva s maximálně 5ti účastníky tendru

Půjde o nákup “storage solutions” a general (x86 server systems) and specific purpose compute solutions… mimo jiné

Předpokládaná celková hodnota bez DPH: €622.000.000

Deadline pro odeslání nabídek 4/6

Tendr: Pořízení softwarových a hardwarových součástí a služby přizpůsobení v souvislosti s bezpečnostními službami pro podporu EU Lassez-Passer

Zadavatel: EU Joint Research Centre, Ispra (Itálie)

Popis: Spuštění systému “EU Lassez-Passer” vyžaduje 1) nastavení a běh dvou Public Key Infrastructure zaměřených na spravování požadavků na certifikaci pro zavedení pasivního ověřování a rozšířeného řízení přístupu, 2) zavedení a údržbu jediného kontaktního bodu s cílem zavést výměnný certifikační mechanismus vyžadovaný EAC, 3) zavedení a údržbu signatáře Deviation List a 4) zavedení a údržbu signatáře Master List včetně všech operací a funkcí potřebných k řízení cyklu pro sběr a ukládání seznamu odchylek a certifikátů CSCA, které budou obsaženy v „master list“.

Celkový budget €1.210.000

Deadline pro podání nabídek 3/7

Zakázka: Software pro různorodost a rozvoj inovací II (SIDE II)

Zadavatel: Evropská komise, Directorate-Directorate General for Informatics

Rámcová smlouva na 60 měsíců pro Evropskou komisi a další EU agentury z celé Evropy

Stručný popis: Evropská komise a další EU instituce a agentury chtějí prostřednictvím tohoto tendru získat dodavatele SW licencí, údržby SW a offsite-podpůrných služeb.

Celkový orientační rozpočet: €902.000.000

Deadline 4/6

Kdo dokáže převést web Evropské ekonomické komise OSN z Typo3 do Drupalu 8?

Zakázka: Provision of technical solutions to migrate the main UNECE website

Zadavatel: United Nations Secretariat – UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

První fáze tendru – Expression of Interest (EOI) deadline 6/6

Description: The purpose of this EOI is to identify potential suppliers that can provide technical solutions to migrate the main UNECE website ( to a UN standard Content Management System – Drupal 8. UNECE seeks support for setting up the new Drupal 8 based solution that meets UNECE requirements and for preparing the required migration tools to automatically extract and move the web content from the current Typo3 to Drupal. As a high level business requirement, the target website should provide similar capabilities and visitor experience for the current UNECE website – As a high level technical requirement, the target website should be designed with the highest standards in terms of security, stability and maintainability. This implies the use, to the maximum possible extend, of core and popular contributed Drupal capabilities.

IT vybavení pro UNESCO, kontrakt až na 4 roky

Tendr: Purchase of IT equipment and accessories

Zadavatel: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Description: Supply of IT equipment, computer accessories and related services for a period of two years renewable by one year extensions up to a cumulative maximum of four years.

Deadline pro nabídku 8/6

Brand monitoring services for potential fraudulent activity against UNDP

Call for „Provision of UNDP Brand Monitoring Services

Contracting Authority: United Nations Development Programme

Contract duration: 3 (or more) years

Deadline: 4 May

Description: The office of information Management and Technology Bureau for Management Services is seeking for a service provider who could monitor the Internet for registration of fraudulent domain names, web sites and social media accounts pretending to be operated by UNDP, report of such abuses and (if authorized by UNDP) the firm will work with hosting providers involved to take down illegal content on behalf of UNDP. Since UNDP seeks a full-fledged on-going monitoring and response service, no equipment or premises will be provided by the UNDP to conduct the service. All activity must happen on service provider equipment and premises. UNDP will provide a list of known legitimate domains and related assets (e.g. social media accounts, logo, etc.) as well as a point of contact to report and confirm unauthorized activity. Service provider will be rendering the service under the supervision of UNDP CISO.

Scope of Work: The initial contract with the service provider will be for three years, with a possibility of annual extensions, upon successful annual performance and approval by UNDP. The service provider will be expected to perform the following duties:

 Provide UNDP brand monitoring services for potential fraudulent activity/infringement on its domain names (i.e. UNDP and United Nations Development Programme).

 Perform a one-time domain name audit on all existing registrations using UNDP’s name.

 Provide mobile app monitoring on any mobile apps that use UNDP’s name.

 Provide social media monitoring to identify and track name/logo infringement.

 Recommend and/or provide additional enforcement services on any infringements identified in the above-mentioned monitoring services.