Technika a “obsah” pro nové audiovizuální návštěvnické centrum v centrále NATO

Půjde o zajímavou kombinaci výroby audiovizuálního obsahu a dodávky AV techniky.

Oficiálně jde o nové Transparency Centre, které bude umístěno na Public Square nedávno zprovozněného HQ NATO v Bruselu.

Vybraný dodavatel má zajistit:

* Production of the short film using NATO and non-NATO content telling the milestones of NATO;

* Construction and installation of the display furniture (to be installed on the first floor of the Public Square overlooking Agora and just outside the Library);

* Production of visual display content;

* Production and installation of the audio-visual equipment and software for the interactive multi-media room of the TC.

Koná se povinný site visit (dva termíny k výběru): 10/4 ve 14:00 nebo 11/4 v 10:30

Velitelství sil NATO v Evropě hledá dodavatele AV a konferenční techniky a služeb

Zakázka: AV, konferenční a tlumočnické vybavení a podpora

Zadavatel: agentura NCI (NATO Communications and Information Agency) jménem SHAPE (neboli Supreme Allied HQs Europe), Mons, Belgium 

1. The purpose is to provide corrective and preventative maintenance for Audio/Video (A/V), Video Teleconference (VTC), Interpretation and Conference Room Equipment and the Public Address (PA) System installed at Supreme Allied Headquarters Europe (SHAPE), Belgium. There is a requirement to have all conference room specific equipment maintained and repaired to ensure a high level of operational availability and capability. Furthermore, there are obvious safety and health requirements for operational Public Address systems within the SHAPE Command Centre work areas.

2. Support Services to be Provided
o Help Desk
o On Site Support
o Corrective Maintenance
o Preventative Maintenance
o Interventions

Kontrakt bude udělen na 4 roky s odhadovaným rozpočtem €45.000/ročně.

Formální IFB bude vyhlášeno v únoru. Do té doby (do 7/2) musí zájemci kontaktovat své národní ministerstvo obran a nechat si potvrdit Declarations of Eligibility. Ministerstvo poté zašle seznam vhodných uchazečů zpět do Belgie.

NATO potřebuje nový Travel Management System

Zakázka: Travel Management System

Zadavatel: Centrála NATO, Brusel

Fáze: Request for Information (RFI)

Deadline pro zaslání potřebných informací/projevení zájmu: 24/1/2018

The purpose of this RFI is to understand to what extent commercially available Travel Management System (TMS) are suited to support NATO Headquarters’ Travel processes and to collect information about potential service providers and their current and future resources and capabilities.

Details: “Travel Management System” or “TMS”: represents the set of computer programs, processes, databases, interfaces, and technical infrastructure, which is made available to the Organization in order to support the Organization’s Travel operations

Vyžadované kompetence/služby:

a.)          Supply & Implementation of a TMS with an integrated Expense and Online-Booking tool

b.)          (Key) User training

c.)           Supply of yearly licenses for the TMS

d.)          Maintenance and support services for the TMS (yearly)

e.)          Supply of IT Consulting services regarding the implementation of change orders to the TMS after go-live.

f.)           Booking of Travels through the Supplier’s Online Booking tool (Air, Rail,  Hotel, Bundle etc.) in collaboration with the Organization’s Travel Management Company (TMC)

Service Oriented Architecture & Identity Management Platform for NATO HQ

Call: Provision of Service Oriented Architecture & Identity Management Platform (SOA & IdM)

Contracting Authority: NATO HQ, Brussels

Estimated Project Value: 10,440,458 EUR (Wave 1)

Security Clearance for bidding: NATO Restricted, for implementation: NATO Secret

Specifically, this project will provide:

4.1. A middleware platform in the form of a common set of Web Services that are responsible for security, integration, registry & repository, service management, information discovery and hosting;

4.2. Refined Identity Management (ldM) business processes with a set of IdM services to FSs and other Core Services;

4.3. Additional security services and control mechanisms;

4.4.lntegration with NPKI (NATO Public Key Infrastructure) to support strong authentication;

4.5.lnterfaces with other current and future IdM-related systems;

4.6. The Alliance Replication Hub (ARH) as the directory interface between NATO and Nations.

Details here.

The following phases are Casted and Evaluated options:

Wave 1 O&M   € 7,122,885      €8,903,606

Wave 2             € 12,357,380    € 15,446,725

Wave 2 O&M   € 11,347,043     € 14,183,804

Bidders must ask their National Authorities (MoDs) for the Declarations of Eligibility before Dec.4.

NATO hledá poradce pro přechod z ASP na .NET

Tender: NATO Standardization Office Consultancy Support

Zadavatel: NATO Standardization Office, Brussels

The call aims to obtain tenders for CIS contractors support to identify and implement migration of the existing „Classic ASP“ sites to .NET environment. The entire project may split in subprojects and may also entail maintenance of NSO Business Applications (current NSO environment – Classic ASP – is present in MS Windows 2008R2 with target to be upgraded to 2012R2. NSO´s Business apps also use the latest SQL server version).

Kontrakt na rok 2018 s možností prodloužení na rok 2019 a 2020.

Deadline pro odevzdání nabídky: 20/12 – 12:00

Skills training and practical exercises in the areas of leadership, intercultural relations, change management, organisational behavior for NATO staff

NATO Executive Development Programme: The purpose of this Request For Proposal (RFP) is to award a contract to an academic partner to design, deliver and manage NATO’s Executive Development Programme (NEDP) in collaboration with the Talent Management & Organisational Development Service (TMOD). The NEDP includes tailored reading and instruction, interactive learning assignments, case studies, exercises and group interaction over a ten-month period. It will provide skills training and practical exercises in the areas of leadership, intercultural relations, change management, organisational behavior (among others) and will prepare NATO staff to collaborate more closely while understanding and working with differences.
Deadline 24/11

NATO vyhlásí tendr na nový Messaging Service za více než €23 milionů

Tendr: New NATO Messaging Service (N-NMS)

Zadavatel: NATO, Brusel

Budget: €17,523,330(estimated ceiling cost Investment) + €6,100,396 (estimated ceiling cost Operation and Maintenance)

Harmonogram: The top level criteria will be : Price (50%) and Technical (50%). The second level Technical sub-criteria are Engineering (40%), Management (30%), Supportability (20%), and Risk (10%). The formallFB is planned to be issued in the Q1 2018, with a Bid Closing Date in Q3 2018, and Contract Award is planned for Q2 2019. Pursuant to paragraph 5 of reference A, national responsible authorities are kindly requested to provide to the NCI Agency Declarations of Eligibility, not later than 10 November 2017, of qualified and certified firms which are interested in bidding for this project.

Stručný popis: NATO requires a new Messaging Service which can robustly deliver messages through the IT Modernisation (ITM) virtualised infrastructure. The aim of the procurement project is to achieve this without any unnecessary risks associated with new design and development work. It is a further objective of the project to implement a messaging service which will be supported efficiently, effectively and economically throughout its operational life.

The NNMS project will enable the exchange of critical information and official correspondence throughout the NATO commands, agencies, and connected NATO nations, in a manner optimised to meet stringent requirements for assurance of timely delivery, survivability, reliability, ease of use, security, integrity, non-repudiation and archiving commensurate with the executions of military Command and Control (C2) whilst meeting the Minimum Military Requirements (MMR).

Project Scope: This project will replace elements of the NATO legacy Military Messaging capability with NNMS. In line with ACT Supplemental Information Document (SID) and Minimum Military Requirements (MMR), this project will provide the tools and services that will allow exchange of Military Messages throughout the NATO Enterprise, and with connected NATO Nations. The NNMS service will be designed to satisfy the Military Messaging requirements of the static entities of the NATO Enterprise, and of the 13 NATO Nations using the current legacy NATO Military Messaging system. It will not initially change the current interface to the National ACP 127 gateways to ensure continuity of the current interoperability mechanisms. These interfaces will be migrated from AIFS to NNMS after Final release of NNMS, during the in-support phase NNMS will be deployed in static locations on the NS network. NNMS will be designed so that the same capability can be deployed in both the static and deployed environments, interoperable with Deployable Computer Information Systems (DCIS). NNMS deployment on DCIS is currently out of scope of this project.

The NNMS service will be virtualised and hosted on the infrastructure provided by the ITM project.

The NNMS capability will provide the following: • A single user interface for message drafting and receiving; • Message handling to pass messages from the originator to the recipient; • Automatic distribution of incoming and outgoing messages to local addressees based on information within a message, and rules reflecting operational and administrative procedures; • An Address List Expansion component to expand address lists in a message; • Archiving of all incoming and outgoing messages; • A Workflow Engine to support the coordination of message preparation; • Service Management & Control tooling to ensure the solution is up and running, accessible and available to users, messages are tracked and monitored, and the service is operating and performing within the parameters agreed; • A dedicated repository to store user, role, organizational, and systemwide information; • Interoperability mechanisms, i.e.: o An ACP 127 Gateway to exchange messages with connected ACP 127 networks. The gateway will initially only interface with the legacy solution (AIFS). o An ACP 145 gateway (as costed and evaluated option) to Exchange messages with Nations and external systems. o A multi-purpose gateway (as costed but non-evaluated option) to exchange messages with Nations and external systems. • As part of the in-suppport phase, migration where current ACP 127 interfaces with Nations will move to the NNMS ACP 127 Gateway and some interfaces will move to new protocols ACP 145 or Multi-purpose gateways. NNMS will be robust and reliable, with a 24/7 availability. NNMS will utilise certificates provided by the NATO Public Key Infrastructure (NPKI) service.

NNMS will utilise the NATO Enterprise Directory Services (NEDS); which will provide Directory synchronisation between various NATO directory and data repositories. NNMS data repository will synchronise with NEDS to make use of the directory information available, in particular ACP 127 addresses. NNMS will also publish/replicate information back into NEDS so as to make them available to other sources.

The NNMS project scope includes: • Project management • Requirements Analysis, System Engineering/Design, Testing, Site Surveys • Security accreditation • Site implementation • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) • 5 years of Operation and Maintenance support

Geographical implementation: The NNMS Service will be provided centrally from the following sites where NNMS components will be deployed:

Operational: • MARCOM (Northwood, UK) • NATO Headquarters (NATO HO) (Brussels, Belgium) • SHAPE (Mons, Belgium) • JFC NAPLES (Lago Patria, Italy)

Training and Reference: • NCIA Training Academy (Lisbon, Portugal) • NCIA PMIC Testbed (The Hague, The Netherlands) • NCIA IV&V Testbed (Mons, Belgium) • JFTC (Bydgoszcz, Poland) • JWC (Stavanger, Norway) • Mission Preparation Environments (Mons, Belgium and Lago Patria, Italy), also known as Mission Information Rooms (MIR)

NATO vyhlašuje další tendr na monitoring médií a “výběr z tisku”

Tendr na monitoring a výběr z tisku pro centrálu Severoatlantické aliance bude rozdělen na dva samostné loty, tj. je možné se hlásit jen do jednoho z nich:

Lot 1 “Media Monitoring and Analysis Capability”. Provision of media monitoring and analysis services and functionality through a web-based platform hosted by the contractor. The capability must provide real-time monitoring of print and online media, based on multi-market theme and unlimited keywords defined by NATO, data analytics and the delivery and publication of email newsletters and selection/digests through the web-based platform.

Lot 2 “Delivery of Specialist News Digests”. Specialist news digest (currently delivered as the Morning Media Brief) – a concise (1500-2000 words) written daily media briefing, comprised of analysis and digest, tracking key events, trends and stories that have unfolded during the previous 24 hours according to a range of  dynamic topics  of interest to NATO. The product will constitute the basis on which the Spokesperson is briefing NATO Secretary General and NATO management each morning.

Budget nesmí být vyšší než:

For an aggregate award: a) €1,320,000 for the two Lots under solicitation and contract base period (i.e., implementation plus initial 3-year service period; total of line-items 3.A and 3.B in the Price Schedule); and b) €880,000 for the 2-year extension option of the two Lots under solicitation (total of line-item 3.C the Price Schedule);

For a split award: a) €780,000 for Lot 1 (total of line-items 1.A and 1.B in the Price Schedule) and €540,000 for Lot 2 (total of line-items 2.A and 2.B) during the contract base period (i.e., implementation plus initial 3-year service period); and b) €520,000 for Lot 1 (total of line-item 1.C in the Price Schedule) and €360,000 for Lot 2 (total of line-item 2.C) 2-year extension options.

Deadline pro nabídky: 15/6

Monitoring a analýza sociálních médií pro NATO. Tendr právě zahájen

NATO dnes oznámilo Request for quotation pro svoji zakázku Social Media Monitoring and Analysis Tool. Odpovědi očekává nejpozději do 20. prosince – 15:00.

O co zhruba jde: The Head Digital Insights needs to be able to both analyze the owned social media channels but in addition also needs to monitor and analyze what others are saying about NATO – i.e. the NATO buzz on social media or earned social media. (pozn.: NATO sleduje: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr, Pinterest a Google+)

The core requirements of the tool should be:

  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Social Media Analytics and Insight
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Audience Engagement
  • Management

Users/volume of search: The monitoring and analysis tool is a core requirement for the team and will be used on a continuous daily basis. The team using the tool will consist of the Head Digital Insights and the social media team (2 staff members), in addition the tool might also be required by the Press Service (3 staff members). The initial total number of users will not exceed 10 users. In light of the changing volume/users it would be preferable to have a formula that contains an unlimited volume. Volume of search. Based on previous usage of social media monitoring and analysis tools the volume of buzz is around 5000 to 8000 mentions per day but at peak times this volume could rise to 1 Million or more mentions per month.

NATO koupí pro své nové sídlo v Bruselu drtičky a skartovačky

Centrála Severoatlantické aliance se bude zanedlouho stěhovat do “nového”… a pro své nové prostory hodlá, mimo jiné, nakoupit i větší množství skartovaček a drtiček papíru. Tendr je vypsán pro 4 typu strojů: od menší pro “osobní” potřebu jednotlivých úředníků až po největší pro potřeby celých oddělení a odborů ústředí. Hlásit se mohou dodavatelé z členských zemí NATO.