Media monitoring pro NATO: výzva pro Newton? Nebo SocialBakers?

NATO před chvilkou vyhlásilo tendr na “monitoring médií a analytické služby”. Deadline je 13. října.

Tady jsou základní informace – Key deliverables, separated into lots:

Lot 1

a) Multi-market theme and key word monitoring of print, wires and online media with provision also for TV broadcast media monitoring, delivered via a hosted platform.

b) Delivery of a morning email newsletter (currently delivered as the Morning Press Review).

c) Publication of articles and selections/digests through an online portal.

Lot 2 – Specialist news digest (currently delivered as the Morning Media Brief) – a concise written daily media briefing, comprised of analysis and digest, tracking key events, trends and stories that have unfolded during the previous 24 hours according to a range of dynamic topics of interest to NATO. The product will constitute the basis on which the Spokesperson is briefing NATO Secretary General and NATO management each morning.

Lot 3 – Media analysis through in-depth reading of content and coding based on a set of predetermined metrics, delivered through interactive data and charts for multiple users, via an online dashboard.

Lot 4 – Social media monitoring and analysis, delivered through an online dashboard.

NATO hledá experty na digitální komunikaci a analytiky sociálních médií

Cílem konktraktu je „establish a framework contract for the provision of best-value digital communications strategist and social media analyst services that meet NATO evolving needs and requirements“.

Další požadavky:

1) The Contractor must appoint a Lead Digital Communications and Social Media Analyst that will be considered as Key Personnel for the performance of this Contract. In addition to the generic qualification requirements established above, he/she must have: i) An advanced university degree (ie: at the graduate level) from a recognized institution; ii) Thorough knowledge of either Radian6, Brandwatch or Sysomos; iii) Good knowledge of other social media monitoring and analysis tools and of Adobe Photoshop, as well as standard software packages. iv) At least 2 years of proven experience working with the relevant software; v) Strong analytical ability and superior written communication skills; and vi) A valid NATO security clearance up to NATO Secret level at least 30 days before beginning work on the project.

2) The Organization may request the services of additional analysts in order to satisfy the actual needs of the Organization for the services specified in this SOW.

Deadline pro odevzdání nabídek 2/7. Detaily mailem.

NATO to modernise its press and media event management business practices

NATO calls for modernisation of its press and media event management business practices and supporting software platforms. Deadline 24/7.

Winner should: 1) Strengthen NATO’s event management practice so that the tools used by the International Staff and shared with NATO Allies hosting meetings abroad are relying on up to date technologies and so that the business processes are highly responsive, adapted, in tune with industry best practice and with stakeholders’ expectations. 2) Procure the services of a team of analysts, highly qualified and with in-depth experience in event management to help identify the means by which to meet the corporate objective detailed above. 3) Perform an analysis of business processes which allows the assessment of where NATO stands in relation to industry best practices in event management; 4) Develop a solution to fill identified gaps and a detailed statement of work that can be used to procure and implement the stated solution; and 5) Obtain expert advice on how to improve internal business processes and practices. and 6) Allow the Contractor sufficient flexibility to manage the project within a controlled environment so as to provide a high-value contribution in support to the NATO corporate and contract objectives, within existing constraints and available funding.

NATO plánuje nákup neprůstřelných vest a dalších osobních “ochranných pomůcek”

NATO bude nakupovat neprustřelné vesty a další osobní ochranu. Konference pro zájemce se koná 29/5 v Bruselu, je nutné se reistrovat nejpozději tři pracovní dny předem, takže moc času není.

Tady je seznam, zájemci o dokumentaci pište na

3.1 The Organization plans to equip each eligible agent with the following item:

1. Bullet Proof Vest Class III

3.2 Therefore the size of the bullet proof vest class III shall be customized by the contractor according the body shape of the eligible agent.

3.3 For this purpose the contractor will take measurements of each eligible individual at NATO HQ, Brussels, Belgium before the production of an order. Costs deriving from this procedure are included in the contractor’s price.

3.4 Further the Organization plans to buy the following items in sufficient quantity to be shared between the eligible agents: 1. Combat Vest 2. Ceramic plates Class IV 3. Neck-Throat protection Class IIIA 4. Pelvic-Groin protection Class IIIA 5. Upper Arm protection Class IIIA 6. Transport bag

3.5 The following items will be bought by the Organization in standard sizes in order to fit them to multiple agents: 1. Combat Vest 2. Neck-Throat protection Class IIIA 3. Pelvic-Groin protection Class IIIA 4. Upper Arm protection Class IIIA

NATO needs good communicators, graphic artists, copywriters and UX/UI Designers

NATO has just launched a call for tenders to conclude a multiple-award framework agreements with communications companies in different areas (eg. video broadcast, market research/marketing, social media or web…). Any time in the coming years work or services will be needed under the framework agreements, NATO will provide each awardee with a fair opportunity to compete and be considered for the award and execution of the corresponding task order. For details click here.

Centrála NATO vyhlašuje tendr na „dlouhodobé uchovávání digitálních informací“

Zde je vysvětlení motivace Aliance k vypsání tendru: The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to award a contract for both a software solution and implementation services supporting the long-term preservation of NATO digital information. Long-term preservation in this context refers to the totality of processes and operations involved in the stabilization of digital objects against damage and deterioration. The goal is to ensure continued access to NATO digital objects, or at least to the information contained in them, for an indefinite period of time. This desired solution will enable the NATO Archives function to ingest, appraise, administer, store and provide access to a wide range of digital data objects, in various formats, originating from a diverse range of NATO entities.

A zde jsou cíle zakázky: Provide both a software solution and implementation services enabling the long-term preservation of and access to NATO digital information, to be administered by the NATO Archives.


• Acquisition and Implementation of a software solution for the long term preservation of NATO’s digital information.

• Specification and design (including functional design and technical architecture) of a software solution enabling the long-term preservation of and access to NATO digital information, based on user workshops, technical/ architecture workshops and the requirements contained in ANNEX B. This should include both functional design and assistance in developing a technical architecture to host the solution.

• Configuration, development, partial data transfer and deployment of a software solution enabling the long-term preservation of and access to NATO digital information, based on user workshops, technical/architecture workshops and the requirements contained in ANNEX B.

• Support during testing/ QA of the solution (including any security testing required by NATO) and acceptance of the implemented solution.

• The addressing of any defects discovered during acceptance testing by NATO, and changes requested in accordance with the agreed NATO requirements.

• Training NATO users on the implemented solution.

• Training ICT Support Staff on the implemented solution.

• Setting up a Support & Maintenance agreement with the Contractor to maintain and support the implemented solution.

• All project management activities and deliverables (such as progress reports, risk and issue, and dependency logs).


The management objective is to complete the Long-Term NATO Digital information Preservation program within the agreed schedule, scope and with the expected level of quality. To achieve this the Contractor is given the needed flexibility to innovatively manage the service schedule, performance, risks, warranties, and data to deliver a services solution that satisfies NATO’s performance requirements. Another management objective is to maintain clear visibility into the service performance and risk.


The Contractor shall provide project management resources and other required functional and technical personnel necessary for implementing the software solution.

NATO reserves the right to refuse the services of certain persons on security grounds.

The persons whose services are offered must be nationals of a NATO member country.

The Contractor’s personnel serving at NATO Headquarters shall be required to sign a Certificate of Acknowledgement of Responsibilities.

Contractor’s personnel working on site at NATO HQ shall hold a current NATO SECRET security clearance. The clearance must be valid at least until the end of the project.

The official languages of NATO are French and English. An advanced knowledge of English is essential and a working knowledge of French is desirable.


New NATO HQ budget plan over €1 billion

The new headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), currently under construction in Brussels, could see its costs run as high as €1 billion, the Court of Auditors has warned. The original budget for the complex was €457.6 million.

According to the report, the cost has already gone up to €710.4 million, including €23.4 million overspending on the construction of the building, €17 million on electronic security, €26 million on audio-visual infrastructure and €62 million on network infrastructure.

Costs to come in 2015 include interiors and furnishings worth €64 million, as well as another €62 million for network infrastructure. The 28 member states of the organisation have placed a ceiling of €1 billion on the project, which they are financing collectively.

Part of the extra cost comes from a €240 million damages claim filed by the BAM Alliance, the main contractor, for problems, including the severe winter of 2012-2013, for changes to the original plans and for “a failure of management by the contracting authority”, which is the Belgian state.

Construction of the new HQ started in 2010 and is planned to be completed in 2016. The complex is located on a former Belgian military base opposite the existing HQ. It will provide space for 28 embassies of the member states, 1,550 national delegates, 1,700 international staff, 800 staff from NATO agencies and about 500 visitors a day.

(source: The Bulletin)

NATO nakoupí profi televizní techniku od Sony. Hledá dodavatele

NATO vyhlásilo tendr na profesionální kamery SONY plus příslušenství od stejné značky. Navíc také objektivy Fujinon. Deadline 11/11. Tady je celý seznam:

1x SONY XDCAM HD422 camcorder, type PDW-850/U

1x FUJINON ENG style lens with 2 x extender, type HA18X5.5BERM-M

1x SONY HD Electronic Viewfinder (2IN), type HDVF-20A

1x SONY stereo/mono shotgun microphone, ECM-680S

1x SONY tripod adaptor, type VCT-U14

půldenní Training at NATO HQ by Sony product specialist

dvouletý standard prime support

NATO hledá provozovatele “Salónu krásy” pro svou novou centrále

NATO hledá do své nové centrály provozovatele salónu krásy. Podmínkou je registrace k podníkání v Belgii. Před válkou s Ruskem je třeba udělat si nechty a hlavu:)

NATO digitalizuje svoji videokolekci

Severoatlantická alliance chce převést svoji kolekci nahrávek na videokazetách do digitální podoby. Deadline k podání nabídek 22/8.