Backup, Archive and Recovery solution to Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (NATO)

Tender: The Provision of Backup, Archive and Recovery solution to STO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE).

Contracting Authority: NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE), La Spezia – Italy

Descriptions: CMRE requires an enterprise-grade data backup, archive and recovery solution for its unclassified data centre in La Spezia and for the smallerscale data centre installed onboard the NATO Research Vessel (NRV) Alliance. Both data centres use virtualization based on Vmware to provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The systems for data backup, archive and recovery shall be supplied as a turnkey solution, inclusive of professional services for system installation, configuration, training, testing, and transition to operations.

  1. Introduction: 1.1 This technical specification covers the data backup, archive and recovery systems to be utilized to safeguard CMRE’s data and information assets, to achieve the following objectives: 1.1.1 Update and improve the reliability of the CMRE unclassified data centre by implementing a state of the art data backup and archive solution at CMRE in La Spezia, Italy; 1.1.2 Implement a backup and archive system for the NATO Research Vessel (NRV) Alliance that is coherent and integrated with the backup and archive system covering the CMRE data centre, to address requirements related to CMRE’s work on the vessel. 1.2 Two components are envisioned, one to be installed at CMRE, one to be installed on NRV Alliance, to provide data backup and archive for data centres of CMRE and NRV Alliance, respectively. 1.3 The two components shall be interoperable, coherently engineered and integrated, as better detailed by the technical requirements below.
  2. Description of the CMRE data centres: 2.1 CMRE is currently operating an unclassified data centre at its premises in La Spezia, Italy, composed using the following technologies: 2.1.1 Virtualization environment based on Vmware, used to provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS); 2.1.2 DellEMC VNX storage, used within the IaaS framework; 2.1.3 DellEMC Isilon Network Attached Storage (NAS). 2.2 A smaller-scale data centre is operated on-board NRV Alliance, with virtualization also based on Vmware, and with interconnections to CMRE using bandwidth-limited satellite links and, potentially, cabled links when in port.
  3. General requirements: 3.1 This section provides an overview of general requirements applicable to the backup and archive solutions for CMRE and NRV Alliance. 3.2 A high-level diagram (Figure 1) is used to depict how the different elements tie together. An indication of the sizing of the two systems is also given, covering both the CMRE component and the NRV Alliance component. 3.3 The supplier shall provide a backup solution designed, built and implemented using elements from one single manufacturer/vendor, to minimize risks due to the integration and support of different products made by different vendors. 3.4 The backup and archive systems shall cover not only the IaaS components, but also the applications that are hosted within those infrastructure services. 3.5 The backup and archive system shall allow for backup, restore, verification and archiving of the IaaS components, to include the applications hosted on the IaaS components. 3.6 The backup and archive system shall provide periodic and ad-hoc data backup capability through a single user interface. 3.7 The backup and archive system shall provide reports and dashboards on overall backup system health, system activities and availability of the backups. 3.8 The backup and archive system shall provide replication capabilities to support continuous data protection, at the virtual machine level, to any point-in-time recovery (PITR). 3.9 The backup and archive system shall provide built-in capability to perform disaster recovery orchestration workflows. 3.10 The backup and archive system shall be composed of the following tiers: 3.10.1 Near-term (6 Months) (online); and 3.10.2 support to cloud tier solutions. 3.11 The backup and archive system shall be non-disruptive to the functionality and performance of the IaaS Components and of the backup target. 3.12 The backup and archive system shall have the capability of being integrated with IaaS Automation and Orchestration System for scheduling any job that can be executed in the backup and archiving system. 3.13 The backup and archive system shall provide reports on performance and capacity of the system. 3.14 The backup and archive system shall have the following functionalities: 3.14.1 Is managed and monitored centrally; 3.14.2 Has the ability to prioritize backup/restore tasks; 3.14.3 Has the ability to schedule full and incremental backups; 3.14.4 Has the ability to assign role based access for various admin roles; 3.14.5 Has the ability to do integrity checking, encryption, compression and deduplication; and 3.14.6 Supports compression. 3.15 The backup and archive system shall be able to process (i.e. backup, restore, verify and archive) all user data, applications data and system data, including but not limited to: 3.15.1 All operating systems (OS) supported by the Hypervisor component on a Virtual machine or running on a physical server; 3.15.2 All Virtual Machine (VM) and OS templates; 3.15.3 Databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Cassandra, etc., and Hadoop; 3.15.4 All User data hosted on any one of the nodes. 3.16 The backup and archive system shall ensure that data that is currently on-line and in use (open files, databases, information stores, running VM’s, etc.) can be backed up or archived while staying online. The back up operations shall not cause the application or user to lose the connection to the data source. 3.17 The backup and archive system shall provide the following granularity or Recovery Level Objectives (RLO): 3.17.1 File shares: single file; 3.17.2 Database: single record, log files, database; 3.17.3 OS: system state, log files and OS image. 3.18 Sizing – CMRE Data Centre 3.18.1 The solution for CMRE shall be dimensioned appropriately for the backup of 290 TB front-end capacity, divided as follows: 210 TB NAS (DellEMC ISILON) 20 TB RDBMS 60 TB Vmware 3.19 Sizing – NRV Alliance 3.19.1 The solution for NRV Alliance shall be dimensioned appropriately for the backup of 20 TB frontend capacity on a Vmware farm.
  4. Mandatory technical requirements for backup & archive solutions: 4.1 The systems for data backup and archive shall be supplied as a turnkey solution, inclusive of professional services for system installation, configuration, training, testing, and transition to operations. 4.2 Mandatory technical requirements are listed in the tables below. 4.3 Requirements falling in category “General Requirement” (“General Req.” in the table, IDs # 1.1-1.37) are applicable to both the CMRE and NRV Alliance systems, and both systems shall be compliant with those characteristics. 4.4 Additional requirements are given for the CMRE solution (IDs # 2.1-2.7) and for the NRV Alliance solution (IDs # 3.1-3.5), and the systems proposed for the two locations shall be compliant with those additional characteristics.

Deadline Nov 12 – 10:00

NATO HQ needs new Travel Management Software

Call for: The supply and implementation of a Travel Management Software (TMS)

Contracting Authority: NATO HQ, Brussels

The TMS shall be a COTS (commercial-of-the-shelf) software product for the management of travel requests (trip pre-approval) and travel expense management.

The TMS shall offer the possibility to integrate as a Module an Online-Booking Tool.

Bidders shall include in their proposals the supply and implementation of an integrated Online-Booking Tool as a mandatory fixed-price purchase option.

The TMS shall be implemented by the selected Contractor upon the contract effective date whereas the Implementation of the Online Booking Tool shall constitute a fixed price purchase option in the TMS Contract. The Organization plans to introduce Online Booking only after a thorough analysis with the selected Contractor and the Organization’s Travel Management Company (TMC) at a later stage during the effective period of the contract

Description of contactor´s main tasks

a.) Supply and Implementation of a TMS

b.) TMS – Training

c.) Supply of user licenses for TMS (with or without Online Booking Tool Module)

d.) Maintenance and support services for TMS (with or without Online Booking Tool Module)

e.) Supply of ON DEMAND IT consulting services regarding the implementation of change requests concerning the software after go-live

*** Fixed-Price Purchase Option

The Contractor shall fulfil under the Fixed-Price Purchase Option the following main tasks:

a.) Supply and Implementation of an integrated Online Booking Tool Module

b.) Online Booking Tool Module – Training

Deadline: Oct 24

Web-based assessment services through an online platform for NATO

Tender: Provision of Assessment Suite

Contracting Authority: NATO HQ, Brussels

Description: The purpose of this Request For Proposals is to award a single multi-year contract for the provision of Assessment Suite consisting of products and services such as but not limited to the following:

  1. Provision of the Assessment Centres including venue, materials, catering and evaluation services e.g. psychometric, individual and group exercises, in-tray exercises, interviews, presentations, written exercises for potential candidates performed by the Contractor’s qualified personnel;
  2. Provision of the web-based assessment services through an online platform (Software-as-a-Service (SAAS)) hosted by the Contractor, possible to integrate with Oracle Taleo e-recruitment system. The platform shall allow online assessment tests for the recruitment purposes of the potential candidates e.g. personality questionnaires, motivation questionnaire, aptitude tests and skills tests in the two working languages of NATO as minimum;
  3. Provision of other assessment services similar to those specified in the SOW, which may be required by the Organisation;

Deadline 31/8

Někdo drony kupuje, jiný proti nim bojuje. NATO nakoupí C-sUAS za €8m

Tendr: Counter –Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-sUAS) Capability

Zadavatel: NCI – NATO Communications and Information Agency, Brussels

Kontrakt na 12 měsíců

Est. Value: €8.581.464

Popis: 4 counter sUAS including testing and installation activities, každý musí pokrývat oblast minimálně o velikosti 1km2.

Invitation for Bid je plánován na září 2018, podpis kontraktu na únor 2019.

Deadline pro DoE (Declaration of Eligibility) – max. 35 dní od 13/6. Žádá se výhradně přes národní autority (tj. MO).

Úspěšný dodavatel bude potřebovat minimálně prověrku na „vyhrazeno“ (nakládání a uchovávání informací), pravděpodobně ale i na „tajné“ (NATO Secret).

C-sUAS má být účinný proti Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) fixed and rotary wing sUAS včetně takových, které nevysílají žádné radiové signály a autonomních, předem naprogramovaných.

Cílem je, aby po odhalení mohl být sUAS paralyzován (elektronické metody – jamming, directed energy…), případně fyzicky poškozen/zničen (shotgun, lase, net-gun). Každopádně musí být dosaženo toho, aby se stal neovladatelným.

Všichni výrobci oblečení už mají vyděláno nebo je ještě někdo ochotný pracovat? 😊 Měl bych tu pár zajímavých tendrů…

Ano, mám tu několik volných tendrů na oblečení, nejrůznější druhy a množství. Takže:

1) EU agentura Frontex (sídlí ve Varšavě) hledá dodavatele obleků pro členy své bezpečnostní služby a řidiče pro management. Jde o menší věc, do €135.000. Nejprve je třeba “projevit zájem”, deadline 31/5. Jde o neveřejný tendr, dá se očekávat nízká účast.

2) Centrála NATO v Bruselu nakupuje “tactical clothing” (v podstatě jde o kvalitní nepromokavé a dobře prodyšné sportovní oblečení – viz seznam níže)  pro členy své Office of Security. Deadline pro odevzdání nabídky včetně vzorků je 5/6, ale je možné požádat o jeho oddálení. Poptávají: Parka, Tactical mid-season jacket, Tactical pants for men, Tactical pants for women , Long sleeve polos for men, Long sleeve polos for women, Short sleeve polos for men, Short sleeve polos for women.

3) Organizace pro bezpečnost a spolupráci v Evropě (OSCE) Vídeň hledá dodavatele oblečení pro experty své speciální mise na Ukrajině. Půjde o desítky až stovky kusů winter jackets (vel. S až XXXL) a fleece jackets (S až XXXL). Deadline pro nabídky 4/6.

NATO Support and Procurement Agency nakupuje sportovní oblečení pro vojenský personal Afghánské národní armády. Jde o sportovní sweat shirts (100.000), dresy na volejbal (trenýrky + triko, 100.000), dres na kriket (sportovní dlouhé kalhoty + triko s dlouhým rukávem, 100.000 kusů), sportovní boty (100.000 kusů). Deadline až 28/9

Sportovní oblečení pro afghánské vojáky

Nákupní agentura NATO (NATO Support and Procurement Agency) nakoupí pro afghánskou armádu (vojáky + civilní zaměstnance) nejrůznější sportovní oblečení v poměrně vysokých sériích (kolem 100 tisíc). Detaily zde:

1) Sports Sweat Shirts 100,000
2) Volleyball Uniforms (Shorts & T-Shirts) 100,000
3) Cricket Uniforms (Sports Long Pants & Long Shirts) 100,000
4) Sports Shoes (EVA Sole, Outer Rubber Sole & Mesh) 100,000
5) Sports Brassieres 3,000
6) Hijab’s 3,000

Deadline 28/9

NATO vypsalo tendr na 4 německé nebo belgické ovčáky vycvičené na odhalování drog a výbušnin

Agentura NSPA (NATO Support and Procurement Agency) nakoupí (pro začátek) čtyři psy na odhalování drog a výbušnin. Sloužit budou pod místním vojenským velením na mezinárodním letišti Hamid Karzai v Afghanistánu.

Psi by měli být schopni odhalit (na minimálně 95%) tyto výbušniny: Commercial Dynamite, Military Dynamite, Water Gel (TOVEX), TNT (trinitrotoluene), Smokeless powder, C-4 plastic explosive, Detonating cord, Potassium chlorate, Sodium chlorate, Triacetone triperoxide (TATP), Home made explosives from high nitrate fertilizers.

Psi by měli být ve věku mezi 2 až 5 let, ideálně má jít o německé nebo belgické ovčáky (German Shepard and Belgium Malinois). Dodavatel má společně se psi dodat i krmivo na prvních 12 měsíců.

Deadline pro nabídku 17/9.

Centrála NATO potřebuje nového výrobce vlajek

Centrála NATO podepíše dlouhodobý kontrakt s novým dodavatelem vlajek pro vnitřní i venkovní použití. Vlastní nabídku je třeba doručit do 18. května, na vzorky (indoor a outdoor vlajky Černé Hory, Portugalska a Španělska – od každé dva kusy, tj. celkem 6 vlajek) bude ještě týden (do 25. května).

NATO hledá výrobce medailí pro účastníky svých vojenských operací

NATO hledá výrobce medailí pro účastníky svých budoucích operací (typu RSM, KFOR…), dále pak NATO Meritorious Service Medals, případně pro společné operace s EU (např. ALTHEA). S dodavatelem bude uzavřena pětiletá smlouva. Deadline 20. července. Nejprve je ale třeba projevit zájem prostřednictví národní NATO Delegation a vyžádat si Declaration of Eligibility.

Open Source Intelligence pro NATO. Prověrka nutná

Zadavatel: NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI), SHAPE – Belgium

Zakázka: Provision of open source intelligence

Odhadovaný rozpočet: €2.000.000/ročně

Doba trvání kontraktu: 4 roky

Do tendru se nehlásí napřímo, zájemci musí kontaktovat své domácí “National responsible authorities” (v Česku je to ministerstvo obrany) s tím, aby odeslalo zadavateli oznámení o zájmu a základní administrativní informace. POZOR: je třeba mít bezpečnostní prověrku!!!

Deadline pro projevení zájmu (přes MO): 14. květen 2018

Vlastní vypsání tendru: červen 2018

Předpokládaný deadline: konec července 2018

Oznámení výsledku: říjen 2018

Zahájení práce: leden 2019

Detaily: The purpose is to identify the existence of a commercially available and effective OPEN SOURCE INTELLIGENCE capability in specific and general areas.

The provider(s) will have to comply with the existing infrastructure and applications in order to provide the information in the required format or through an API (Application Programmable Interface) to fit with standards.

The provision of information will allow NATO customer to query through key words all the documentations related to key words listed/recorded, but also to receive continuous flow of information/up-to-date information on specific or general areas as soon as the information is available.

The provision of information should be done through a secured point-to-point connection from the provider to an identified server managed by the Agency or identified accounts in the Agency network.

Non-exhaustive list of sources:

MEDIA: newspapers, magazines, radio, television and computer-based information.

Web-based communities and user-generated content: social-networking sites, video sharing sites, wikis and blogs.

Public data: government reports, official data such as budgets, demographics, hearings, legislative debates, press conferences, speeches, marine and aeronautical safety warnings, environmental impact statements and contract awards.

Professional and academic: conferences, professional associations, academic papers, and subject matter experts.