Web-based Video Streaming Platform pro centrálu OSN v New Yorku

Tendr: Web-based Video Streaming Platform and Content Delivery for Department of Public Information

Zadavatel: UN Procurement Division, New York

The service solution should fulfil the following requirements and provide these main functionalities, among other desirable ones:

  • provide a 24/7/365 cloud based Content Delivery Network (CDN) platform to deliver adaptive live and on-demand Webcast video coverage to a global audience in six languages plus original/floor, of simultaneous United Nations meetings and events, such as General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council, Human Rights Council, Press Briefings, Media Stakeouts, Conferences and other meetings and events held in locations around the world such as UN Headquarters in New York, the UN Office at Geneva, UN Regional Offices, Peacekeeping and Poilical Missions, International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague and at UN Conferences held at various locations worldwide;
  • make available live and on-demand streaming to a global audience on multiple formats through the UN Web TV website (http://webtv.un.org), Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other platforms including H.264, Flash RTMP and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) video formats;
  • provide on-demand streaming of a single video with multiple embedded audio tracks (six or more languages) to play through an HTML5 and Flash-based Player. A user should be able to select the audio track (language) of his/her choice;
  • provide a choice of the format for uploading videos (including .MP4 and .MOV formats) to the vendor’s storage and/or to a remote external storage for playback. Videos should be transcoded and served adaptively to desktop, mobile, and OTT devices. Transcoding profiles should be configurable and allow for multiple active profiles. The video platform should provide advanced search functionality, detailed statistical reports and authorized remote user access;
  • provide integrate with Social Media platforms (including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) and allow easy sharing and embedding of videos and metadata into those platforms and other web pages based on configurable criteria;
  • provide a web-based cloud publishing platform accessible via any standard desktop or mobile browser that incorporates a video Content Management System (CMS) with dynamic APIs. It should facilitate the entering of relevant metadata (including title, description and tags), creation of categories and custom fields, creation of video thumbnails, smart and dynamic playlists, selection of multiple time points within a video (speaker by speaker links), selection of languages and creation of custom Players. The CMS should allow the localization of all metadata fields into the 6 official UN languages – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish, and Russian;
  • provide integration with content management and search technologies, including Drupal, WordPress, and Apache Solr. The platform should allow for automated uploading and updating of a single video or bulk action using XML, HTTP, FTP, SFTP, or similar.

Deadline pro projevení zájmu: 11/9

Branding services pro úřad Vysokého komisaře OSN pro lidská práva

Tendr na: Provision of Branding Services

Zadavatel: Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Geneva

Doba trvání kontraktu: 1+1 rok

Popis: The project shall be for a strategic rebranding exercise, which includes a brand diagnosis, a perception study and the articulation of a renewed brand essence and footprint. It also aims at proposing an implementation plan, including a launch plan for 2018 and a variety of advocacy and communications tools, from traditional media to multimedia products, social media and advertising that will highlight the work of the UN Human Rights Office, but also provide elements for fundraising/engagement opportunities. The target audience will be the general public, Member States, civil society/grass roots organizations and the UN system, as well as donors including private ones.

Základní kritéria: EOI respondents must have at least five (5) years’ experience in brand development with a minimum of two(2) brand development projects undertaken at a global level with the United Nations or other similar international organisation, multinational corporation and/or global NGO (mandatory criteria required for technical competence).

Deadline pro projevení zájmu: 8/9

Call for Digital Innovation Hubs in EU13 Member States

The European Commission is looking for organisations based in Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, or Slovenia taking on the role of a Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) to participate in a training programme managed by PwC and Oxentia.

Objectives of the call. As part of the project “Smart Factories in new EU Member States” the European Commission is looking for organisations to take on the role of a “Digital Innovation Hub” in EU13 Member States . At least 30 DIHs from 8 countries will be selected to take part in a training programme.

The DIHs should, after having gone through the training programme, be an important pillar for the digitisation of the industry in the selected countries and regions, where at the moment companies (especially those from traditional industrial sectors and SMEs) are investing less in digital technologies than in other parts of Europe or in other sectors.

Who can apply? DIHs are usually formed by a collaboration of different regional actors working together to offer a set of services that the industry of the region needs to go through their digital transformation. Possible actors that could lead applications to this programme are: * Universities and research and technology centres (RTOs), generally referred to as ‘competence centres’ (CCs) or ‘centres of competence’ (CoCs); * Incubators and accelerators that help start-up companies to grow and scale; * Cluster organisations and industry associations representing private sector companies; * Public administrations that are aware about the importance of innovation and are developing their smart specialisation plans.

What are the evaluation criteria? Applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:

1) Vision: * Objectives * Potential business model * Technology and sector focus * Services to be provided (mentoring, prototyping areas, test production, access to finance) * Partners

2) Strategic Fit with Existing Initiatives: * Alignment with national and regional digitisation policies and smart specialization strategies* Collaboration with other hubs

3) Geographical criteria: *Presence of SMEs and Innovation Supporting Institutions * Market demand * Location and ecosystem based attributes (proximity to SMEs, transportation and other facilities, and infrastructure, etc.)

Why apply? The 30 DIHs that will be selected will participate in a programme which will help them to (further) develop their business plan. The programme will provide training, workshops and mentoring on business development skills and on sustainable activities (including identification of funding opportunities). It will be based on best practices identified by other Digital Innovation Hubs in Europe capitalising on PwC and Oxford University’s state-of-the-art knowledge and experience.

How to apply? Partners who are interested in participating in the training programme are invited to fill in the Application Form by 22 October. After a first selection, individual interviews will take place in October. In November 2017 the 30 successful applicants will be contacted to take part in the program.

“Brussels” needs study to analyse the issues posed by algorithm-driven media services

Tender: Media literacy and online empowerment issues raised by algorithm-driven media services (study)

Contracting Authority: European Commission, DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CNECT)

Description: This multi-disciplinary study will be a first step for EU media policy to analyse the underlying issues posed by algorithm-driven media services and explore the problem area in a structured way for the benefit of policy makers and stakeholders.

The extent to which citizens are aware of the impacts of algorithms on their content choices and of the limits to the validity of some information received through social media are both important considerations, given that democratic theory assumes citizens are well-informed and trust the information they receive. However, political concerns are running high over fake news and echo chambers.

The study should analyse the issues posed by algorithm-driven media services and explore problem area in a holistic and cross-disciplinary way, taking into account media literacy, behavioural science and other relevant areas of expertise. It should pinpoint gaps in understanding and research. It should identify and recommend best practices, notably from a media literacy perspective; include a substantial stakeholder involvement as well as a fundamental rights perspective including freedom of expression and media freedom and pluralism.

Deadline 16/10

Nový web a související služby pro agenturu SESAR z Bruselu

Zakázka: Webové, intranetové a e-mailové služby pro Společný podnik SESAR

Zadavatel: SESAR Joint Undertaking, Brussels

Kontrakt na 4 roky / budget €520.000

Stručný popis: Poskytování služeb týkajících se společného podniku SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research), konkrétně jeho on-line nástrojů, tj. veřejných internetových stránek, intranetu, elektronických marketinových a mobilních aplikací. Toto bude zahrnovat řadu činnosti včetně hostingu a řízení zakázky, údržby, vývoje a správy obsahu uvedených on-line nástrojů.

Deadline 29/9

Visual identity system for European Border and Coast Guard (logo, stationery and others)

Creation of visual identity system for European Border and Coast Guard Day Design of logo, stationery and other advertising materials for European Border and Coast Guards Day conference. Budget under €60.000. Expression of interest before 24/8.

Layout a grafický design: EU agentura ze střední Evropy potřebuje podporu

Zakázka: Služby grafického rozvrhování a podpora grafických úprav pro externí a interní komunikační produkty

Zadavatel: Agentura EU se sídlem ve střední Evropě

Kontrakt na 4 roky, budget €800.000

Popis: Zadavatel požaduje služby grafického rozvrhování a podpora grafických úprav pro externí a interní komunikační produkty

Základní požadavky:

Economic and financial capacity: the Tenderer shall provide a declaration of the company’s total turnover from the past three years for which accounts have been closed (information shall be provided separately for each year); the average turnover over the last 3 years (or from the period of existence of a company if it was created less than 3 years ago) must be greater than 160 000 EUR (one hundred and sixty thousand EUR)

Technical and professional capacity: the Tenderer must provide in the offer all the items listed in the following table, which will be used to evaluate the Tenderer’s technical and professional capacity to perform the contract.

Type of item : 1 Tenderer’s website reference clearly proving that the Tenderer is a company specialized in graphic design, publishing house, DTP services provider (these categories do not exclude each other), operating at least two years in the above listed market categories. 2 Company’s Generic Portfolio displaying works of at least last two years, in order to asses the overall scope and diversity of realized works for different media (maximum ten pieces). 3 Company’s Publications Portfolio The Tenderer assessment will cover graphic design competence. The Tenderer should present the following:  Three published print publications (books, magazines or brochures of not less than 12 pages including covers) that were entirely layouted by the Tenderer.   Three print products that were entirely designed and layouted by the Tenderer.  Three infographics that were entirely designed and layouted by the Tenderer.  Three MS Word templates that were entirely designed and layouted by the Tenderer.  Three MS Powerpoint templates that were entirely designed and layouted by the Tenderer.  Optionally: examples of interactive publications which will be considered and advantageous asset (up to three examples entirely produced by the tenderer).

IMPORTANT: Each piece of the portfolio must demonstrate works of the employed staff to be assigned to this contract (point 6 of this table). Please clearly state the names and roles of professionals who worked in each project, and define the tasks which were outsourced to third parties (if any). On justified written request by unsuccesfull tenderers selected print publications and print products may be returned to the tenderers on their costs after the completion of the tendering procedure.

4 Reference letters (including description of projects and contact details) of at least three clients for whom the Tenderer provided DTP and/or design projects in the past two years. 5 The Curriculum Vitae of the proposed account/project manager confirming the following requirement:  – experience in project management of design and desktop publishing projects (required minimum five years of experience).  – clearly state the clients for which the work was realized, types and scale of projects realized.

 The submitted CVs should use the Europass template (http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/en/documents/curriculum-vitae/templates-instructions)

6 The Curriculum Vitae of: a) at least one senior art director or senior graphic designer who is a full time employee and who will supervise all assignments on the implementation of the prospective contract (10 years of experience in publishing design, art directing, graphic design, brand identity, visual identity and related projects). b) at least one graphic designer / DTP layouter who is full time employee and will be assigned to this contract (required minimum 5 years of experience in publishing and design) c) any other professionals the Tenderer considers to involve in the prospective work.

 The submitted Curriculums Vitae should use the Europass template (http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/en/documents/curriculum-vitae/templates-instructions)

7 The case study (6 case studies presented in separate sheets in exell file) prepared on the basis of the template provided in Annex III. 8 A certificate of professional or commercial registration imposed by the Country in which the Tenderer is established (in Poland: KRS) must be presented. If the Tenderer is not required or permitted to enrol in such a register for reasons of his statute or legal status, an explanation should be provided.

Deadline 15/9

Copywriting services for europarliaments S&D faction websites

The Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament (S&D Group) is planning to award a public contract relating to copywriting services for its websites. The contract will be divided into 10 lots. Global estimated value, excluding VAT: 1,440,000.00 EUR

Estimated value per language combination:

* Lot 1 From English to French 270,000€

* Lot 2 From English to German 270,000€

* Lot 3 From English to Italian 270,000€

* Lot 4 From English to Polish 270,000€

* Lot 5 From English to Spanish 270,000€

* Lot 6 From French to English 40,000€

* Lot 7 From German to English 40,000€

* Lot 8 From Italian to English 2,500€

* Lot 9 From Polish to English 2,500€

* Lot 10 From Spanish to English 5,000€

The total duration of the contract shall be 12 months, renewable yearly for a maximum period of 4 years.

The texts will be transmitted in English (with the exception of the occasional text in one of the other institutional languages. The copywriting and translation is needed to cover the six languages of the internet sites.

It is important to bring to the attention of interested parties and companies that it is not simply a tender for classic translations and editing service but for an interpretation in a journalistic style which is accessible to the general public.

The work involves: – awareness of issues in the press, good general culture and a very good knowledge of EU issues; – consultation of the Group’s style guide for the relevant languages; – possible information research for specific vocabulary; – consultation of institutional websites; – checking of links in the target language; – reading of Members’ reports; – checking of dates and facts; – thorough proofreading (the texts must be ready to upload).

The desired deadline for completing the work is 24 hours (1 day after receiving the text to translate) with a maximum of 48 hours.

Deadline 29/9

Mediální a komunikační podpora pro Evropský parlament. Za €2 miliony

Zakázka: Poskytnutí poradenských a odborných služeb v oblasti médií a komunikace pro Evropský parlament

Zadavatel: Evropský parlament, Directorate-General for Communication, Brusel

Kontrakt na 4 roky

Budget €2.000.000

Stručný popis: Přehled trendů ve spotřebě informací a různých produktů. Podpora při vytváření mediálních úhlů v případě konkrétních cílových skupin. Strategické poradenství v oblasti koncipování, výroby a distribuce produktů zabývajících se prioritami EP. To může zahrnovat:

— mapování skupin příjemců, studie týkající se trendů spotřeby médií a případnou tvorbu komunikačních a mediálních strategií,

— poradenství v oblasti měnících se komunikačních a mediálních zvyklostí prostřednictvím všech vhodných kanálů, včetně televize, on-line a tištěných médií, sociálních médií, různých druhů (multi)mediálních produkcí, jako jsou například animované infografiky, aplikace „mediálních hříšníků“, „webdocs“ atd.,

— podpora v oblasti analýzy kvalitativního a kvantitativního dopadu. Zde mohou být součástí studie uživatelské zkušenosti a další nástroje pro vědecké posouzení a následné vylepšení produktů.

Cílem mediální strategie Evropského parlamentu, coby mnohojazyčné a komplexní organizace, je stanovovat trendy, spíše než se jimi řídit. Součástí revize stávající mediální strategie Parlamentu musí být přezkum trendů ve spotřebě informací a dostupných produktů. Součástí toho mohou být mimo takové prvky, jakými jsou například tyto:

— od vybraného zhotovitele se bude požadovat, aby přezkoumal nové trendy ve spotřebě informací a různých mediálních produktů a aby poskytl odborný výklad vytváření mediálních úhlů u konkrétních cílových skupin,

— vybraný konzultant může být požádán, aby provedl průzkum trhu o trendech týkajících se spotřeby informací, digitálních technologií a různých produktů vyráběných Evropským parlamentem s přihlédnutím k současnému velkému množství údajů,

— zhotovitel může být požádán, aby se zhostil úkolu přesně vymezit cílovou skupinu (v případě budoucích a již dostupných produktů v případě všech typů médií, a to televize, rozhlasu, tištěných a on-line médií, sociálních médií) a zformuloval doporučení, jak se na ně lze nejlépe zaměřit,

— může být vyžádáno strategické poradenství ohledně koncipování, výroby a distribuce mediálních produktů o prioritách Evropského parlamentu. V případě potřeby by měl zhotovitel podpořit Evropský parlament při vytváření personalizovaných prováděcích plánů pro vypracování adaptivních mediálních strategií, a to podle nejnovějších trendů a za použití nejnovějších nástrojů dostupných na trhu,

— zhotovitel může být požádán, aby poskytl analýzu nejnovějších mediálních a komunikačních trendů, platforem a nástrojů pro média, poradenství o změnách v mediálních zvyklostech v případě televize, on-line a tištěných médií, sociálních médií, včetně všech druhů (multi)médií, jakými jsou například animované infografiky, aplikace „mediálních hříšníků, „webdocs“ atd.

— podpora v oblasti posuzování kvalitativního a kvantitativního dopadu produktů nabízených Parlamentem s cílem jejich vylepšení. Zde mohou být součástí studie uživatelské zkušenosti a další nástroje pro vědecké posouzení a následné vylepšení produktů.

Deadline pro odeslání nabídek: 2/10

Jeden zájemce, jedna nabídka, jeden vítěz. Inzerce pracovních pozic za tři miliony euro

Zakázku na „Reklamu na volná pracovní místa na seniorských pozicích v mezinárodních médiích“ vyhlášenou DG Human Resources and Security Evropské komise vyhrála firma Terra Firma Associates Limited z Londýna. Přihlásila se jako jediná, s nabídkovou cenou €2.968.176 (z nabízených €3m).

Zakázka pokrývá inzerci volných pracovních míst v mezinárodních médiích (tištěných a on-line). Má jít o seniorské pracovní pozice, což odpovídá funkcím generálního ředitele, zástupce generálního ředitele, poradce pro „Hors Classe“ na stupni AD15, ředitele nebo hlavního poradce na stupni AD14.