Evropská centrální banka potřebuje vylepšit své weby

Tendr: Provision of a new information architecture for the ECB websites

Zadavatel: European Central Bank, Frankfurt aM

Deadline pro projevení zájmu: 5/11/2018

Zahájení tendru: 18/1/2019

Kontrakt na 36+12 měsíců

Zakázka bude rozdělena na dvě samostatné části:

Details – LOT1: On an as-needed basis, as ordered under the Contract, the Contractor shall provide consultancy services on the technical and communications aspects of Information Architecture design, specifically for the main ECB website and also for any other ECB-owned websites that may require similar services during the course of the effective contract term. As part of the preparation, the Contractor will be in the lead of the project. Together with DGC/WDI, the contractor will lead a series of workshops or data collection activities, on-site at the ECB premises located in Frankfurt am Main, with ECB business areas (the content owners) to collect and understand their requirements. The number of workshops shall be determined based on what is necessary to gather the requirements to enable the substantive architectural re-design of the ECB website. The workshops will be organized by the Contractor with the support of the ECB. The Contractor will be responsible for designing and facilitating the workshops, documenting the proceedings, collecting and analysing the data, presenting the results, and delivering the full package of documentation to the ECB. Based on the results of the workshops and data analysis, as well as relying on industry best practices and its own experience and expertise, the Contractor shall create and deliver to the ECB a new IA design for the ECB website in the form of a mock-up website layout and/or tree diagram. The Contractor shall provide documents (e.g. reports, pictures, and/or schematics) of the content structure, as required by the ECB. The Contractor shall produce several iterations of the high-level IA structure for the website. The Contractor shall further refine the iterations based on ECB’s feedback, derived from comments and suggestions from ECB’s stakeholders as well as on the outcome of user testing carried out by Lot 2 Contractor using a tree diagram, click dummy and/or website mock-up. In parallel, the Contractor shall create a taxonomy for the English-language content on the website and deliver it to the ECB in a separate report. The Contractor shall also deliver to the ECB a report detailing the IA development process and how the different inputs were accounted for in the final product. The implementation of the new website’s underlying infrastructure shall be part of a separate project. The Contractor shall perform the Works either on the ECB’s premises in Frankfurt am Main (on-site) or at the Contractors office.

Main goals – LOT1: The main goal is to overhaul the IA of the ECB’s website while leaving the underlying infrastructure untouched. It should reflect users’ needs and modern information-seeking behaviour as evidenced by audience research, the results of which will be provided by the Contractor for Lot 2 services, and user testing. The revised IA should also conform to the priorities laid out in the ECB’s digital strategy. As part of the IA overhaul effort, the contractor shall devise a comprehensive taxonomy which covers the website’s English-language content and deliver it to the ECB.

Details – LOT2: The contractor shall conduct audience research and provide usability testing services for provisional iterations of the IA (e.g. mock-up website layout and/or tree diagram), which shall be delivered under the Contract for Lot 1 services. For the audience research, the contractor should examine demographic characteristics and also establish a set of comprehensive user archetypes. The contractor shall deliver a report detailing their research methodology and explaining how they arrived at their findings. Separate from this, the contractor shall deliver a report for each iteration of the IA they test and compare its performance to previous versions. Qualitative and quantitative testing methods should be used for both user testing and audience research. The Contractor will also be responsible for recruiting participants and ensuring that the sample accurately reflects the audience of the ECB website. The Contractor shall perform the Works either on the ECB’s premises in Frankfurt am Main (on-site) or at the Contractors office.

Main goals – LOT2: The Contractor will be responsible for researching and developing an accurate picture of the audience for the ECB’s websites, which the ECB will use to inform and ensure the usability of the new IA, which will be delivered under Lot 1. The audience research should examine both demographic characteristics (e.g. age, language, nationality etc.) and user archetypes (e.g. financial professionals, general public, academics, journalists etc.). Ideally, the audience research will be conducted using both quantitative and qualitative methods. On the basis of these findings, the Contractor shall create personas which will be used to guide the design of the Information Architecture which shall be delivered under the Lot 1 Contract. In addition, as requested by the ECB, the Contractor shall test the usability of progressive iterations of the IA among the relevant groups as they’ve been identified above and confirm the usability of the IA through research and testing. These findings will be used to inform further iterations of the IA where necessary.

Agentura EPO hledá filmovou produkci na natáčení portrétů mladých vědců

Evropský patentový úřad (Mnichov) hledá agenturu pro natáčení, filmovou produkci a distribuci krátkých dokumentů (portrétů) o nominovaných na European Inventor Award. Jde o cenu pro mladé nadějné vědce z různých míst Evropy. Kontrakt na 24 měsíců může být prodloužen.

Deadline 5/11.

Websites, mobile apps and other digital asset for the EU agency

Tendr: Digital Asset Development (under the FWC for the provision of services in the field of Marketing Consultancy and Content Production)

Zadavatel: European Investment Fund, Luxembourg

Deadline 21/11

Celkový rozpočet: €600.000 / 4 roky

Background: Introduction to EIF – The European Investment Fund (EIF) was established in 1994 and is a specialist provider of risk finance to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) across Europe. The EIF has a tri-partite shareholder structure including the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Union represented by the European Commission (EC), and 32 banks and financial institutions. The EIF has its own legal personality and financial autonomy among the institutions of the European Union.

Details: The EIF intends to sign a Framework Agreement with up to three (3) qualified Service Providers capable of delivering digital asset development, hosting and maintenance services (“the Services”), for marketing purposes and marketing-related activities, including but not limited to:

* Websites – independent websites of smaller scale than that of the EIF related to specific projects managed or supported by the EIF; events-related websites providing general information (organisers, agenda, speakers, logistics, press reviews) and registration functionalities for target audiences;

* Mobile apps – event apps for conferences organised by the EIF; professional networking apps tailored to the EIF; apps visualising EIF services such as location of beneficiaries and/or intermediaries;

* Other digital assets – interactive and web-based solutions for EIF’s products and business needs (e.g. digital publications, online tools for audience engagement).

Social Media Engagement and Production Services for the EU Lux-based Agency

Tendr: Social Media Engagement and Production Services (under the FWC for the provision of services in the field of Marketing Consultancy and Content Production)

Zadavatel: European Investment Fund, Luxembourg

Deadline 21/11

Celkový rozpočet: €1.680.000 / 4 roky

Background: Introduction to EIF – The European Investment Fund (EIF) was established in 1994 and is a specialist provider of risk finance to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) across Europe. The EIF has a tri-partite shareholder structure including the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Union represented by the European Commission (EC), and 32 banks and financial institutions. The EIF has its own legal personality and financial autonomy among the institutions of the European Union.

Details: the Service Provider(s) will be required to, but not limited to, assist the EIF in the following areas:

 Identify target audience behaviours, preferred content types, topics of interest and other insights based on data analytics;

 Propose tactics to grow the EIF brand in the online space by suggesting contents types that could achieve a broad reach;

 Conduct regular research and competitor analysis to inform the EIF’s content production strategy for awareness raising, engagement and growth;

 Help the EIF to stay abreast of new developments in the social media space including advice on platforms, formats and trends as they evolve;

 Advise and supporting the EIF in developing social media campaigns that drive and encourage user-generated-contents, e.g. photo/film contests, polls, quizzes;

 Research hashtags across different platforms and providing creative advice related to the production of impactful storylines along those keywords;

 Monitor digital and social media channels to inform crisis communications activities and community management objectives (including a listening tool);

 Manage earned media engagement (influencer relations: identifying collaboration opportunities and working with influential individuals and organisations online);

 Manage paid media/advertising to guarantee targeted visibility (including social media advertising, paid content discovery services, native advertising, and search engine marketing i.e. Google AdWords);

 Search engine optimisation to ensure satisfactory placement of EIF content in search engines (especially Google);

 Measure EIF performance across all digital and social media activities based on a pre-determined framework, including strategic recommendations for performance improvement;

 Ensure Day-to-day co-operation and project management together with the EIF to facilitate activities across multiple markets, initiatives and campaigns;

 Assist the EIF, on an ad-hoc or occasional basis in managing a monthly editorial calendar and posting contents on platforms (e.g. for holiday cover or in times of heavy workload).

Orientační systém pro budovy Evropského parlamentu v Bruselu. Tendr odstartován, zájemci, hlašte se!

Tendr: Rámcová smlouva na dodání a instalaci značení a panelů v budovách Evropského parlamentu v Bruselu

Zadavatel: Evropský parlament

Evropský parlament vyhlašuje výběrové řízení na dodavatele vnitřního orientačního systému v jeho budovách v Bruselu. Půjde o všechny nejrůznější druhy značení a materiálů (viz tabulka pro cenovou nabídku FR-BDP).

Vítěz získá čtyřletou rámcovou smlouvu. EP na tuto zakázku počítá s rozpočtem ve výši €1.600.000.

POZOR: Zájemci o zakázku se MUSÍ účastnit povinné prohlídky (na konci října), jinak nemůžou podat nabídku. Můžu zajistit.

Deadline pro odeslání nabídky: 27/11

Tendr na propagační předměty “na míru” pro vídeňskou agenturu FRA prodloužen

Agentura Evropské unie pro základní práva (FRA, sídlí ve Vídni) prodloužila deadline pro výběrové řízení na “výrobu a dodávku zákaznicky uzpůsobených propagačních materiálů” do 18. října.

Popis zakázky: Cílem tendru je poskytnutí široké škály propagačních materiálů včetně služeb uživatelského uzpůsobení, tisku, dokončení a doručení agentuře FRA do Vídně. Vybraný dodavatel musí být schopen dodat zboží a poskytovat související služby včetně návrhu, grafického rozvržení, předtiskové úpravy, výroby vzorků a doručení požadovaných produktů.

Budget na 4 roky / €120.000.

Evropský patentový úřad (Mnichov) hledá agenturu, která natočí video-portréty mladých evropských vědců

Evropský patentový úřad (sídlí v Mnichově) vyhlašuje tendr na  “Video Making, Video Promotion and Distribution for the European inventor award”. Půjde vlastně o propagaci udělování ceny pro mladé vynálezce (jsou z různých zemí, točí se jejich “video-portréty”). Deadline je 5/11 (doručení).

Informační dotykové “věže” pro fond OSN z Říma

Tender: Provision of Touch-Screen Totems

Contracting Authority: International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD, Řím)

Deadline 19 October 2018 – 15:00

Number not specified but IFAD is asking for the financial proposal for 1, 10 and 15 pieces.


* delivery time should be as short as possible (in any case no more than 30 calendar days upon issuance of the Purchase Order)

* 3 years minimum warranty (valid for Rome, Italy) on hardware

* delivery to IFAD HQs in Rome, Italy)


N.10/15 touch totems:

o Dimensions:  Max net weight: 55 kg  Max height: 190 cm  Max width: 85 cm  Max depth: 50 cm

o Panel:  Mandatory screen size: 50″  Orientation: portrait  Aspect ratio: 16:9  Resolution: 3840×2160  Refresh rate: 120 hz  Brightness: 350 cd/m2  Response time: 9.5 ms  Static contrast: 4000:1  Viewing angle: 178/178  Speakers: 2x10W

o Touch:  Interface: USB  Technology: infrared  Points: 6  Protection glass: 4 mm

o Connections (minimum):  1 VGA audio in  Max input signal: 3840×2160 @ 60 hz  3 HDMI  1 VGA  1 component  1 coaxial digital audio output  1 AV  2 x USB media player

o Power supply: 100-240v 50/60 hz

o Operating hours: 24/7

o Base with lockable wheels

o Player minimum requirements:  Intel I5 processor  4GB Ram  500 GB HD  Wi-fi  Ethernet  Size: if the player is external it must fit in the totem’s real panel if the totem has one

Onboard licensed software: o Windows 10 Professional o Office 2016

Produkce dvou “Storytelling Videos” z Rwandy a Ugandy pro OSN

Tender: Video Production Services – Africa Storytelling Videos

Zadavatel: UNOPS (Nákupní agentura OSN)

Deadline: 8/10

Background: Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) seeks a video authoring, production, and technical support firm to work with Sustainable Energy for All in the production of two multiple-version videos originating from a development journalism/story collecting trip taking place in Africa.

UNOPS office in Geneva is providing project management services for the Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) Partnership including fund management and operational support services. UNOPS is now looking for suitably qualified and experienced Company to provide all technical and administrative support, human resources, materials and equipment necessary for the provision of Video Production Services hereinafter referred to as ‘Services’).

* Objectives: SEforALL is looking for a video producer company based in Europe continent, to help us produce two sets of highly-produced videos, one from Uganda, the second from Rwanda, using raw footage and audio that will be collected by an African-based videographer (an SEforALL consultant).

* Scope of Work: SEforALL will be sending a videographer to Uganda and Rwanda in late September 2018 to generate two stories, each resulting in several videos versions as well as illustrated pieces for major international print outlets and major government/UN audiences. The first piece will focus on the issue of access to electricity in Uganda, the second will unpack clean cooking possibilities in Rwanda. The Europe or UK based video producer company, in coordination with the local videographer (SEforALL consultant) will provide the following:

* Produce two versions of each film, a 4-5 min version and a 1.5 minute version for social media.). This includes substantial involvement in the development of a shooting treatment and narration that reflects accurate and dramatic capture of the issue, collaboration with SEforALL field representatives in setting the factual narrative and storyline and communicating same to the African-based counterparts providing the cinematography and audio recording. Videos will include enhancements, as requested, such as, careful scoring as well as location music, text-on-screen, an animated logo, color correction and a pro-mix to pix. Provide pre-production planning, technical enhancements and post production (assembly, rough-cut, fine-cut, master deliverables. Videos will include relevant logo and branding, as to be agreed with the SEforAll Communications Team. Ownership and copyright privileges for all these videos and promotional remains with Sustainable Energy for All

* Timeline: Start and end of Assignment: Mid October, 2018 to November 23, 2018

* Videos will be presented as treatments prior to the field collection phase, and following the shooting, transcripts and assemblies for collaboration and input, in the rough-cut stage also, for fine-cut approval Novemeber 21 for final delivery by Nov. 23.

Travel: The company will be home based.

Key Personnel

One Video Producer • A minimum of 10 years of experience in producing broadcast-quality, insightful, positive stories on development-oriented solutions from in the developing world including Africa. Demonstrated expertise in pieces related to the impact of mainstream and alternative energy access, and on energy and fuel dependent quotidian activities on the village and urban level. The production company should be up to speed on issues that the contractor portends to enrich the overall intellectual and journalistic input, and they should know how to produce media that grabs hold of the viewer and expose him or her to brand new and exciting perspectives. • Direct video and media production experience working with multilateral institutions, such as governments, donor and lending agencies, leading and grassroots nonprofit organizations, focused on the Sustainable Development Goals in developing countries, including working on green development projects and solar power technology in the rural context. • Ownership or possession of at least one 1080P compatible post-production suites for video, and audio, and encompassing a multi-layered staff capable of detailed oriented and rapid production techniques.

One Video Editor • A minimum of 7 years of experience in film editing • Experience with different editing software including Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro (7 & X), Lightworks, Premiere, Da Vinci Resolve, Apple Logic Pro and Adobe Photoshop • Excellent sense of timing and rhythm • An understanding of digital trends, cinematography and editing principles; with an ability to tell a cohesive story • A track record of working effectively under short deadlines and in high-pressure environments. • An acute attention to detail and dedication to accuracy. • Agency or production company experience preferred

One Audio Mixer • Minimum 7 years of experience in audio and/or video post-production environment.

* Company Qualifications: The company must have been in business for at least 3 years of providing video production services in Europe continent.

* Reporting: The successful candidate will administratively be under the overall supervision of the Director of Communications Director of SEforALL.

* Deliverables: • Produce two multiple-version videos, each in multiple lengths (a 4-5 min version and a 1.5 minute version for social media) • Videos will be presented for fine-cut approval November 21and for final delivery by Nov. 23, 2018

* Payments: • 50% Payment upon receipt of schedule timeline by Mid October 2018 • 50% Payment upon approval and receipt of two multiple-version videos (a 4-5 min version and a 1.5 minute version for social media) by Nov. 23, 2018 • The supplier should send an invoice to UNOPS. The invoice shall include the purchase order, number, date of delivery, unit price and total amount. UNOPS will process the payments within 30 days of receipt of the invoice

Contract Duration: the contract is expected to start in Mid October and end in November 30, 2018.

EU Literature Prize Communication support needed

Tender: Communication campaign to promote the 10th Anniversary of the European Union Prize for Literature 2018 (EUPL)

Contracting authority: European Commission – Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (DG EAC)

The maximum of the budget of the tender is €60.000

Details: The activities consist of promoting the 10th anniversary of the EUPL and the winners from the 10 prize editions since the launch of the prize in 2009, with particular focus on the 2018 EUPL winning authors.

The promotion shall take place in literary venues such as book fairs and bookshops, through on-line channels such as book blogs as well as a range of social media. The promotion activities shall involve authors, publishers, booksellers and other relevant stakeholders.

Tenderers must have proven experience in the field of literature at European level, in order to potentially be able cover the up to 37 European countries which have so far participated in the EUPL.

Deadline for EOI: 20/08/2018 17:00