Kdo vymyslí orientační systém pro euročtvrť v Bruselu?

Evropský parlament (Ředitelství pro komunikaci) brzy vyhlásí tendr na „vývoj značení/orientačního systému“ v evropské čtvrti v Bruselu. Budget limitován stropem €134.500. Smlouva na 18 měsíců. Deadline pro projevení zájmu 19/10.

Press release and news distribution platform for Dublin-based EU agency

Tender: Provision of press release and news distribution platform

Contracting authority: Eurofound (The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions), Dublin

General objectives: The two-part purpose of this contract is to: 1. Efficiently disseminate Eurofound’s press releases, news articles and blogs about new research findings, data and analysis to relevant audiences, in the overall effort to raise the attention of Eurofound’s work, contribute to the public debates and reinforce Eurofound’s position as a source of high quality information about socio-economic development in Europe. 2. Efficiently monitor and measure the impact of Eurofound’s promotional and marketing activities in online, print and broadcast media, in forums and on social media channels, as part of Eurofound’s overall communication and awareness-raising efforts to contribute to the public debates and social policy-making in the European Union.

Specific objectives:  The primary objective is to facilitate the dissemination of information to relevant journalists, online commentators and influencers, using their chosen method of communication, with an emphasis on a simple and effective operation to publish once and disseminate to many channels, and encourage social media engagement and interaction.  Another specific objective and ambition is to identify new and expand the number of contacts with relevant journalists and media representatives, and online commentators and influencers, operating in the field of socio-economic policy making across the European Union.  A third important objective and ambition is maintain a finger on the pulse of what is happening in the public debates concerning the development of socio-economic issues by listening, and tracking down marketing and media opportunities for placing relevant Eurofound data, findings and policy pointers and contribute to these relevant public debates.  Finally, an important objective is to be able to measure and quantify the success of Eurofound’s communication with journalists and online commentators and influencers, and provide user-friendly statistics and input to the organisation’s key performance indicators.

Economic and financial capacity criteria:  The tenderer must be in a stable financial position;  Turnover of the last two financial years above €70.000; this criterion applies to the tenderer as a whole, i.e. the combined capacity of all members of a group in case of a joint tender;

Technical and professional capacity criteria and evidence:

* The tenderer must prove experience in the field of press release and news distribution as well as in customer relationship management, media monitoring, and metrics and performance reporting of the above (the tenderer must provide references for minimum 3 projects based on providing online newsroom delivered in the last three years with a minimum value for each project of €10.000. The online newsroom service referred to must contain the following features:  Dissemination via email to social media channels,  Identification of online influencers,  Monitoring for article cuttings in newspapers and magazines, broadcast media and news agencies, in both electronic and print format,  Reporting and assistance service.

* The tenderer must prove capacity to provide its services to target audiences in all 24 EU official languages (the tenderer must provide references for two projects delivered in the last three years showing the necessary language coverage)

* The tenderer must prove its capacity to provide its services to target audiences and cover media sources in all 28 EU countries (the tenderer must provide references for two projects delivered in the last three years showing the required geographical scope.

* The team delivering the service should include, as a minimum, the following profiles: B1 – Liaising Manager: At least two years experience in managing client accounts, including overseeing timely delivery and quality control of delivered service in project of a similar scope and coverage.

Deadline 17/10

Branding services pro úřad Vysokého komisaře OSN pro lidská práva

Tendr na: Provision of Branding Services

Zadavatel: Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Geneva

Doba trvání kontraktu: 1+1 rok

Popis: The project shall be for a strategic rebranding exercise, which includes a brand diagnosis, a perception study and the articulation of a renewed brand essence and footprint. It also aims at proposing an implementation plan, including a launch plan for 2018 and a variety of advocacy and communications tools, from traditional media to multimedia products, social media and advertising that will highlight the work of the UN Human Rights Office, but also provide elements for fundraising/engagement opportunities. The target audience will be the general public, Member States, civil society/grass roots organizations and the UN system, as well as donors including private ones.

Základní kritéria: EOI respondents must have at least five (5) years’ experience in brand development with a minimum of two(2) brand development projects undertaken at a global level with the United Nations or other similar international organisation, multinational corporation and/or global NGO (mandatory criteria required for technical competence).

Deadline pro projevení zájmu: 8/9

Nový web a související služby pro agenturu SESAR z Bruselu

Zakázka: Webové, intranetové a e-mailové služby pro Společný podnik SESAR

Zadavatel: SESAR Joint Undertaking, Brussels

Kontrakt na 4 roky / budget €520.000

Stručný popis: Poskytování služeb týkajících se společného podniku SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research), konkrétně jeho on-line nástrojů, tj. veřejných internetových stránek, intranetu, elektronických marketinových a mobilních aplikací. Toto bude zahrnovat řadu činnosti včetně hostingu a řízení zakázky, údržby, vývoje a správy obsahu uvedených on-line nástrojů.

Deadline 29/9

Layout a grafický design: EU agentura ze střední Evropy potřebuje podporu

Zakázka: Služby grafického rozvrhování a podpora grafických úprav pro externí a interní komunikační produkty

Zadavatel: Agentura EU se sídlem ve střední Evropě

Kontrakt na 4 roky, budget €800.000

Popis: Zadavatel požaduje služby grafického rozvrhování a podpora grafických úprav pro externí a interní komunikační produkty

Základní požadavky:

Economic and financial capacity: the Tenderer shall provide a declaration of the company’s total turnover from the past three years for which accounts have been closed (information shall be provided separately for each year); the average turnover over the last 3 years (or from the period of existence of a company if it was created less than 3 years ago) must be greater than 160 000 EUR (one hundred and sixty thousand EUR)

Technical and professional capacity: the Tenderer must provide in the offer all the items listed in the following table, which will be used to evaluate the Tenderer’s technical and professional capacity to perform the contract.

Type of item : 1 Tenderer’s website reference clearly proving that the Tenderer is a company specialized in graphic design, publishing house, DTP services provider (these categories do not exclude each other), operating at least two years in the above listed market categories. 2 Company’s Generic Portfolio displaying works of at least last two years, in order to asses the overall scope and diversity of realized works for different media (maximum ten pieces). 3 Company’s Publications Portfolio The Tenderer assessment will cover graphic design competence. The Tenderer should present the following:  Three published print publications (books, magazines or brochures of not less than 12 pages including covers) that were entirely layouted by the Tenderer.   Three print products that were entirely designed and layouted by the Tenderer.  Three infographics that were entirely designed and layouted by the Tenderer.  Three MS Word templates that were entirely designed and layouted by the Tenderer.  Three MS Powerpoint templates that were entirely designed and layouted by the Tenderer.  Optionally: examples of interactive publications which will be considered and advantageous asset (up to three examples entirely produced by the tenderer).

IMPORTANT: Each piece of the portfolio must demonstrate works of the employed staff to be assigned to this contract (point 6 of this table). Please clearly state the names and roles of professionals who worked in each project, and define the tasks which were outsourced to third parties (if any). On justified written request by unsuccesfull tenderers selected print publications and print products may be returned to the tenderers on their costs after the completion of the tendering procedure.

4 Reference letters (including description of projects and contact details) of at least three clients for whom the Tenderer provided DTP and/or design projects in the past two years. 5 The Curriculum Vitae of the proposed account/project manager confirming the following requirement:  – experience in project management of design and desktop publishing projects (required minimum five years of experience).  – clearly state the clients for which the work was realized, types and scale of projects realized.

 The submitted CVs should use the Europass template (http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/en/documents/curriculum-vitae/templates-instructions)

6 The Curriculum Vitae of: a) at least one senior art director or senior graphic designer who is a full time employee and who will supervise all assignments on the implementation of the prospective contract (10 years of experience in publishing design, art directing, graphic design, brand identity, visual identity and related projects). b) at least one graphic designer / DTP layouter who is full time employee and will be assigned to this contract (required minimum 5 years of experience in publishing and design) c) any other professionals the Tenderer considers to involve in the prospective work.

 The submitted Curriculums Vitae should use the Europass template (http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/en/documents/curriculum-vitae/templates-instructions)

7 The case study (6 case studies presented in separate sheets in exell file) prepared on the basis of the template provided in Annex III. 8 A certificate of professional or commercial registration imposed by the Country in which the Tenderer is established (in Poland: KRS) must be presented. If the Tenderer is not required or permitted to enrol in such a register for reasons of his statute or legal status, an explanation should be provided.

Deadline 15/9

Vídeň dobyta: tisk pro agenturu FRA zajistí i+i print

V tendru evropské agentury FRA (pro základní práva) se sídlem ve Vídni na výrobu komunikačních materiálů zvítězil další z mých klientů, firma i+i print z Bratislavy. Porazili jsme velmi silnou konkurenci včetně Imprimerie Central (Lucembursko), FuchsundFreude (Rakousko), Red hot n cool (Rakousko), Eigen) art (Rakousko) a agresivní Pomilio Blum (Italy).

Návrh a výroba komunikačních materiálů o biodiverzitě

Zakázka: Poskytování služeb týkajících se informačních materiálů o přírodě a biodiverzitě

Zadavatel: Evropská komise, Directorate-General for Environment

Kontrakt na 4 roky

Popis: Účelem tohoto nabídkového řízení je vypracovat komunikační materiály – tištěné, on-line a pro sociální média, zaměřené na podporu zúčastněných stran a zainteresované veřejnosti při hledání specifičtějších informací o realizaci politiky EU v oblasti biodiverzity, včetně otázek týkajících se programu Natura 2000, ochrany druhů, hodnoty služeb ekosystému, invazivních druhů a další. PODKLADY ke stažení.

Popis zakázky – konkrétní úkoly dodavatele jsou shrnuty takto:

— výroba informačního bulletinu o lokalitách Natura 2000 (natura 2000 Newsletter) dvakrát ročně,

— výroby jiných informačních materiálů na vyžádání (letáky, plakáty, informační letáky, obsah pro tiskové zprávy, obsah pro webové komunikační nástroje),

— příprava materiálů vizuálního obsahu pro sociální média (např. infografiky, originální ilustrace, fotografie atd.) pro šíření prostřednictvím kanálů Generálního ředitelství pro životní prostředí v rámci sociálních médií – alespoň 1 za měsíc,

— aktualizace internetové stránky o přírodě a biodiverzitě na vyžádání,

— budování sítí a spolupráce.

Budget €510.000

Deadline: 15/9

Grafický design, mediální produkce, propagační předměty pro agenturu EU z Malty

Zajištění dodávek pro služby dodávání značkového materiálu, mediální produkce, komunikační služby

Evropský podpůrný úřad pro otázky azylu (EASO), Valletta, Malta

Kontrakt na 4 roky / celkový budget €1.500.000

Uzavření rámcové smlouvy rozdělené do těchto 4 (samostatných/nezávislých) položek:

položka č. 1 – poskytnutí služeb grafické podpory, návrhu a výroby značkových propagačních materiálů (budget €600.000),

položka č. 2 – poskytování značkového oděvního a textilního zboží nesoucího stávající a nové logo agentury (€400.000),

položka č. 3 – poskytnutí služeb multimediální produkce a služeb digitální komunikace (€260.000),

položka č. 4 – poskytnutí služeb strategické komunikace a poradenských služeb v oblasti komunikace (€240.000).

Deadline 28/7

Hledám reklamní/komunikační agenturu do konsorcia na velký EU grafický tendr

Na velký tendr na služby (nejenom)  grafického designu pro Evropskou komisi (https://bruselska-spojka.cz/eu-instituce-hledaji-novou-grafickou-agenturu-tendr-za-80-milionu/) mám jednu z nejlepších českých grafických agentur, která by se ráda pustila do kreativní části, ale potřebují zajistit rutinní, ale důležitou agenturní činnost.
Nemá někdo chuť jít do toho s námi? Díky. Tomáš Hořejší, +32-473-116804

Internetové vývojové služby pro COST Association z Bruselu

Zakázka: Internetové vývojové služby

Zadavatel: COST Association, Brusel (COST is the longest-running European framework supporting trans-national cooperation among researchers, engineers and scholars across Europe)

Celkový budget €540.000/48 měsíců

Jazyk: angličtina

Zakázka bude rozdělena na 5 samostatných částí (lotů)

Short description of the contract: As part of its efforts to increase the visibility of the COST programme and to establish a more strategic approach to communications, the COST Association is in need of a new website and related services that would meet the current standards in digital communications. Due to the need to develop, host and maintain the website over a long period of time, a pluriannual contract (4 years) is needed. The services to be performed will cover the following:

LOT 1: Web design and web development: Website design and CMS development with extended features like public databases, forums, collaboration, social media automation, search engine optimisation, registration systems and data visualisation. Budget €160.000

LOT 2: Website-related marketing services: editorial services such as copywriting, web content proofreading; search engine optimised content; This lot is a lot on purchase order. Budget €50.000.

LOT 3: Web hosting and web maintenance as from launching of the website: Website hosting and maintenance of the main COST website. €50.000.

LOT 4: Additional web development and web-marketing services as from launching of the website. €170.000.

LOT 5: Web hosting and web maintenance for a multi-tenant CMS system: In addition to the main website COST considers to host the websites of its 300+ COST Actions on a multi-tenant CMS system. The hosting environment for this would need to be provided and maintained. €100.000.

Deadline 11/7