Ergonomické služby v Haagu a Mnichově, pro Evropský patentový úřad

Tendr: Ergonomic services

Zadavatel: The European Patent Organisation (EPO), Munich, Germany

Kontrakt na 2 roky až 5 let

Rozdělení na (na sobě nezávislé, samostatné) části:

Lot 1: Ergonomic Services in Munich

Lot 2:     Ergonomic Services in The Hague

Purpose of the contract: In the last 7 years ergonomics in the Office were supported by two external part-time ergonomist, one in The Hague, one in Munich. Besides giving professional advice to all internal stakeholders, they were also coordinating ergonomically trained internal staff (ErgoWucs) that have the task to advise their colleagues. The EPO is now seeking an ergonomics service that continues supporting management in maintaining and improving a high standard of ergonomics and advises and supports staff in making the best use of it. Muscular-skeletal disorders formed the largest diagnose group in staff seen by the occupational health in 2017. The service will be associated with the Health & Safety department, but has to actively cooperate with all relevant internal stakeholders such as the Patent Granting Process unit and the Corporate Services (Facility Management, IT).

Deadline pro doručení žádosti o účast: 25/6 – 12:00

EU agentura potřebuje nový web-based CMS pro sdílení a výměnu informací

EU agentura z Varšavy hledá dodavatele, který jí upgraduje její platformu pro sdílení a výměnu informací. Přesněji má jít o platformu Border TechNet pro „sharing, exchanging and disseminating information in the field of research and development in the border-security domain – in order to increase its efficiency and security“.

The Border-TechNet application is a web-based content management system (CMS) that provides functionality to:  • share and exchange information related to innovative ideas in the border security domain between Frontex, Member States, European Commission, Academia, Industry and other stakeholders (e.g., other Community Institutions), • disseminate the results of the Frontex Research and Innovation Unit (RIU) work to the public and the external stakeholders  • improve internal information management through creating a single RIU knowledge repository.

Tendr by měl být vyhlášen na konci června. Nyní je třeba co nejrychleji „projevit zájem“.