Management Platform for the UN Secretariat. Service Level

Call for: Service Level Management Platform including license, maintenance and support

Contracting Authority: United Nations Secretariat

Deadline for the EOI: 26/3


The UNFCCC secretariat is seeking a qualified vendor to provide the following: 1. Administration and management of a service management platform; 2. Solutions and options for hosting of service management platform as a Software as a service (SAAS), including standard hosting services; 3. User support during business hours; 4. Migration of data (BMC Footprints); 5. Training to users.

To be eligible to participate in the solicitation process, please declare that: Your company has a written corporate environmental policy, consistent with ISO 14001 (International Organisation for Standardisation), or equivalent. YES

Google Cloud Platform Products and Related Services for FAO (Rome)

Call: Google Cloud Platform Products and Related Services
Contracting Authority: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, Italy
The Bidder shall provide access to all Google Cloud Platform products listed in the  official Google pricelist. Of particular interest to FAO, but not limited to, are the products listed below:
Data Transfer
Cloud Storage o Cloud Big Table Cloud Big Data
Cloud Functions
Cloud Al (ML, Jobs API, Natural Language, Translate, Speed API)
Management Tools (Endpoint, Console, APIs)
Firebase (Flame)
Cloud support packages
The Bidder shall be able to provide training and support services for all Google Cloud Platform products offered. The framing and support services shall be provided in English both remotely, as well as at FAO Headquarters in Rome when required.
The bidder shall be able to provide traning on all Google Cloud Platform products. Of particular interest to FAO, but not limited to, are the areas listed below:
o Google Cloud platforms fundamentals
o Google Cloud platform architecture
o Firebase fundamentals
o Development with Google Maps
The bidder shall enable FAO to purchase the following support services:
o Google Premium Support Services: the bidder shall be able to sell all Google Cloud suppolt packages (e.g. Silver or Gold Suppolt Packages) in order for FAO to have direct access to Google suppott when needed.
o Direct Support services, provided by Google resellers: the bidder shall be able to provide, upon request, ad-hoc assistance for the use, customization and/or installation of Google products, through their Google Cloud Certified Professionals.
Deadline 27/3

Propagační předměty ” na míru”, za milion euro pro EU agenturu z Malty

Zakázka: Propagační předměty opatřené firemní značkou, značkové oděvy a ošacení opatřené logem a grafickými prvky agentury EASO

Zadavatel: Evropský podpůrný úřad pro otázky azylu (EASO), Marsa, Malta

Budget €1.000.000

Dělení na loty: ne

Deadline 11/4