Digitální komunikace a web development pro ženevský sekretariát OSN

Call: Provision of digital communication services & web development

Contracting Authority: UN Secretariat, Geneve

Deadline for EOI: 15/3

Contract for a period of 3 years

Requirements: The UN System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB) Secretariat flagship website (http://www.unsceb.org/) serves the needs of a wide audience, including the general public, journalists, academia, researchers, Member States and UN system colleagues. Public content includes reports, background material, statistics and publications. Some content remains hidden behind a password as it serves internal coordination and collaboration among UN system organizations in management and programme areas.

CEB Secretariat seeks support in the design, development and maintenance of their flagship website. An all-round solution is sought, whereby a digital communication agency will assume certain tasks associated with the following website lifecycle processes:

  • Graphical design, usability & responsiveness
  • Development & testing
  • Information security (hardening & monitoring)

In response to evolving functional requirements and incoming change requests, CEB Secretariat may request interventions that require expertise in website usability, design and development.

Specific requirements: Current website is built on the Drupal platform. Drupal is open source software maintained and developer by a large community of active users and developers. It’s distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (or “GPL”), which means it is free to download and share. This open development model means that people are constantly working to make sure Drupal is a well-supported platform incorporating the latest technologies that the web has to offer. The Drupal project’s principles reflect CEB Secretariat needs for functional modularity, application of universal standards, collaboration features and usability. This project supports CEB Secretariat in the design and development of a revised website and thereafter by assuming a more operational role that addresses standards compliance and security.

Zakázka na deset tisíc sluchátek pro OSN – zájemci?

Zadavatel: United Nations Secretariat, Ženeva – Švýcarsko

RFI – deadline 22/3

Hlavní technické požadavky:

– the listening shells must be dismountable in three parts: the shell, the cable and the earphone,

– the shells must be of plastic, molded in one part, washable in an industrial machine,

– the cable must be equipped with an angled stereo jack 3.5 connector with earphone support

molded with the cable, and on the other side of a gilded and molded “2-pin” plug,

– the magnetic button-type receiver must have the following characteristics:

 – impedance (at 1 kHz) of 32 ohms (Ω),

 – 50 mVA power supply

 – sensitivity (ref 1mW / 1kHz): min. 85dBA

– frequency response (0db @ 1kHz): 200Hz – 10kHz

 – attenuation max. at 10kHz: 10dB

 – diameter of 20.7mm ± 1mm

– The whole shell + magnetic receiver must not exceed the weight of 25 grams

Pro představu několik fotek: https://owncloud.unog.ch/index.php/s/Q5CMk1PDbmD55DO

Centralisation on track: EU communication giants gain more power

Last “Brussels data” shows the share of “usual contractors” – such as Mostra, Media Consulta or ESN – on the EU Frameworks Communication Contracts is steadilly growing. “Major contractors” on the overall number of framework contracts has reached 78%. And number of contracts managed by COMM Directorate instead of individual DGs “progressing” too.




České firmy na evropské peníze na podporu mHealth nedosáhly

Mezi finalisty projektu EU InnoLabs v oblasti mHealth se nedostaly žádné české firmy. Přihlásilo se 117 zámeců z 24 zemí.

Projekt EU INNOLABS rozdělí padesáti malým evropským firmám z oblasti mHealth €1.5 milionu. Prvních 25 projektů dostane odměnu €30.000 (k volnému použití) + dalších €25.000 na další vývoj „inovativních služeb“. Dalších 25 vybraných získá €10.000.

Mezi finalisty ale nebudou žádné české firmy: