UNICEF hledá agenturu, která mu vymyslí Email Marketing Tool na míru

Tendr: Email Marketing Tool

Contracting Authority: UNICEF, Geneva

Description: The goal of this RFQS is to partner with a qualified vendor possessing demonstrated experience in email marketing and sales, that can offer UNICEF a tool and technical support to cover its marketing needs and the best performance and practice in any future global and local campaigns to keep increasing the number of donors or supporters.

Firstly, the scope is the provision of an email marketing tool and 24/7 support.

In terms of Geographic scope, given the fact that UNICEF PFP provides service to multiple countries that don’t have digital or marketing staff in their offices, PFP will need a tool that would allow segmentation by country and by e-commerce criteria up to +100 countries. In this regard, having the flexibility to create as many segmentations as possible (by country, by amount of donation, by years of retention and by donation fund) and to keep our transactional data up to date from our web services and payment gateways.

Furthermore, UNICEF’s staff in PFP GENEVA may need a training (at least 1 or 2 days) to learn how to use the new tool, as well as technical support at the first stage of the implementation if migration of data is needed or if data mapping should be required. The vendor should be available, if requested, to create specific webinars or trainings for country offices in the future if PFP staff is not available.

Finally, support may be required for Drupal integration of the tool which will primarily be implemented by the PFP appointed contractor for this type of integration development.

EOI deadline 7/2 17:00

E-learningové služby pro Evropský patentový úřad z Mnichova

Zakázka: Poskytování služeb elektronického vzdělávání

Zadavatel: The European Patent Organisation (EPO), Mnichov

Zakázka bude rozdfělena na 4 nezávislé/samostatné části:

* Lot 1: Instructional design and content development

* Lot 2: Webinars recording and production

* Lot 3: Dedicated audio/video recording and production

* Lot 4: Production of e-learning material

Uzavřeny budou 5ti leté rámcové smlouvy

Způsob hodnocení nabídek:

For Lot 1 and Lot 2: Financial aspects: 30 % – Technical aspects: 70 %

For Lot 3 and Lot 4: Financial aspects: 40 % – Technical aspects: 60 %

Deadline pro doručení nabídek: 9/3