WHO hledá grafickou/digitální agenturu pro svoji kampaň na vymýcení dětské obrny

Světová zdravotnická organizace (agentura pod OSN), se sídlem v Ženevě, hledá grafickou/komunikační/digitální agenturu pro svoji kampaň na vymýcení dětské obrany.

Zájemci musí do 2/2 formálně projevit zájem, další fáze budou následovat.

Detaily – WHO poptává v rámci programu Polio Eradication tyto komunikační prostředky:

* graphic design * web development/coding * web site maintenance/hosting/analytics * video editing * animations creation * translation to non-WHA official languages

Evropská agentura FRA z Vídně potřebuje pomoc s externí komunikací

Zakázka: PR a externí komunikace související s Fundamental Rights Forum 2018

Zadavatel: The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), Vídeň

Details: FRA is looking to conclude a contract for the provision of services related to the development and implementation of public relations and external communication activities for the Fundamental Rights Forum (FRF) 2018 to ensure that it can deliver a high impact. The main activities/tasks to be carried out by the candidate are:

* Support of the Agency in developing a communication and promotion concept for FRF 2018

* Developing of a general brochure type of publication on FRF

* Developing a multi-channel promo-video clip

* Developing of a web content plan to use FRF event app and website for community building (how to best use the features and website; no technical development for the FRF website)

* Developing of a social media plan, implementing and monitoring social media activities

Požadavky na složení týmu:

* Project manager: University degree or secondary education followed by three (3) years of proven professional experience. At least one (1) year of proven professional experience of project management in external relations. Excellent knowledge of English (level C1 based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF)).

* Public relations/ communication consultant: University degree or secondary education followed by three (3) years of professional experience. Minimum of three (3) years of proven professional experience in external communications out of which at least one (1) year of public relations consultancy. Excellent knowledge of English (level C1 based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF)).

* English editor: University degree or secondary education followed by three (3) years proven experience as English language editor. Proficiency in English (level C1 based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF)).

* Web content manager: University degree or secondary education followed by three (3) years of professional experience. Minimum of one (1) year of professional experience in IT. Minimum of one (1) year of professional experience in web content management. Proficiency in English (level C1 based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF)).

Jazyk nabídky: angličtina

Deadline pro projevení zájmu (NE k odevzdání nabídky!!!): 31/1 – 17:00

EEA ruší papírové výroční zprávy, příště už jen digitální. Hledá agenturu, která ji s nimi pomůže

Zakázka: Výroční zpráva – plně digitální verze

Zadavatel: The Financial Mechanism Office (FMO neboli bruselský sekretariát The European Economic Area a Norway Grants Fund), Brusel

Details: In order to increase the reach of the EEA and Norway Grants’ annual report, and become more environmentally friendly, the FMO has decided to produce a fully digital annual report in 2018. The annual report is to take the form of a mini-site which is to be embedded into the EEA and Norway Grants website. The FMO is therefore seeking a contractor to take on the development of the annual report.

Deadline pro zaslání nabídek: 31/1 – 17:00

Brusel chce vylepšit svou digitální knihovnu Europeana, má na to 28 milionů euro

Zakázka: Podpora zavedení infrastruktury digitálních služeb (DSI) pro evropskou digitální knihovnu “Europeana

Zadavatel: Evropská komise, Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, Brussels

Doba trvání 28 měsíců + možnost prodloužení o dalších 24

Orientační rozpočet €28.000.000

The strategic objectives of the tender are indicated below: * offer a viable variety of options for end users to discover, use and engage with content they like; refine the value propositions of the platform for all target user groups; ensure that the platform functionality and other services meet those purposes; * maintain and further develop a fully operational data and aggregation infrastructure; the infrastructure should be optimised in order to facilitate content provision from content holders; improve data and metadata quality; create, implement and continuously improve efficient ingestion procedures for providers and aggregators; * enable incorporation of new content, seeking to broaden the overview of Europe’s cultural heritage; encourage new content holders to join Europeana and foster their active involvement; * Improve content distribution mechanisms to accelerate discovery and maximise visibility, as well as take-up of the platform by fostering creative re-use in third-party products and services; * improve/widen visibility and content discovery through strong relationships and joint ventures with a broad range of stakeholders (e.g. apps developers) and cultural and creative industries (CCIs) to engage new audiences; * coordinate, sustain and grow the Europeana Network Association with the aim of increasing the number of content providers and organisations reusing the content available through Europeana; * maintain an international, interoperable licensing framework catering to the needs of data partners, users and creative re-use; * implement existing, and – where appropriate – develop new strategies, services and business models to help move towards financial sustainability; * take all necessary measures to host and integrate the results of projects funded under CEF calls for proposals for generic services; * identify methods and key performance indicators to measure and benchmark progress towards the objectives mentioned above and in particular the use of the platform, access to content, improvement of the quality of metadata and content as well as the reuse of the cultural heritage content accessible through Europeana. A cost benefit analysis should also be provided in order to better define future strategies.

Services to be purchased: The Europeana DSI serves mainly five user groups: 1) cultural heritage institutions that provide cultural metadata and content; 2) European citizens who want to explore and enjoy cultural heritage objects out of personal interest; 3) professionals conducting research who use cultural heritage objects in their research; 4) Educational institutions and professionals, who use cultural heritage objects to create educational materials and conduct educational activities; 5) Companies and professionals in the creative industries who use cultural heritage objects or metadata in their own commercialisation, services, tools, and apps.

The main elements of the DSI are: * A metadata repository. * The main portal, Europeana.eu. The web-based user interface offers the general public and professionals a single access point for finding, querying, visualising, and, when rights permit, downloading and reusing high quality European cultural heritage material. * The portal for professionals, pro.europeana.eu. The portal offers support to cultural heritage professionals for making cultural metadata and content accessible on the web through Europeana, as well as services for re-users who use or would like to use cultural heritage in their own services, tools, research and apps.

Background: Europeana (europeana.eu) was launched in 2008 as “The European Digital Library”, aiming to make Europe’s cultural heritage accessible to all through a single access point. Its creation was initiated by a letter from six Heads of State and Government in 2005 to the Commission. Today, Europeana is Europe’s digital platform for cultural heritage. It currently provides access to over 53 million items, (including image, text, sound, video and 3D material) from the collections of over 3,700 libraries, archives, museums, galleries and audio-visual collections across Europe. It links to digital objects held by the contributing cultural institutions, hosting only metadata (e.g. title of the work of art, creator, location).

Deadline pro podání nabídek: 26/3

Brusel chce vymyslet celounijní integrovanou kampaň za práva spotřebitelů

Zakázka: Use your rights – EU-wide umbrella communication campaign on EU consumer rights

Zadavatel: Evropská komise, DG Justice and Consumers, Brussels

Doba trvání kontraktu: 18 měsíců

Orientační budget: €5.000.000

Nature of services requested: The future contractor will design, prepare, pre-test, produce, implement and monitor an integrated communication campaign across the EU under the supervision of the European Commission, with a specific focus on 10 selected Member States in terms of particular themes (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain). Time frame: maximum 18 months following the signature of the contract. The campaign is expected to kick off within a maximum of eight weeks after the signing of the contract. The information and communication products that are part of this campaign should – throughout the implementation of the campaign – take into consideration ongoing major campaigns by the European Commission. DG JUST will seek to where possible create synergies, sharing information and using the existing platforms (social media, web) of relevant DG’s in reaching out to multipliers.

Deadline: 6/3


Aplikace pro Evropskou chemickou agenturu (Helsinki) za 370 milionů

Zakázka: Rámcová smlouva na poskytnutí služeb IT v oblasti IT aplikací

Zadavatel: Evropská agentura pro chemické látky (ECHA), Helsinki

Předpokládaná celková hodnota bez DPH: €14.252.000

Tendr by měl být vyhlášen počátkem března

Stručný popis: Zakázka by měla pokrývat následující IT služby: konzultační a řídící služby, vývoj a správa softwaru, služby správy aplikací a ADSM, činnosti uživatelské podpory a služby internacionalizace softwaru. Aplikace v tomto rámci zahrnují cloudové služby ECHA , REACH-IT, IUCLID, CHESAR, nástroje Exposure a Odyssey. Rozsah rámcové smlouvy rovněž umožní vytvoření nových, zatím neexistujících softwarových systémů nebo přizpůsobení se novým modelům dodávek (např. cloudifikace) souvisejících s IT řešeními, službami a technologiemi v rámci této rámcové smlouvy.

Archivace webových stránek pro agenturu EU z Lucemburku

Zakázka: Služby archivace webových stránek

Zadavatel: Úřad pro publikace Evropské unie, Luxembourg

Kontrakt na 4 roky / budget €400.000

The scope of this call for tenders is the provision of Web preservation services. In general, the provision of services requested under this FWC will concern the archiving of websites related to the European Union. The scope could be broadened to archiving of other digital publications, such as e-publications or social media.

In close collaboration with the Historical Archives of the EU, the Publications Office has during the last 3 years provided a web preservation service to the EU institutions, agencies and bodies. In the context of this project, around 80 websites  of the Institutions are archived quarterly by an external contractor. On top of these 80 websites, additional sites are archived upon request. This typically happens when (part of) a site will be taken offline or will change considerably.

Currently, the archiving process goes through the following steps: •   Remote harvesting of the websites, in WARC format, via a web crawler • Quality control • If needed, quality improvement (patching) • Publication in an online accessible archive, hosted today on http://collections.internetmemory.org/haeu.

In parallel, the Publications Office aims to ingest the WARC files into its trusted digital repository.  This repository is highly secured and will allow for long term preservation of the authentic files.

The services to be provided are: Web preservation services, Takeover, Handover, Additional services

Deadline 28/2

Brusel vám dá až 4 miliony na vývoj “výpravné videohry s příběhem”

Grantové řízení: Podpora vývoje videoher

Zadavatel: Evropská komise, DG EAC, Brusel

Výzva se týká evropských společností produkujících videohry, které byly zřízeny minimálně 12 měsíců před datem podání žádosti a které mohou prokázat nedávné úspěchy (reference). Způsobilé jsou pouze činnosti související s vývojovou fází těchto projektů: výpravné videohry s příběhem, bez ohledu na platformu či předpokládanou distribuční metodu. Ve všech případech se musí jednat o videohry určené k obchodnímu využití.

Kritéria pro udělení grantu:

* Kvalita a obsah (20 bodů)

– Kvalita obsahu, vyprávěný příběh a originalita konceptu v porovnání s existujícími díly

* Inovativní povaha projektu (20 bodů)

– Inovace, tj. do jaké míry projekt posunuje hranice stávající nabídky videoher tím, že přináší nejvyspělejší technologie a obsah

* Relevantnost a evropská přidaná hodnota (20 bodů)

– Strategie vývoje a potenciál pro evropské mezinárodní využití (včetně řízení práv duševního vlastnictví)

* Šíření výsledků projektu (20 bodů)

– Distribuce, komunikační a marketingová strategie a vhodnost pro cílové publikum, včetně aspektů týkajících se dostupnosti

* Organizace týmu pracujícího na projektu (10 bodů)

– Rozdělení úloh a povinností v tvůrčím týmu z hlediska konkrétních cílů navrhované činnosti

* Dopad a udržitelnost (10 bodů)

– Strategie financování vývoje a produkce a proveditelnost potenciálního projektu

Další „automatické“ body se přidělují: Projektům zaměřeným speciálně na děti (do 12 let věku) (5 bodů navíc)

Rozpočet: K dispozici je rozpočet v celkové výši €3,78 milionu. Výše příspěvku na projekt se pohybuje v rozmezí od €10.000 do €150.000 na koncept a vývoj projektu evropské videohry (činnosti do okamžiku, kdy se z konceptu stane hratelný prototyp nebo zkušební verze). Poskytnutý finanční příspěvek nesmí v žádném případě přesáhnout 50 % celkových způsobilých nákladů předložených žadatelem.

Deadline 8/3 12:00

Velitelství sil NATO v Evropě hledá dodavatele AV a konferenční techniky a služeb

Zakázka: AV, konferenční a tlumočnické vybavení a podpora

Zadavatel: agentura NCI (NATO Communications and Information Agency) jménem SHAPE (neboli Supreme Allied HQs Europe), Mons, Belgium 

1. The purpose is to provide corrective and preventative maintenance for Audio/Video (A/V), Video Teleconference (VTC), Interpretation and Conference Room Equipment and the Public Address (PA) System installed at Supreme Allied Headquarters Europe (SHAPE), Belgium. There is a requirement to have all conference room specific equipment maintained and repaired to ensure a high level of operational availability and capability. Furthermore, there are obvious safety and health requirements for operational Public Address systems within the SHAPE Command Centre work areas.

2. Support Services to be Provided
o Help Desk
o On Site Support
o Corrective Maintenance
o Preventative Maintenance
o Interventions

Kontrakt bude udělen na 4 roky s odhadovaným rozpočtem €45.000/ročně.

Formální IFB bude vyhlášeno v únoru. Do té doby (do 7/2) musí zájemci kontaktovat své národní ministerstvo obran a nechat si potvrdit Declarations of Eligibility. Ministerstvo poté zašle seznam vhodných uchazečů zpět do Belgie.

Velká agentura OSN z Říma potřebuje nový rezervační systém pro nákup letenek

Zakázka: Aviation booking and ticketing system platform
Zadavatel: UN World Food Programme (WFP), Řím

Background: WFP manages the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS), a common air transport service, available to a limited number of passengers. The passengers are staff and contractors of humanitarian and relief agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) , diplomatic missions, donors organizations and the humanitarian community. WFP-UNHAS is the largest world’s leading humanitarian airline, with a fleet of more than 70 fixed-wing and helicopters chartered aircraft from over 20 different operators, deployed to various locations around the world often where commercial airlines do not fly.
Average per year, WFP-UNHAS transports 320,000 passengers, in 15 countries, with each country operation running as a different standalone small airline, flying more than 70,000 hours between 600 locations. While the UNHAS services are present in medium and long term relief operations, it is also deploys to sudden onset emergencies caused by natural or manmade events requiring humanitarian aid.

Requirements: WFP-UNHAS is seeking a long term agreement for provision of an aircraft management application with the following minimum set of services required to support WFP user community:
i. Reservations: Create an on-line booking and ticketing system to manage passengers, cargo, routes and airport information
ii. Fleet Scheduling: Contracted aircraft fleet management plus management of flight schedules
iii. Financial management of the different cost recovery models and financial tracking of clients
iv. Management of contracted aircraft including aircraft utilization, fuel records and maintenance tracking
v. Performance measurement of efficiency and cost effectiveness of UNHAS fleet, routes
vi. Develop an on-line/off- line module for Laptop and PDA using GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth and bar code to replicate to the main system
vii. Interoperability between the Online and WFP Aircraft real time tracking system
viii. Initial and recurrent user training including training material
ix. Provide system and user support during all hours of operation for all WFP country operations
Deadline pro žádost o informace: 22/1