Veřejné osvětlení na solární “pohon” do Taškentu. Zájemci o kontrakt?

OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Uzbekistan run a call for tenders for the Supply and Installation of street lighting system powered by solar energy. Deadline 14/11.

Deset Octavií do Kosova. Kdo je schopen dát nejnižší cenu?

Mise OSCE (Organizace pro bezpečnost a spolupráci v Evropě) v Kosovu vyhlašuje tendr na 10 Octavií a jednoho Kodiaqa. Deadline 27/11.

OSCE potřebuje vylepšit web Kdo to dokáže?

Mise OSCE (Organizace pro bezpečnost a spolupráci v Evropě) v Makedonském Skopje vyhlašuje tendr na “předělávku/vylepšení” webu Deadline 13/11.

Předmediální služby, služby tisku a multikanálové služby pro Publikační úřad EU. Při prvním vyhlášení se nikdo nepříhlásil

Zakázka: Předmediální služby, služby tisku a multikanálové služby

Zadavatel: Úřad pro publikace Evropské unie, 2, rue Mercier, Luxembourg

Místo práce/dodání: prostory dodavatele s dodáním do Noyelles-sous-Lens (FR) a Lucemburku. Mohou být požadovány i dodávky do Bruselu a na další místa, zejména v rámci Evropské unie.

To pass the selection phase, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

 The tenderer’s economic activity is relevant to the scope of the FWC.

 There are at least 12 operational staff (excluding managerial and administrative staff) at the contractor’s main site.

 The Publications Office has accepted at least three PRFs for premedia and three for printing services. They altogether fulfil all requirements set out in point above.

 In case of subcontracting exceeding 20 % per subcontractor, at least one PRF for the subcontractor must be accepted, showing the subcontractor’s experience in the tasks to be entrusted to him.

 All certificates are valid on the date of submission.

 The quality certificates or the other evidence of quality measures in place cover the whole production chain, both for premedia and printing. The certificates are provided for the consortium leaders and consortium members, as well as for subcontractors over 20 %, to the extent that they are proposed to participate in the production.

 As a minimum, the environmental certificates or other evidence of environmental measures in place cover the following areas: o Disposal of dangerous waste for printing. o Treatment of traditional waste.

The certificates are provided for the consortium leaders and consortium members, as well as for subcontractors over 20 %.

 The description of the machine park for the performance of the printing and finishing work is detailed and includes the number of machines, models, capacities and year of production.

 The tenderer, including its subcontractors where applicable, has the capacity to produce 640 000 A4 colour pages per 8-hour day.

 The tenderer has the capacity to apply lamination and spot-varnish finishing.

 The proposed paper qualities for generic and brand-equivalents – including their presentations in the catalogue – are complete, accurate and of sufficient quality. All papers proposed by the tenderer are of an archival quality compliant with DIN ISO 9706 or DIN 6738, and are at least elemental chlorine free (ECF) and certified FSC or PEFC. Recycled papers are processed chlorine free (PCF) and certified FSC recycled. The manufacturers of the paper are credited EMAS or ISO 14001.

 The hardware and software for prepress and premedia work is relevant and not outdated.

 The tenderer has the capacity to: o Manipulate at minimum Adobe Creative Cloud 2015.4 InDesign files (to be vjoon K4® compatible, see points and 4.6.1). o Manipulate at minimum Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 Illustrator files. o Manipulate at minimum Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 Photoshop files. o Manipulate at minimum Microsoft Office 2010 Word files. o Manipulate at minimum Microsoft Office 2010 Excel files. o Send and receive files via a secure FTP server.

Kontrakt na 40 měsíců / budget €6.000.000

Deadline 15/12

IT služby pro evropský Open Data Portal

Tendr: Provision of IT services related to Open Data Portal (ODP)

Zadavatel: Publication Office of the EU

Rámcový kontrakt na 4 roky /budget €3.000.000

Scope of the call for tenders: the provision of software evolution, maintenance and consultancy services for the ODP. During the implementation of the FWC, the migration of the application to a cloud environment is foreseen.

Background: The European Union Open Data Portal is the single point of access to a growing range of data from the institutions and other bodies of the European Union. Data are free to use and reuse for commercial or non-commercial purposes. By providing easy and free access to data, the portal aims to promote their innovative use and unleash their economic potential. It also aims to help foster the transparency and the accountability of the institutions and other bodies of the EU.

Services to be provided:

S1                             Evolution

S2                             Maintenance

S3                             Consultancy

Other related services that may be requested:

S4                             Takeover

S5                             Handover

Deadline k podání nabídek 15/12

Evropský patentový úřad hledá partnera pro “externalizaci” datových středisek

Tendr: Zajištění řízení projektu a technické odbornosti pro externalizaci datových středisek

Zadavatel: Evropský patentový úřad

Kontrakt na 2 roky

Místo „doručení“: sídlo EPO v The Hague/Rijswijku

Kritéria pro hodnocení: technická část/kvalita 60% : cena 40%

Tendr má 2 fáze:

1) do 17/11 12:00 je třeba vyplnit a odeslat Pre-Selection Questions a Confidentiality Agreement (viz dále)

2) Zhruba na konci listopadu dostanou vybraní zájemci zadávací dokumentaci. Deadline pro odevzdání nabídky je plánovaná na polovinu/konec prosince.

NDA ke stažení.

Pre-Selection Questions:

I. Economic and Financial Capacity of the bidder

  1. Please confirm that the statutory seat of your company (legal entity) is in a Contracting State to the European Patent Convention, as specified in Point 1 of this Published Notice. Please provide evidence.
  2. Please confirm that your company is not bankrupt or being wound up, has ceased or suspended business activities, is being administered by courts or has entered into arrangements with creditors or analogous situations.
  3. Please confirm that the EPO may run a solvency check on your company via an external source (i.e. Dun & Bradstreet).
  4. Please supply details and the name(s) of the representative(s) authorised to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement on behalf of your company, together with a recent excerpt from the commercial or similar register for your company (where so needed supplemented by additional information). In case the register does not specify this concretely, please arrange for a power of attorney.

II. Technical and Professional Capacity of the bidder:

  1. Please confirm and provide evidence that your company has at least 5 years’ experience in providing Project Management Support for Data Centre Migration project to organisations in Europe of a similar size as the EPO
  2. Please provide a minimum of 3 references/ written customer testimonials from previous customers to whom the bidder has provided the above services across multiple locations within at least Europe. The following Structure should be used:
  • General info: Organisation name/ Country locations/ Business sector/ Agreement to a reference visit (for at least 1 reference);
  • Details: Service descriptions and main technical details of the service solution/ Scale of implementation (number of users & locations, complexity of migrated services & applications)/ Service period