Rada EU (Brusel) vypsala tendr na pronájem a nákup AV a tlumočnického vybavení

Tender: Pronájem a nákup vybavení a poskytování služeb v oblasti „audiovizuálních služeb a tlumočení na dálku“

Zadavatel: Rada EU, Secrétariat Général (GSC), Brusel

Deadline 26/11

Rámcová smlouva na 48 měsíců

Popis: Dodávka technických audiovizuálních prostředků a tlumočnického vybavení potřebného k organizování protokolárních akcí vysoké úrovně. Zakázka má umožnit – na základě výběru ze služeb „na seznamu“ podle konkrétních potřeb, mít přístup k pronájmu mobilních tlumočnických kabin, audiovizuálního vybavení, vybavení pro snímání a vysílání audio a video signálu, a také k poskytování souvisejících služeb s ohledem na vybudování tlumočnického řešení v místě nebo na dálku, jak v budovách Generálního sekretariátu nacházejících se ve čtvrti Schuman (zejména budova Europa a Justus Lipsius), tak i vně (v Belgii, Evropě nebo kdekoli na světě). Rámcová smlouva bude rovněž zahrnovat poskytování služeb, které nejsou přímo spojeny s organizováním akce: zajištění techniků nebo režisérů v budovách GSC nacházejících se ve čtvrti Schuman, nákup a pronájem audio/video vybavení, skladování a údržba zařízení ve vlastnictví.

OSN chce ve svém sídle v Ženevě zmodernizovat AV a konferenční systém

Tendr: Provision of conference and broadcast systems as part of the Strategic Heritage Plan

Zadavatel: United Nations Office at Geneva

Closing Date for Receipt of EOI: 26 October 2018

DESCRIPTION OF REQUIREMENTS: The United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG), Switzerland, located at the Palais des Nations, is the largest United Nations Office in Europe, providing conference support and facilitating the multi-lateral international diplomacy of the worldwide community. The United Nations General Assembly approved the establishment of the Strategic Heritage Plan (“SHP”) which includes the renovation of the existing Palais des Nations with more than 200,000 square meters and more than 30 conference rooms. UNOG will be launching a solicitation to provide the audio-visual, congress and broadcast systems for the renovation ofthe conference rooms and the newly created office meeting rooms of the existing Palais buidings.

SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS:  UNOG seeks expressions of interest from companies wishing to tender the provision of the audio-visual and broadcast installations at UNOG as part of the existing buildings renovation starting in mid-2019 until the end of 2023. UNOG is seeking an audio-visual integration contractor (“AV Contractor”) to finalize the engineered design and to, as appropriate, manufacture, provide, install and commission a fully functional and integrated AV and broadcast systems for typical office meeting rooms and large conference rooms with simultaneous interpretation systems. The AV Contractor will be required to provide support and maintenance during the warranty period and potentially beyond, within strict response times on site at UNOG.

The audio-visual and congress systems for the conference rooms will include, but not limited to:

  1. Conference Microphone & Simultaneous Interpretation System (CMSI) with voting features,
  2. Speech re-enforcement,
  3. Presentation, display and recording systems
  4. Video management including robotic cameras, video conferencing and webcasting,
  5. Features such as transcription and closed captioning,
  6. Centralized supervision and management of the conference room AV systems,
  7. Broadcast connectivity,
  8. Upgrade, repair and integration with exiting systems.

The scope of works may also include a new press room, television studio, temporary conferencing facilities and a media assets management system.

The AV contractor will also be responsible for any other audio-visual installation described in the RFP documents, such as presentation systems and video conferencing in meeting rooms, wayfinding, room booking screens and software, and the like.

These audio-visual works will be delivered in close coordination with the general contractor responsible for the overall renovation works. These works will also be provided in partially occupied buildings and therefore the phasing will be critical and temporary installation may be required to ensure business continuity.

The detailed scope of work will be given under the Request for Proposal document that will be sent to the firms who respond to this EOI.

Bidders will be expected to have worked in large scale audio-visual projects for conference and broadcast facilities and have the capability to deal with a complex site and installation timeline.

The UN seeks to promote effective international competition for the goods and service included within this bidding exercise. It is stressed however, that the appointed vendor must be onsite at UNOG during the design and execution works. During the warranty and maintenance periods, the vendor must be onsite within four (4) hours of a request by the UN. Further details will be sent out in the tender documentation but it is anticipated that this requirement may only be met by means of a presence in the region by the vendor or a member of its consortium (partnership or joint venture). These consortiums do not need to be identified now as part of the EOI response.

Agentura OSN z Vídně potřebuje software pro odhalování plagiátů

Tendr: Software pro odhalování plagiátů pro OSN

Zadavatel: UN – International Atomic Energy Agency, Vídeň

The IAEA Publishing Section provides publishing services for the IAEA. Over 90 monographs are published each year but we scan between 150 – 250 items a year varying in length from 10 – 500 manuscript pages. As per publishing best practice, all content is scanned for possible overlapping text or plagiarism and the plagiarism scanning software would be one of the tools used to detect and correct any overlapping text previously published to avoid copyright infringement and ensure correct citation.

Requirements – The Contractor shall carry out the activities listed here below and provide the deliverables specified:

2.1. a plagiarism scanning software to facilitate a comparison of text contained within manuscripts produced for publication with content already published in scientific and technical forums including, but not limited to, books, journals, websites, blogs and online repositories.

2.2. There should be an easy and efficient process for uploading multiple documents for scanning, an ability to process the scans in the background and an option to export the final scanned documents in WORD and PDF format is required.

2.3. The manuscript lengths will vary from 5 to 500 A4 equivalent pages so the software shall be able to process large documents minimising the need to split the master document into multiple smaller documents.

2.4. The software should ideally run as a web based services with access restricted to the Admin role and assigned users through a username and password.

2.5. include the option to enable multiple users to use the software, managed by a central administration point through a username and password function. It is anticipated that no more than 15 users would require access, with only 5 users requiring concurrent access;

2.6. have the facility to either securely store scanned documents or to enable easy storage offline through an option to export the comparison report as a WORD and a PDF file;

2.7. produce a clearly annotated report, highlighting possible plagiarized text in a clear and easy to identify manner, highlighting possible reference sources with easy navigation.

2.8. be compatible with Windows 10 and MS Edge and Chrome browsers as a minimum; and

2.9. ideally be web based not locally installed.

Archives Management & Digital Preservation Systems and User access Interface for the UN Library

Tender: Archives Management System, Digital Preservation System and User access Interface
Contracting Authority: UN Library, Geneva
Deadline: 14/10
DESCRIPTION OF REQUIREMENTS The Institutional Memory Section of the UN Library at Geneva is looking for a comprehensive, robust and integrated solution to ensure the correct management, long-term preservation of and access to the UNOG archives material. To achieve this objective, the solution should include: 1. An Archives management system (“AMS”) that will serve for the management and description of the UNOG archives and the historical archives of the League of Nations, both in paper and digital copies. 2. A Digital Preservation System (“DPS”) to provide long-term preservation to the digital copies of the League of Nations archives (15 million pages). 3. A User access Interface (“UI”) to provide public access to the data. The AMS must provide integrated support for all activities related to the management of archives, including: accessioning; metadata creation and management, according to international and UN standards; collection management; arrangement; description; publication of finding aids and declassification. The AMS must be compliant with a range of common international archival standards, including: ISAD(G), ISAAR(CPF), EAD, MODS, METS and Dublin Core. The DPS must cover the full preservation cycle for the Archives collection, from ingest to access, within the framework of the OAIS model (ISO 14721). The system must support existing, non-proprietary standards used by the archival and digital preservation community, including: • Bagit for Submission Information Packages; PD/EOI/MISSION v2018-01 United Nations Nations Unies United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) Switzerland REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) • OAI-PMH for metadata exchange; • METS as metadata container; • Dublin Core and MODs for descriptive metadata; and • PREMIS for preservation metadata. The user access interface should present, in a user-friendly way, the whole digital collection allowing users to search, browse and access or download the documents. The solution can consist of one or multiple systems that work together in a fully integrated way. The successful contractor shall be responsible for implementation, configuration and integration of systems; provision of hardware and storage (or specifications and requirements); training; post-implementation maintenance and support services. The contract term is anticipated to be for a period of 3 (three) years with possibility of two consecutive oneyear extensions (3+1+1), for a total contract period of five (5) years.

E-Learningové moduly pro Mezinárodní agenturu pro atomovou energii z Vídně

International Atomic Enercy Agency se sídlem ve Vídni vyhlašuje tendr na Development, delivery, maintenance and support of E-Learning Modules

Deadline 7. října

Tady jsou hlavní funkční a technické požadavky, zájemcům pošlu na vyžádání (horejsi.tomas@gmail.com nebo +32-473-116804) víc.

The E-Learning modules shall include, as a minimum, the following technical features and functions:

(a) The E-Learning modules shall be developed in compliance with standards set forth by the ADL such as the SCORM in version SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 or later as defined by the IAEA for each project.

(b) The content shall be tested on the respective IAEA LMS and the content shall work effectively on the platform it is deployed on AIPS LMS or CLP4NET.

(c) Each E-Learning module shall be designed to be delivered in, at least, one or all of the following ways:

o As a cross-platform WBT module that can be hosted on the Moodle LMS (including Moodle 3.1 LTS) and/or ORACLE LMS;

o As a stand-alone, self-contained CBT module distributed on offline media such as DVDs, and running on a local computer under Windows 7, Windows 10 and later or Mac OS X 10.7 and later operational system and all respective browsers;

o The possibility to run and use the E-learning modules for mobile devices shall be provided;

o The source file/source code shall also be part of the deliverables.

(d) Ability to track progress through the modules and to restart at the same location, if training was halted or not fully completed. It shall be apparent to the User which sub-modules or lessons he or she has already visited and which modules he or she has successfully completed.

(e) The E-Learning modules shall provide start, stop, pause functions and cue points to control animations and videos.

(f) Volume controls shall be managed with global volume settings.

(g) A glossary of important terminology (terms provided by the IAEA) shall be accessible from the menu and via context sensitive links directly from the text.

(h) As an option and if requested by the IAEA, the E-Learning modules shall provide full text search capabilities through all the modules as well as metadata based search (for graphics, audio, video, etc.).

(i) The E-Learning modules shall include tutoring options where appropriate.

Nábytek z Humpolce pro EU za 38 milionů. Daří se

Tak s firmou Profil nábytek z Humpolce už jsme udělali EU kontrakty (tj. kontrakty pro EU instituce a agentury) za 38 milionů korun!!! A rozhodně nekončíme:) Gratuluju!!!

Even in the summer, we win

Two new won EU-contracts:

  • Provision of training services on unconscious bias for the FRA – EU Fundamental Rights Agency (Vienna), middle-value contract up to €135.000, with Everesta s.r.o. company.
  • Printing services for the EMSA – European Maritime Safety Agency (Lisbon), 4-years long framework contract (budget €200.000) with U&WE s.r.o.

Strategic hybrid cloud environment for EBRD bank, London

Tender: Provision of cloud infrastructure design and implementation services

Contracting Authority: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), London UK

Description of Requirements: It is anticipated that EBRD will require specialist services from an external provider to support the design, implementation and continuous improvement of a strategic hybrid cloud environment at EBRD, utilising the Azure estate and EBRD investment in Microsoft services.

Services sought from a cloud services supplier may include, but are not limited to:

  • Independent advisory services relating to all cloud solutions, with a special focus on hybrid cloud (i.e. applications and services running across cloud and on-premise data centres)
  • Hybrid cloud strategy development, in conjunction with EBRD, and EBRD support partners
  • Azure cloud technical and functional design and implementation, including network and security infrastructure
  • Cloud based identity access management design and implementation using Microsoft Services
  • Hybrid cloud operational design and implementation, including:  Performance monitoring  Capacity planning  Service/environment provisioning  Cost management  Subscription management
  • Strategy, design and implementation for all aspects of the E5 Microsoft offering, including DRM, MDM and O365
  • Migration of selected on-premise infrastructure services to the target hybrid cloud environment

Resource profile – The below table outlines the level of experience that is required by the Bank for each indicative profile. Each of these roles must have the stated experience in design and delivery of cloud solutions, with evidence of multiple client implementations.

Role                                                                      Experience

Cloud Project Manager                                 5+ years

Cloud Project Manager (senior)                 8+ years

Cloud Consultant                                            5+ years

Cloud Consultant (senior)                            8+ years

Cloud Architect                                                7+ years

Cloud Security Architect                               5+ years

Cloud Integration Architect                         5+ years

Cloud Software Engineer                             5+ years

Cloud Systems Administrator                     5+ years

Cloud Network Engineer                              5+ years

Cloud Systems Engineer                               5+ years

Estimated (Contract) Volumes: 1000 Man-Days per annum

Closing date: 7/9 – 17:00 London

Medical equipment for Close Protection EU-Officers

Tender: Medical equipment for Close Protection Officers

Contracting Authority: European Commission – DG Human Resources and Security, Brussels

Estimated total value of the contract: lot 1- 60 000 EUR ; lot 2 – 60 000 EUR

Duration: 2 framework contracts with 48 months validity

Description of the supplies to be purchased:

LOT 1 : MEDICAL EQUIPMENT – Type of equipment examples – Medical Trauma bag, Tourniquet, Burn dressing, Haemostatic Gauze, Chest seal, Cool pack, Manual suction pump, Kinesiology tape, Elastic adhesive bandage, Emergency blanket, Pocket resuscitation mask, Oropharyngeal airway, Nasopharyngeal Airway, Pulse Oximeter, LED headlight, Skin tissue glue, wound disinfectant, Needle decompression kit , Stethoscope, Sterile Dressing, Blood Pressure monitor, Supraglottic airway, Iodine, Blood sugar meter, Surgical clamps Bag Valve Mask (BVM), Thermometer, Medical gloves, Tactical pouch, Oxygen giving, Blizzard survival blanket, Suture / surgical kit, Field blood transfusion kit, etc. Full list will be available with the tender specifications.

LOT 2 : portable and full auto DEFIBRILLATORS /AED

The tenderer must be able to meet the following minimum selection criteria:  provide references for at least 2 contracts delivered in the field of this call for tender over the last three years with a minimum value for each project of EUR 30 000.  demonstrate sufficient economic and financial resources to perform the contract i.e. an average annual turnover exceeding EUR 30 000 in the 2 last financial years closed.

Deadline for the EOI: 15/09/2018.

Media database and media monitoring services for Greece-based EU agency

Tender: Media database and media monitoring services

Contracting Authority: The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA), Attiki, Greece

Framework Service contract – maximum budget of €200.000,00 over four years

This Call for tenders seeks professional services acting as a tool for increasing the Agency’s impact and uptake, reputation, management, branding and newsworthiness. This tender procedure is structured in such a way as to request two types of services:

Regular media database and media monitoring services + Ad hoc services

The Regular services required to be provided under the ensuing contract are arranged into 2 areas of Activity: Activity 1: Media database + Activity 2: Press/media and social media monitoring and media impact report service.

Deadline: 7/9